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Michael Lohan's Walk of Shame -- Betty Ford Edition

10/6/2010 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Observe Michael Lohan in his natural state ... the state of rejection -- just moments after he was denied access to his daughter Lindsay Lohan at the Betty Ford Center. 

Lohan was photographed in the hospital parking lot next to the famous rehab clinic in Rancho Mirage, CA.

As we first reported, Michael dropped by, uninvited, to see Lindsay last Thursday -- but security sent him packing because visiting hours were over.

We're guessing he would have been turned away at any hour ... since LiLo's already rejected Daddy Dearest about 10 million times.


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Man he looks pathetic! Why can't he just take a hint and leave Lindsay the hell alone? She's MUCH better off without him in her life.

1477 days ago

who dat    

Does anyone (not) believe every time this douche see's himself on TMZ or T.V., he hurry's back to his hotel room, pull his pants down and yanks it.

1477 days ago


Please STOP reporting on this douche`bag. TMZ just keeps ``` his doucheness out there and he's loving `` the free press. Good or bad `` It's still press. NO MORE!!!

1477 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.

1477 days ago


I don't believe he spoke to anyone at the Betty Ford clinic. He went there with a photographer, had his photo taken in the carpark and presto sold his 'story', all lies. TMZ this maniac is playing you and other websites, how much did you pay for this pic? Michael Lohan needs serious medical attention, he is obsessed with Lindsay, I get a very bad vibe from his actions. He is dangerous.

1477 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is not worth this. She's really not. She doesn't value sobriety or her father. She does value her mother who has publicly claimed she didn't have a drug addiction for years-that's how stupid Lindsay IS.

1477 days ago


He's NOT dangerous LMFAO. He IS a pest but certainly NOT dangerous. Somebody named Susan is trying hard to fluff this up.

1477 days ago


regardless of opinions on Michael Lohan ,This is hardly news worthy. He failed at reading comprehension because he went there even though he could have known - by simply googling BFC and visiting site- he would under no cir***stances be allowed to enter.It's just daft,really.

1477 days ago

Tammy LM    

Why doesn't he just leave her the hell alone. God! He's such a freakin stalker. She's over 21. She's a grown woman. She doesn't WANT HIM in her life right now, or probably ever again. You cannot force a grown woman to have a relationship with her father who is just using the fact he wants a relationship with her to gain attention for himself. Damn, I feel sorry for his other two kids in a way. He doesn't give two pinches of puppy sh&t about them. They're not famous. He can't get on Entertainment Tonight associating with those two non stars. Then again, I guess it's also a blessing he doesn't associate with them. Michael is never going to get The father of The Year award. He keeps harrassing Lindsay like this when she's told him hundreds of times Go Away!. He's the Worst Father in the World. He's a dead beat. A felon, A batterer, A drug addict, an alcoholic. He's in trouble with the cops every year his damn self. Not to mention pimping his kid out for HER MONEY all her childhood. And her mom is exactly like him. Only she gets the cool points for being a party-friend to her kids when they were screwing up their lives.

1477 days ago


He had to know that Lilo is at a pivotal point in her recovery and in a very fragile state. He seems to not care in the least how his visit, even if allowed, could adversely affect her. I wonder if he even cleared the idea with Lilo's doctors at Betty Ford before he just popped in. But like one poster said above, he may have had no real intention of going in anyway and just wanted the photo op.

1477 days ago


Question is why has she not slapped a restraining order on him!

1477 days ago


He's desperate, he knows he's about a week away from nobody gives a **** about the creepy father anymore time. His payday checks of $100 bucks from Radar, and possibly here are going to stop and how's he going to pay that Motel 6 bill without access? Nobody cares what he thinks, everyone knows what he thinks but without access to Lindsay he's just a nothing in a town filled with a whole lot of nothings and hangers on. Good bye Mike, your time is finally up. Sure you'll grunt hollow religious platitudes into any available mic but pretty soon they won't let you up on the podium to speak. Loser. Lindsay just crushed you down to size, you'll never get a visit or see her after she's out of rehab and another jail stint. You'll be old news, like you should have been years ago, leech.

1477 days ago


Maybe he loves his daughter and wants to reconcile. I wonder if Lindsay will ever be able to recover without forgiving him and moving on.

1476 days ago


Lindsay is ONLY at Betty Ford to save her azz from going to jail its all a PR stunt

Yes #8 he totally wacks it in his hotel room

Dina the sicky is taking the whole family there on Sunday to do a family photo shoot. she is trying to sell the pictures for 10,000.00 to 100,000.00 to anyone that will buy them. Not only is this sick and disturbing that the c_nt needs to make money off her daughter, but its even sicker to anyone that would buy these pictures.

With both parents in her life,she will ALWAYS be a Lying Drug Addict.

Dina does NOT care about Lindsay gettting off the drugs,she ONLY cares about the money she can make off her daughter

Wouldnt shock me one bit if Dina smuggles in drugs to her on Sunday

1476 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

This insect of a person goes wherever the cameras are at. Hopefully we are blessed with a double death and that will be the end of all this asinine Lohan drama. Lets cross our fingers.

1476 days ago
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