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TMZ Live: Arquette, Grigorieva, and Christina Aguilera

10/12/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including David Arquette and Courteney Cox's separation, Oksana Grigorieva's connection to Gloria Allred, and Laura Dern and Ben Harper divorcing.

Plus: Christina Aguilera also splitting with her man.


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1471 days ago


Would it be possible for your on TV staff to wear name tags? Rather that refer to them as guy with
frosted tips, 2 funny guys in back, etc.

1471 days ago



1471 days ago


Did you know you can see what's on Max's (and the person next to him) screen in full screen mode?

1471 days ago


Het Mike,

For the first time I notice you look like you have lost weight.
Have you bought smaller T-shirts, or wearing the same? Looking good! Congrates.

1471 days ago

who dat    

Mike proves marriage is for low I.Q., low income people. Who btw have limited opportunities.

1471 days ago


You can also add Gene Simmons to not being married and has a great relationship

1471 days ago


HEY tmz live cool show 2 day

1471 days ago


Marriages don't work as often nowadays, because society has shifted towards people being more self-centered and preoccupied with instant gratification. No one is willing to compromise or work anything out.

1471 days ago


It's true Mel Gibson is a big movie star. No one should have the right to treat anyone the way he does. I feel sorry for his children and how his actions will reflect on them. He has issues and needs help. All the money in the world does not give him the right to act the way he does. He needs help!

1471 days ago


Harvey, The divorce rate is so high because people bail at the first sign of difficulty. Basically, we live in an era where wishy-washy p*ssies rule the day and strength of character and faith are made fun of.

1471 days ago


50% of marriages end in divorce: UH, NO.
Let me say it straightforwardly: Fifty percent of American marriages are not ending in divorce. It's fiction. A myth. A tragically discouraging urban legend.

If there's no credible evidence that half of American marriages will end up in divorce court, where did that belief originate?

Demographers say there was increased focus on divorce rates during the 1970s when the number of divorces rose, partly as a result of no-fault divorce. Divorces peaked in 1979 and articles started appearing that claimed 50 percent of American marriages were ending in divorce.

A spokesperson for the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics told me that the rumor appears to have originated from a misreading of the facts. It was true, he said, if you looked at all the marriages and divorces within a single year, you'd find that there were twice as many marriages as divorces. In 1981, for example, there were 2.4 million marriages and 1.2 million divorces. At first glance, that would seem like a 50-percent divorce rate.

Virtually none of those divorces were among the people who had married during that year, however, and the statistic failed to take into account the 54 million marriages that already existed, the majority of which would not see divorce.

Another source for the 50-percent figure could be those who were trying to predict the future of divorce. Based on known divorce records, they projected that 50 percent of newly married young people would divorce. University of Chicago sociologist and researcher Linda Waite told USA Today that the 50-percent divorce stats were based more on assumptions than facts.

So what is the divorce picture in America? Surprisingly, it's not easy to get precise figures because some states don't report divorces to the National Center for Health Statistics, including one of the largest: California.

Some researchers have relied on surveys rather than government statistics. In his book Inside America in 1984, pollster Louis Harris said that only about 11 or 12 percent of people who had ever been married had ever been divorced. Researcher George Barna's most recent survey of Americans in 2001 estimates that 34 percent of those who have ever been married have ever been divorced.

One of the latest reports about divorce was released this year by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). It is based on a 1995 federal study of nearly 11,000 women ages 15-44. It predicted that one-third of new marriages among younger people will end in divorce within 10 years and 43 percent within 15 years. That is not a death sentence, however; it's a forecast. Martha Farnsworth Riche, former head of the Census Bureau, told USA Today, "This is what is going to happen unless we want to change it."

Most important, the statistics and predictions about Americans in general don't tell the whole story about the future. There are other factors that affect a person's chances for a long marriage. The NCHS study of women, for example, shows that age makes a difference. Women marrying before age 20 face a higher risk for divorce. Marriages that have already lasted for a number of years are less likely to end in divorce. If your parents did not divorce, your chances are better than if you came from a broken home. Couples who live together before marriage are more likely to divorce.

The bottom line is that marriage is still what it's always been: a commitment between two people who choose to remain faithful to each other. And they don't need to feel doomed because of scary statistics — least of all ones that are urban myths.

1471 days ago


Mike, you ROCK! Love your answer re: Lohans. Those children need to run from their parents.

AMEN! Preach it.

1471 days ago


Harvey, what in the world do YOU know about marriage? You are in this sick, twisted gay world of yours and can't even begin to understand what marriage is. Pick up the Bible and start reading what marriage is and where it came from. Marriage is a sacred bond and promise before God and it is considered holy to God. You pollute what is holy before God when you start talking about the tax benefits of gay people. It is incredible that you think homosexuals should be allowed to marry. You can't comprehend what Mike was talking about. Marriage means something to him, but to you it is tax benefits.

1471 days ago


*78, you are ignorant. I've been happily married 25 years (not same sex union) and my marriage has NOTHING to do with God. I'm agnostic.

1471 days ago
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