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Oksana's Closest Advisor -- Long Rap Sheet

10/4/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man with a history of firearms abuse has become Oksana Grigorieva's key man and constant companion, and friends of Mel Gibson say he is deeply concerned about the safety of baby Lucia.

Oksana bodyguard.
Kristian Otto Herzog has been working as Oksana's bodyguard for months, but multiple sources in the case say he has become so involved in the custody war, he is calling the shots. Herzog is the reason Oksana has changed lawyers so frequently -- when he doesn't like them, they go.

Herzog -- who now has what is described as a "deep relationship" with Oksana -- is constantly around 11-month-old Lucia, and Gibson is worried.

For starters, Herzog has repeatedly impersonated a police officer with loaded firearms. 

In 2009 alone, he was arrested twice and each case involved firearms. According to court records, in April, Herzog chased two men who were driving in Hollywood, confronted them and accused them of cutting him off.  Authorities say Herzog impersonated a cop in his Crown Victoria, with a placard on the dash which read "Police Interceptor." Herzog was carrying a loaded semiautomatic firearm.

In May 2009, Herzog followed a woman out of a Ralph's supermarket, turned on lights and a siren he rigged on his car ... and after she stopped, he began asking her personal questions. She freaked out, drove away and found a nearby cop, who arrested Herzog. At the time of his arrest, Herzog had a knife in his boot as well as a loaded semiautomatic handgun which was not registered to him.

Herzog was charged with multiple crimes and pled no contest in October, 2009 to two counts of impersonating an officer -- both felonies. He was sentenced to one year in jail but was given credit for time served -- he was in jail for 255 days after his second arrest in May.  He is on three years probation and prohibited from possessing a firearm.

But recently, two people accused Herzog of making death threats against them for not testifying against Mel Gibson in the ongoing war.

Herzog, who has an explosive temper and uses it frequently with the players in the current case, including Oksana's lawyers, has been convicted of two other crimes.

It's ironic -- since their mediation, Oksana has claimed Mel Gibson is a danger to his children, yet she is allowing a man with a history of firearms abuse and a nuclear temper to essentially live at her home, where he is constantly around the baby.

Sources tell us ... Mel's people have asked Oksana to keep Herzog away from the baby, but she refuses.

No comment from Oksana's camp.


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All information in this post courtesy of Team Mel!!
Just say "thank you" Harvey! Lol

Seriously though, there has to be something Mel's camp can do. If she refuses to keep him away, then I agree that CPS should get involved and give MG custody of Lucia!
I'd be damned if I'd allow that type of thug around my child. He gives a bad name to Veterans like myself.
As MAC would say.......ptui. ptui. ptui.

1451 days ago


Another 'no comment' from OG's camp? It seems there is always 'no comment' when there is much truth to a story.

And...Sources tell us ... Mel's people have asked Oksana to keep Herzog away from the baby, but she refuses.

Also typical...OG does what she wants and gets away with it. Why isn't the court or CPS stepping in?

1451 days ago


Yes these poor kids deserve better than this crazy atmosphere and obviously this guy is not stable.

1451 days ago


@Dee Dee

Go have a drink or a toke or a smoke! STFU!

1451 days ago


The court should appoint a guardian ad litem for the baby, someone to oversee her best interests.

1451 days ago


This is frightening! It is probably the tip of the iceberg... and hopefully Mel's lawyers are hard at work to resolve this ASAP.
And I sure don't understand Dalton allowing his son in that house!!!!!!

1451 days ago


Isn't Herzog the one who claimed OG was going to have 200 million after she was done with Mel?

Herzog sounds like a gangsta!

1451 days ago


Psycho attracts psycho...This guy looks fat, bald and gay. Couldn't cut it as a cop so now he pretends...LOL HA HA HA

1451 days ago


Why the hell would you dump Mel Gibson for this guy???

Posted at 1:21 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by Mishie

Oksana is scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

I can hear it now...I am voman, I vant man to be vater to my children. Herzy din't do anyting. I need a man who is not mean to me. A man who luv me and my moosic.

1451 days ago


When a bodyguard is caught screwing a client, Britney Spears screwed one of her guys, he never got a job again,” says Kristian Otto Herzog, a bodyguard of Oksana Grigorieva. ”And he was at Britney Spears level. When Jamie Spears and Marty Singer (attorney) and all them got done with him, he was done. I think he actually left the country. I mean, I can just tell you that I can’t protect you if that ever happens.”

1451 days ago


@Dee Dee

Get a life with some personality next time...dufus!

1451 days ago


Hellnurse...and also there was Kate Goselin and her body guard. And Princess Stephanie and her body guard. Oh brother...and now this meathead...geez.

1451 days ago


So it's Herzog that was going to orchestrate getting 200 million out of Mel...

Wasn't there a story line about someone pulling a gun on Mel at OG's house? Was that Herzog the hog.

1451 days ago


What a team...a whore and a boar!!!


1451 days ago


tmz. you guys seem so tainted in this fight between mel and oksana. is the company bitter that tmz didn't buy the tapes? it sounds like tmz is stumping for mel and i am sick of it. tmz and its staff are losing their credibility. are you in direct contact with mels PR person????

1451 days ago
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