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Oksana: Why My Kid Needs $20k A Month

10/1/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you're wondering, how will Oksana Grigorieva spend $20,000 a month of Mel Gibson's money on an 11-month-old baby?

Sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ ... she has five reasons for needing 20k every 30 days:

-- Lucia is Mel's daughter, so she needs round-the-clock security
-- Oksana is in debt for more than $100,000 -- for legal fees, PR costs, etc -- and she needs to dig out of the hole
-- Oksana says Mel promised to take care of her and his daughter
-- They got accustomed to the Mel Gibson lifestyle
-- The baby costs a lot, with medical costs, food, clothing, gas for the car, etc.

So, we ask ...


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Lynn Meeks    

Gold Digga'

1482 days ago

Michael Knight    

Child Support is to be used to support the CHILD! Not to pay mommy's debt or buy mommy gas for her car. It's to support the CHILD!

1482 days ago


Not against this woman, but c'mon!

1482 days ago


-- Oksana is in debt for more than $100,000 -- for legal fees, PR costs, etc -- and she needs to dig out of the hole

THAT'S THE ONLY REASON and nothing else. Poor Lucia, if only she knew how her mother is usuing her as a meal ticket, smh.

1482 days ago


WTH... if she is in Debt .. that aint his problem.. she should stop TV and Online shopping... its Ridiculous.. Point!

take care of HER??? why?? she is a grown up woman !! dammit

1482 days ago

No comment    

She is a professional whore....get knocked up by rich men so you don't have to work.

It serves both men right...and Mel that is what you get for being a great Catholic and cheating on your wife.

1482 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

FOUR stories on Page 1 alone about this sh*t? Something else, please?

1482 days ago


Gas for mommy's car DOES support the child but paying mommy's attorney does not. I also seriously doubt that the baby has become "accustomed" to any particular lifestyle. That's a crock of ****. I'm with digga.

1482 days ago


She needs to get a job like everyone else........

1482 days ago


More me, me bs from Oksana. The kid won't get much of this dough, Oksana might not either the lawyers will eat it up.

How soon before she asks for more?

1482 days ago


How is she in debt for legal fees if he is the one paying it all?

1482 days ago


Child support is to pay for the expenses of the child. Mother should pay for her own bills and lifestyle.
This just proves she's a golddigging ho.

1482 days ago


Wait... what? How is her being in debt a good reason to get 20k a month in CHILD SUPPORT.
This is money that is supposed to be for the CHILD. Not money to get the stupid a-- mother out of debt.
And got used to living a certain lifestyle? HUH? Really? So that's a good reason too? Well hell, might as well just rename is Child and Golddigging wife support.

1482 days ago


Tell her to breast feed.......that will save a huge amount :)

Also...did we EVER see any photos of Oksana actually preggo?

Is this a REAL story TMZ? or totally fabricated for a bigger and completely different story?


1482 days ago


Round the clock security - how stupid. Did Mel's legitimate children have round the clock security - I suspect not. Why? Because it's not needed. The debt is Oskanas - she should be paying for it from a JOB. It's not the child's support money that should be used to bail the Russian hooker out of debt. He owes OX nothing - promises are only words - they change. He was already supporting the kid - he owes OX nothing. They got accustomed to Mel's lifystyle? Well I beg to pardon. He has that lifestyle because he works. That's what OX has to do to have that lifestyle too, not rely on somebody else to provide it.

1482 days ago
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