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Oksana on Mel: 'He Could Have Killed Us All'

10/8/2010 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva says Mel Gibson was screaming in her face so much during their alleged domestic violence incident, she was covered in saliva ... this in an interview with PEOPLE ... in what she characterizes as a life-threatening attack.

For the first time on video, Oksana describes the alleged confrontation that took place on January 6. She says at one point, "He says, 'Get the eff out' and then he pulls a gun out ... He wants to kill us all."

The D.A. is investigating Oksana's claims of domestic violence ... as well as Mel's claims Oksana tried to extort him for $15 million.


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A gun? 2 cm to the left or right???

He fired the gun???? I have heard it all now.

Posted at 6:55 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by Babushka

Babushka must be a water pistol Mel loaded with his spits.

1447 days ago


Good morning KB, (i was missing you yesterday, thought the OX alien abducted you lol)

L O L, omg what a screenshot, i was thinking about capturing and posting this myself after seeing the disgusting Vid on AH, good Job TMZ...but the Vid was soooo pro OX with the slomo shot of Mel making this angry face(was this from a movie, cannot recall it)..

I won't comment on the night gown since this was covered (i hope not with some other body fluids) in the other thread a lot looool

Anyway, i have to stay away a bit from TMZ, i am wasting toooo much time reading the postings lol (but i will lurk, that's for sure)

I hope she will get what she deserves and justice will be served.....have a great day Team Mel/Truth

1447 days ago


Well if she had spit all over her, which I doubt, it would only make her look better.

I know if I saw her I'd spit on her.

1447 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

Best picture of Toxana YET!!!
soo... i guess this is why she couldn't do the O show?

'People' would proudly boast this bitch's story of DV...

that and to the bitch's you know, i think she now is starting to realize how big this extortion thing is going to be so she's going to cry out "fear" and "violence" to every media centre possible.

1447 days ago


Some "markers". She blinks too much during the gun thing. Liar's blink rates go "up" after/during lies.

1447 days ago


I love you Harvey!!! You alone in the media has the courage and the integrity to show the REAL OKSANA!!! That face she made is really her and what Mel had to deal with. You deserve a pulitzer. I have a newly found respect for gossip news because you're the only one in the media that has done true impartial investigative journalism.
this woman is nuts and a psychopath. But the true scary thing is that the powers that be in the media (who don't want to be mentioned otherwise you're a bigot and what else) allow her to spread her venom, defame a family man and his wife and children without a second thought of how evil their action is.

1447 days ago


I hope she will get what she deserves and justice will be served.....have a great day Team Mel/Truth

Posted at 6:57 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by chickenblaster

Hey Chiken Baby! I went to work early.

Nah Oksanloonie's PR can't make me go away lol.
Fearless Koala! on Team Mel.

1447 days ago


Heeeeeeeerrrrrrsssss Oxy! All that's missing is the hatchet.

1447 days ago


To be honest I thought these high educated, well-dressed professionals around Oksana were smarter than her and ordinary people but obviously not?

1447 days ago


I have never commented on a site before, but I couldn't keep quiet anymore. This person is nuts! I feel bad for Mel and his family.

1447 days ago


lol guys read the comment on "People" sites whom interviewed Oksana.,,20432215,00.html#facebook_comment

97% in there doesn't believed her.

Posted at 6:55 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by KoalaBabe

I've read them and keep going back for the laughs. Priceless, isn't it?

1447 days ago



Heeeeeeeerrrrrrsssss Oxy! All that's missing is the hatchet.

Posted at 6:59 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by Jacqueline13

Jacqueline13 That is a true Oksana in real life lol, as Mel stated she is sour face.

1447 days ago


I guess those crashing through windows days, are over.

1447 days ago


Even the oompa loompa Niki was more believable. Beatings? How are we to believe this, not even one crocodile tears. Anyone who has been beaten and talks about it would have tears rolling down their faces.

1447 days ago


glad you posted anna. It is hard to not say something with this person.

1447 days ago
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