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Kelsey Grammer's Girlfriend Suffers Miscarriage

10/9/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, recently suffered a miscarriage ... this according to a publicist for Grammer.

The couple released this statement: "We lost our unborn child about six weeks ago. We would like to thank all of those who expressed kindness and concern 
but we needed a little time to heal, time to find some solace before we publicly acknowledged our loss."

It would have been the first child for the couple, the fifth for Grammer.


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Yea, karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. Kelsey is a snake in the grass to walk away from his children in L.A. and move to N.Y. and get his fugly girlfriend pregnant. I see it as a little justice for his wife he walked out on. The baby wasn't meant to be. But Kelsey is an absolute P.I.G. in my eyes from now on. God bless you and your children Camille. You are better off without the dirtbag. And like Ivana Trump said "don't get mad, get everything!"

1389 days ago


she's going to have to try another way to get his money...sorry about the lost..only reason i'd be with him is for his money..The baby trick didnt work oooops!!!

1389 days ago


That's karma, beeyotch! Maybe make sure you are a single man next time you knock up some gold digging floozy.

1388 days ago


What a homely looking woman.

1388 days ago


Kelsey Grammer has had a really awful life with his father and sister being murdered and his step-brothers going missing and presumed eaten by sharks on a family beach vacation. I think he may make some destructive choices but you are judging him when you don't know the cir***stances. How do you know that Camille isn't actually a horrible person? I'm not saying she is, but none of us know because we are not in these relationships. Kelsey may very well be a selfish, unfeeling bastard, but that's not for us to decide.

1384 days ago


I am sort of appalled that previous posters are calling this "karma". Regardless of previous transgressions, this is a loss of life. A death. Extremely tragic. To say essentially "It serves you right to lose your unborn child." Really, people? Tsk, tsk.

1375 days ago


It is a sad situation, both the miscarriage and the fact that he left his wife. However, after watching Real Housewives of BH Camille is hard to like. She comes off as a superficial woman and extremely fake. Kelsey's new girlfriend looks like the direct opposite of Camille. Perhaps he was tired of that plastic type.

1367 days ago


Wow I didn't know GOD was on here because last time I checked on he was supposed to judge. So sorry for your lost NO ONE should ever have to go through it no matter what the situation!!

1349 days ago


I am sorry for the loss. Although I am never on the side of an adulterer I can't say I blame him, has anyone that is bashing him for this seen his wife? She is a monster and truly severing of all that is happening to her. She is the pathetic one!

1349 days ago


I am sorry for Kelsey and his GF loss. I do no condone Kelsey actions, but I can say his soon to be EX wife is horrendous person. For all of the people who said “Karma is a bitch” there was a little life involved, and that is a horrible thing to say to someone.
In (RHOBH) Kelsey mentioned Camille’s ‘travails’ with him. I’m sure he was alluding to his substance abuse problems. I thought it was very gracious of him to acknowledge that Camille went through a lot with him. I’m wondering if now that Kelsey has cleaned up his act he finally sees Camille for what she is. Although he may feel a certain amount of gratitude it isn’t enough to make him want to stay with her. So glad he’s clean and sober now. Imagine if it would have taken him another 13 years to realize what Camille is really like. I hope he finds true happiness in his new relationship.
Ps. What is with Camille and her “good friend” Nick, looks like Camille has a secret too.

1347 days ago


Come on people have you seen Cammille act like she is all high and mighty. Am I the only one that noticed on the show that her bestfriends comes in to the house like they are lovers. Hmmmm could that be the problem too..Come on 4 nannies, house manager, personal assistant not one but 2 . when doesn she spend time with the kids. And she acts like she is so tired from being a mom.. Oh it is harder when Kelsey is gone give me a break. They knew they where separating when she signed up ont he show. It was a stunt on her end. STop messing with our best friends husband and let him life his life with wife..

1347 days ago


that chick is ugly as ****. I would have stuck with Camille.

1342 days ago


I hate to say it this way, but both of them dodged a bullet! This guy is a serial cheater. His girlfriend doesn't look to be too bright, however, she was smart enough to try to hitch her wagon to a rich guy. However, he is married with 4 other children! That is the simple truth of the matter!

1337 days ago


Kelsey is disgustingly fugly like his new woman. He is slime and will do the same thing to her as he has done to all. He has issues!!

1298 days ago


Kelsey deserves what he gets. The hosebeast can suffer this trifle of a loss. He should have never left his wife. Shame on you Kelsey, for being such a selfish person, deserting your family for a cracked out looking whore like that.

1280 days ago
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