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Minnesota Vikings Already Selling Randy Moss Jerseys

10/6/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Moss has been back on the Minnesota Vikings for all of 5 minutes -- but the NFL squad is already selling his brand new/old #84 jersey on its online shop. 

Randy Moss

Meanwhile, back in New England -- the Patriots are having a virtual fire sale on all things Moss ... slashing prices on Moss-related jerseys, photos and even earrings.

It's not personal ... it's just business.


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gary west    

Moth balls are noy my favorite thing to hang in my closet so I will not be get one of those 84 jerseys. they had so many left over that they could not wait to get him back. I hope Brett can find him in the endzone if he runs that far down field while Brett is scarambling.

1456 days ago


I dont get the Patriots and their fans---they claim all this toughness and do it the "Patriot Way", yet their populace keeps electing a fool and a woose like Barney Frank to represent them. Can a Pats fan please explain this disconnect to the rest of us? Why act so tough yet lay down for a fool who has helped ruin this country--why do you let him represent you? Any Pats fan who talks tough, just ask them why they allow Barney Frank to represent them and they go silent faster than Moss got out of there.

1456 days ago

Packers Suck    

So the Packers need a Running Back and get--NO ONE !! The Vikings need a Wide receiver and get MOSS!! Vikes beat Pack AGAIN !!!

1456 days ago


OMG!!! Here we go again...we get another winny prima donna football player who feels he needs more attention! I love the Vikings and always have but there is definitely something wrong with Brad Childress! This not going to be good year for the Vikings, sadly! Most fans were glad to see him go when he was fired years ago...don't want him back now!!!

1456 days ago

chirstopher bradford    

i love they traded moss back he's the greatest reciever ever to me in viking history and the nfl i love it all go vikings!

1456 days ago


Moss age 33, end of this season will be 34 (birthday is feb 13th, 77), wanted a new contract for next year.
It looks like so far for next year is there will not be a football season. This means he will be 35 before he plays again, and if he were a pat and didn't get a resigned contract he would have sat out most of the season anyway. You do not play contract dispute players ala Logan Mankins.
This means that no matter what he would sit out, and by the time that he would actually be on the field professionally again and catching footballs he would've have most likely lost his step. If you have watched any of this season he has done a great job of missing the catch his hands seem to be worse, and he has slowed down quite a bit. Seems a lot like he isn't trying anymore.
The third round pick will mean we get a decent pick which we will look for a quality wide reciever, remember we have 2 in the 1st round, 2 in the second and now 2 in the third. Sure it means that if there is no football next year due to a strike, they will have to work out on their own and stay in shape but we will have a young player to look for in a new replacement.
In the short term expect Brandon Tate to try and step in as a replacement for Moss, he seems to have kept his speed after he tore his ACL in his senior year of college. The one player you have to look out for during this year due to the lack of a PROVEN deep threat is Wes Welker, expect teams to focus more on him which will mean less catches, less YAC and less touchdowns.
Just thought I should comment on this after watching TMZ and seeing comments from some of the staffers made about it :) Let Tom enjoy his dinner with Gisele everything will be just fine.

1456 days ago


Randy Moss learned a valuable lesson today. No one is bigger than the team! Seeya Mr Whiner! Don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!!!

1456 days ago


Brett Farve? Randy Moss? As prince would say: The Vikings are goin' to party like its 1999!!! I hope it works.

1456 days ago


Punk cried to everyone about his contract till the Pats got sick of his a$$ and got rid of him...Stock went up in New England, and down in Minnesota....

1456 days ago

The Ascension    

To The first commenter You mad redneck?LMFAO @ Racist

1456 days ago


He was a very good NFL reciver but there is a reason why he was not getting the ball thrown to him!,,His overall speed has slowed down, he comes out of his cuts, slower and rookie corners have no problem defending him.

The vikings don't need him! Favre won't throw him the ball because he will only see the field on a " limited " basis! This guy has no room to complain!!!!!!!!!!!!

1456 days ago


Moss, Favre, Peterson, Harvin and the Vikes defense... now if only the offensive line can provide some protection the Vikes shoud be all set for a running chance for taking it all the way!!

1455 days ago


Thanks for the info. I went and got my Randy gear, I also got a new BRETT jersey for me & my grandson, AND a hat & new blanket for my 6 yr old grandson who, like his grandma, LOVES Brett Favre. "Brett Favre" is the name of his Jets blanket from 3 yrs ago. :)

1455 days ago
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