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Britney Spears

Sued By Former Nanny

10/1/2010 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Under the category ... hired help costs a frickin' fortune ... Britney Spears is being sued by a former nanny who claims she's owed $35,202 for one month's work.

Britney Spears sued by nanny.
Ferial Zaltash claims Britney hired her as a personal assistant and nanny to her children in September, 2007.  Zaltash claims she resigned a month later.

For that month, Zaltash claims Spears owes $35,202 for nanny and personal services.  The suit claims Zaltash made a demand for payment but Brit refused.

Zaltash also wants $19,940 for penalties for unpaid wages and overtime.

Beats workin' for Meg Whitman at $23 an hour ...

No comment from Britney's camp.


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Rebecca Miller    

I don't even make that much $$ in a year, never mind a're right, just another leech....absolutley outrageous....

1451 days ago


Are you serious!?!?! There is no way Brit owes that much to her for a MONTH unless she was a personal shopper using her own credit card & is due reimbursement money. My reasoning is: NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND (or even a semi-crazy mind) would willingly quit a job as a "nanny" OR "personal assistant" to a celebrity if they were making $35,000/month!!! That is $420,000/YR!!! Not too mention the benefits of being with a celebrity! NO WAY! What an idiot. Brit will win this (and should... hands down) without question!

1451 days ago


Celbrities certainly have to contend with these people trying to get rich off of them. Too bad the judges don't fine them big
big time for frivolous lawsuits. Glad I am not a celebrity - no privacy, no dignity - just money and fame.

1451 days ago


Owed 35 thousand dollars for one months work? Um, sorry sweetheart. Get a life.

1451 days ago


When you have some money, every whack job in the world alleges you did something to them and wants some. This is a banner year for s*** suckers trying to get money from celebs.

1451 days ago


Fame whore
Tv Publicity

I smell Gloria Allred being her lawyer
Press conference anyone???$$$$$
I bet that this chick will cry and say
Oh Britney was horrible blah blah blah
Than Allred will be like look how hurt my client
Is! She has been through so much.........
Than she will right a tell all book
thats full of lies
Its funny because if someone has Gloria Allred
as a lawyer you know there only in it for the fame
and money honey!!!
She makes me sick!!
Why is she still around?

I love Brit Brit Shes amazing
she is one of my heros and shes
one of my role models!!!
Stay strong Brit!!
Love ya!!!♥♥♥

1451 days ago


Thirty-five thousand dollars for a month of running errands and watching B's kids? Assuming a forty-hour work week and four weeks in a month that's roughly two hundred and eighteen dollars an hour. I guess it's plausible that Brittney told her she'd pay her a couple of hundred bucks an hour, since I doubt Britney has any real concept of money. But it seems unlikely since her conservatorship would have control of salaries and I doubt they'd agree to such a salary.

1451 days ago


People, simply stop hiring people with names like Zaltash. Hire Americans, real Americans, not "green card" or "naturalized" Americans. At least "real Americans" can be investigated properly before you hire them. Just look at the Whitman and Gibson situations.
PS before you respond, yes I look at the Gibson situation as an employee, not a personal situation.

1450 days ago


400k a yr for a nanny ...good luck

1450 days ago



1450 days ago


Do your Math: two small children and one immature adult such as Britney is a hassle. $30.00 per hour for being on-call 6-days a week is reasonable. Just because a person lives in the home 24-hour a day as a Childcare provider and Maid, where do you all get the idea that the Childcare Provider/Maid's time is FREE? Some employers even have the audacity to point out that the childcare provider/maid won't be paying rent or for food to the employer. It is illegal for a employer to charge an employee for room rent and food. The days of enslaving a childcare provider and/or domestic worker are OVER. (This is an example of the calculation or formula used against Britney: $30. X 24 hrs X 6 days a week). The "Contract" Statute of Limitations in California for filing a lawsuit is 4 years. The Childcare Provider/Maid can also ask for reasonable penalties for being deprived of her earned income plus attorneys and court costs. Wasn't this the "woman-of-color" photographed a few years back leaving Kevin's house with Britney's two children and their bodyguard? If she is the same woman, then don't insult the Russians, please.

Nanny is the b.s name for Childcare provider. Personal Assistant is the b.s. name for Maid.

1449 days ago


looks like one of britney's kids was playing with the keyboard...cuz who really has a name like that!! made up or maid up.

1449 days ago


Is that a pic of Britney or her Nanny? I am confused. I thought Britney was blonde.

1448 days ago

nicholas martin    

isnt she filthy fricken did she not pay the money that she was susspose to pay............which is not a lot of money to!!!!!!!!

1441 days ago


Well maybe Brit should stop going to Starbucks and looking for the press and take care of her own a Mom. And what about Dad? The money he's charging to take care of her should cover the cost of watching those kids....Another recording in the making, please, its all enhanced with electronics and created, and when she's on stage she just hits play and moves her mouth..but you guys call her a STAR!!! Whatever.

1437 days ago
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