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Ben Harper Blindsides Laura Dern with Divorce

10/10/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Harper stunned Laura Dern by filing for divorce late Friday afternoon … TMZ has learned.

Laura Dern divorce.
Harper, a two-time Grammy winner, filed legal docs citing irreconcilable differences and is asking the judge to deny Dern spousal support.

And here's what's interesting … according to the papers, Harper claims he and Dern separated back in January. But people connected with the couple, who married back in 2005, tell TMZ they have been living and traveling together throughout the year and were even intimate as recently as last week.

Harper is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's two kids: Ellery, 9, and Jaya, 5.


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KoalaBabe must spend hours reading and believing the Enquirer.

No one "breaks" up a marriage except the husband or wife involved.

1440 days ago

Julia M.    

#31, if she said that she never spoke with BBT again after she went on location then she is lying again. She reportedly called BBT from Mexico and spoke with both Angelina and BBT when she learned they were together. Reportedly they both told her yes they were together. This was BEFORE BBT and Angelina were married. Dern has serious problems with the truth.

This has nothing to do with her acting. But people should stop assuming this woman is some victim and just has poor judgment in men. Perhaps it is she who is the problem.

1440 days ago


I like her acting, but she is the common denominator in more than a couple of failed relationships....

1440 days ago

South Beach    

#33 whether Dern spoke to BBT or didn't, who knows. She's been quoted repeatedly that's how it went down. Whatever.

That wasn't the point. I was politely correcting a statement that Dern had been coupled with Pitt before Paltrow. I suggested that perhaps the poster was mistaking Lewis for Dern.

Does anyone actually know what's going on in a relationship if they are not involved in it? No, I didn't think so.

1440 days ago


She may have been in denial but blindsided I doubt it, when you have been married for 5 years and you have to tell you friends the last time you were intimate, there's a problem.

1440 days ago


Julia #33 is right. Dern was living with BBT before he divorced Petra his 4th wife. Dern was pregnant and living with Harper while his then wife was pregnant. Dern is a liar about BBT and Angelina. BBT has said several times in interviews that they had broken up before Dern went on location and she knew about him and Angelina, Dern lied about being blindsided. Dern is 100% a liar when it comes to her relationships. Harper and Dern have been having problems since they hooked up.

1440 days ago


Anyone who has "friends" coming forth and saying when they were last intimate is quite devious and employing major PR spin. If this is the kind of sharing of information that went on in that marriage then no wonder Harper wants out. Just how many people has Dern invited into what should be private and shared only between the 2 in the relationship? Maybe the no spousal support request tells all. Harper is running for the hills for some peace. By all accounts he is a good father and the kids will be OK, just like the ones from his previous marriage are that Dern broke up.

1440 days ago

South Beach    

Well, there's 2 "tried and true" statements which became "tied and true" for a reason..They happen a lot.

"Karma is a b*tch" and "If they'll cheat with you, they'll cheat ON you"...

As a side note, wouldn't it suck to have all one's personal biz on blast 24/7? Between the Net and camera phones, nothing is sacred anymore..hahahaha...

1440 days ago


Dude get a dog, that bizitch ain't worth it...

1440 days ago

jealous of kate    

There are at least 3 (THREE) sides to every story. I find it amazing that some of you know that Laura Dern is a complete liar. You are all taking quotes and 'stories' from RAGS, BLOGS AND GOSSIP SHOWS. Do you know if she actually said some of this? If she did, and not her publicist, that she was lying and not BBT? We do not know when celebrities have called it quits, when they separate, or, in the case of this story, the garbage about 'PEOPLE CONNECTED WITH THE COUPLE WHO SAY THEY WERE.....INTIMATE AS RECENT AS LAST WEEK' ????? HOW would people know this E!??? (the only way I could see, legitimately, is truly being surprised and crying out, 'why is he saying we have been separated since ____, we still sleep in the same bed and just last Sat. we made love!' BUT that would be to a FRIEND, not someone who is going to run to the STAR and get PAID!!!) As for BBT, can you believe him? He might have been trying to make Angelina look good. The thing is, NONE OF US KNOW! And you don't know if you can trust any of these sites, they all copy and paste off one another. And they all have 'A SOURCE, A FRIEND, SOMEONE ON THE SET'. People are PAID to make up lies about these people.

1440 days ago


@Kevin K, did I hit a nerve?
I'll bet your boyfriend never cheats right?

1440 days ago


What goes around come around Laura. You wrecked Billy Bob's marriage to Pietra, you lied about his hook-up with Angelina and you wrecked Ben's marriage when he had a new born baby. Vipaka baby!!

1440 days ago


A harlot's comeuppance! My aunt's maid used comeuppance and I love it.

I know zip about Dern, but do remember what I read and I remember it well.

Her present husband was married and his wife pregnant when she started "dating" him. His wife's baby was born witinh weeks of their first child.

I remember this becaus Dern and her long term fiance at the time was Thornton and Jolie walked away with him. Dern found out in the newspapers and everyone felt sorry for her.

Alas, "everyone" didn't know, Thornton has been married with a baby, when Dern began dating him too.

Ah, HollyWeird!

1439 days ago


Laura WHO???!?!?!? Ben Harper is one of the most talented musicians of our time... Probably why Dhani Harrison, son of George, wanted to harmonize with him....

If you don't know who Ben Harper is, and you read/watch TMZ, yeah, good luck, and enjoy Gaga/Bieber...

1439 days ago


Fistful of Mercy... CHECK OUT THAT ALBUM, FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!

1439 days ago
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