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Don't Even Think

About a Conservatorship

9/30/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has made it clear ... she will personally go to court and fight like hell if anyone tries to put her under a conservatorship ... sources with firsthand knowledge tell TMZ.

Lindsay is saying no matter where she is -- and she's at Betty Ford right now -- she will come to court and go after anyone who tries to create a conservatorship.

But there's one proviso.  Lindsay could end up in rehab for a long time.  There could be problems handling Lindsay's business affairs while Lindsay is otherwise engaged, so there's a real possibility a trust will be created -- at least temporarily -- to handle financial matters.


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I agree with her. Who would put those kids(all the camp) in the candy store. Maybe Jamie Spear's is up for hire!!!.

1484 days ago


Lindsay Lohan desperately needs a conservatorship. She has spun out of control as a drug addict. I agree with her dad, neither he nor this liar mother should be a conservator of that subject conservatorship. Mom will help herself and dad has said he didn't want to do that anyway. Court appointed conservators are what should happen here. To Lindsay--> you probably won't have a say on whether or not it's created AND the evidence screams you need it. Done deal. Aren't drugs and lies great, Linds?

1484 days ago

Jim in Cali    

It's not so easy to put someone under conservatorship, and addiction is not a valid reason.

Posted at 2:42 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by cali

This. Lindsay would have to be diagnosed by a doctor/psychologist that she is incapable of handling her own affairs or is suicidial. Taking perscription drugs or recreation drugs doesn't qualify as being mentally incapable of handling her own affairs.

1484 days ago


Lou Taylor is Lindsays bank.
Lindsay is broke

1484 days ago


Dina Lohan has also said she is considering a conservatorship. It wasn't only ML. The difference seems to be that Dina does want to be a conservator and Michael does NOT. He wants independent conservators. Do you trust Dina Lohan's judgment? Clearly not.

1484 days ago


Would a pimp qualify as a conservator? He could manage her affairs, take care of her needs, optimize her earning potential and be less of a financial drag than her family. He might even find a way to keep her ass out of jail!

1484 days ago


Michael Lohan just wants her money. S***!

1484 days ago


Lindsay needs to shut her piehole and quit blaming her father for her problems. YES Michale Lohan is a parasite but he is the only person that has said all along that she has a drug dependency issue. Michael is also already admitted that she needs the conservatorship and he DOES NOT want to run it plus he knows that her mother and Manager are just as bad as he is. The conservatorship is what saved Britney and got her career back on track so maybe Lindsey needs to accept some things for a change and get her life back.

1484 days ago


This is one thing that would make a person leave rehab. This is retarded. A restraining order from Dina and Michael would benefit her more I think.

1484 days ago


Everyone knows Dina has no income with out what she sucks off Lindsay. Would be nice to see this slug put out on the street. Get a real job Dina. This is a grown woman that has no friends , she lives through her daughters lifes. I find it really strange she even follows them to clubs etc. She has a screw lose. Don't even see a man in her life, that should tell you something.

1484 days ago


#26 Tard.

Yup. The whole family needs to be denied access to anything Lindsay - finances to just visiting her.
She does qualify for conservatorship. She's proven quite publicly she unable to care for herself financially and otherwise.

1484 days ago


If Lindsay just went with to Morningside for 90 days like Judge Revel wanted her to, she'd still be there getting the treatment she needs.
But NOOOOOOOO, Lindsay and her attorney had to out smart the judge and leak the story so she'd get transferred to UCLA and released early.
Look how that bright idea worked out for you Lindsay.

1484 days ago


She's a freaking adult! She is not mentally ill and she does not need a conservatorship! Having problems with drugs and alcohol does not entitle anyone to handle her affairs for her. Maybe her parents trying to do this will finally make her fight back against them and rid herself of those 2 losers.

1484 days ago


@ 20 Jim in Cali

Your exactly right!

Good luck to Michael trying to prove any of the necessary mandatory events and for that matter good luck to anyone else! Your allowed to be bat **** crazy, an alcoholic, and recrational drug user without being under a conservator.

On the other hand if she begins to realize that her parents are sucking her dry a trust manager can very easily throw both her mother and father under the bus and hopefully sequester some money for her without her having to be the one who cut them off.

1484 days ago


I don't really blame Lindsay for not wanting a conservatorship, she's probably worried that her dad is going to try and screw her over and dosen't trust him to pick a conservator, and considering that he was trying to sell some of her personal items without her consent, her concern isn't entirely unwarranted(and i'll bet she still hasn't forgiven him for disowning her after she came out about her relationship with Samantha). However, if the right person gets appointed to her, it could really make a huge difference in her life, I hope the court will make the right decision.

1484 days ago
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