Oksana's Lawyer: 'Mel Isn't Half the Man Tim Dalton Is'

10/2/2010 11:25 AM PDT

Oksana's Lawyer: 'Mel Isn't Half the Man Tim Dalton Is'

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer is coming out swinging -- pissed off about "faceless cowards" who bad mouth his client and he's coming after them ... and insulting Mel Gibson's manhood in the process.

Attorney Dan Horowitz is upset about a TMZ story in which multiple sources told us Oksana once accused baby daddy Timothy Dalton of abuse.

Horowitz tells: "Faceless cowards who leak half-truths and lies are pathetic little Gollums who thrive in gossipy nastiness and who shrivel if they are forced to say their name. Tim Dalton is a loving father and good friend to Oksana. Mel Gibson is not half the man Tim Dalton is."

Horowitz did not address the fact that TMZ has confirmed there is at least one email from Oksana to Mel in which she clearly alleges Dalton abused her -- something she now says is absolutely false. We know the L. A. County Sheriff's Department is in possession of that email.