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Lindsay Lohan --

Escape Story Is BS

10/14/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer says the story that Lindsay somehow tried to "escape" rehab to get a soda is "absurd and untrue."

Lindsay Lohan escapes jail.
Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, she spoke with Lindsay's counselors yesterday and there was absolutely no mention made of any attempt by Lindsay to cross the line.

Holley adds, "The counselor gave Lindsay an unqualified glowing report on her progress."

TMZ first reported ... Lindsay is at the Betty Ford Clinic.  We've independently confirmed ... there's a soda machine in Lindsay's ward, allowing her to walk a matter of feet in order to satisfy a caffeine fix.



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@Nicole One, tmz doesn't have solid lindsay sources. they've been just as wrong as radar on many stories. what you are saying doesn't even make sense. you're starting to sound like michael. If that were true, she wouldn't have picked a tough rehab like betty ford, which is even tougher than morningside because they are use to celebs and not giving celebs any special treatment.

Morningside, as far as I've seen has never had a celeb at their rehab. what I have seen is them being quote still on radar and x17 about lindsay, when she has nothing to do with them. sounds more like they wanted to attention lindsay's stay would have brought them.

1477 days ago


Oh poor little Lindsay, where do all these terrible people come from that make stuff up about her? Good God, how long has it been since she has done anything relevant? At this rate she is starting to look a lot more like Mackenzie Phillips that RDJ. Maybe she should disappear for a while and stop letting stupid little stories leak to the press to keep her name out there. Nobody cares to hear about how her sister is getting stalked, her mother is a hoe, her father is crazy, and she is misdiagnosed, we get it, they are f*&^k up.

1477 days ago


Morningside was going to be 90 days of court ordered rehab with tons of rules to follow. Obviously due to Lindsay's strict probation terms they wanted her for publicity.

At the moment Lindsay is at the tough Betty Ford facility voluntarily but if it becomes court ordered on the 22nd then she will have got through most of the hardest part which is the first month in the clinic.
Lindsay needs to do whatever is necessary to get off probation.

1477 days ago

Pretty LL    

@Nicole, "Lindsay needs to do whatever is necessary to get off probation." Actually Lindsay needs to get off drugs and stop making herself look like a jackass so that someday, someone will hire her to do a movie. At the rate she's going even if she gets off this probation she's just going to screw up again and land more. She needs to realize how easily replaceable she is in this business if she intends to work again. She sure seems to have an inflated sense of self worth..

1477 days ago

Lindsay is posing for another photo op to make more cash, duh!

1477 days ago


Like a glowing reccomendation from a drug counselor is a noteworthy acheivement? Is the bar really that low?

Can we please get back to stories about real working actors?

1477 days ago


I went onto RadarOnline and called BS on this story yesterday. I never went back to see if they censored me after I left that comment or not, cause I really don't care. But I went on their site and called that story what is was, a blatent tabloid fabrication. Also, RadarOnline did another story claiming Dina Lohan was trying to directly profit off of Lindsay's rehab, and I called BS on that story too. Tabloid nonsense. I don't know what the deal is with RadarOnline and X17, because half of their stories are at least semi-true, but quite a few of them are one-hundred percent made up. I also find it funny that no one can decide exactly what Lindsay's conditions are in rehab. Some sources says she has a phone, but limited priveleges with it, while others insist she has no phone at all. TMZ insists that she can have caffeine in rehab. Others insist that caffeine is strictly prohibitted. Some say there's a TV. Some say there isn't. Jeez. Nobody can get their stories straight here. Still, I do not believe RadarOnline and X17.

1477 days ago



She still has tons of rules to follow where she is and whether it becomes court ordered or not, she still made the initial decision to go to a tough rehab instead of going with a luxury rehab as she's done in the past.

You're basically restating my point. Morningside was using her for attention. It didn't have anything to do with her team moving lindsay to ucla to get out early.

There were never any guarantees she was going to get out of ucla early and let's not forget she didn't just leave and that was it. The only thing ucla did was move her to outpatient but she was still going to do all the therapy sessions and drug tests for the full 90 days as those session were to go until November.

We have no idea if morningside was going to be tougher or not. What they did show is that they were willing to use her for publicity. For her sake, I'm glad she didn't go there because I could just imagine the information they would have leaked.

1477 days ago


Holley is certainly earning her fee with LoHo, which she probably will only get a fraction of...

1477 days ago



that's because none of them bother to do a simple thing like research. just going on the betty ford website or calling them answers most of those questions.

but then again these sites aren't all that interested in getting facts right, it's about hits.

1477 days ago

LA Native    

kickin it here in the sun, watching the Dina/Nicole arguments...HAHAHAHAHAHA
Can anyone in this family just shut it? I'm starting to feel sorry for the girl (and the other kids). I thought that was impossible before.
Parents! (I use this term loosely) Learn from your younger kids and stop posting, keep your arguments and dirty laundry to yourselves. Your daughters' life depends on it.

1477 days ago

mj blondin    

if this is true..and it prob was not for a soda, they have soda machines there...she just has the willies and the place and sobriety are getting to her....hahahahahahaha.

1477 days ago


I have an uncle who went to Betty Ford and I know they don't allow ANY caffeine or nicotine, no stimulants of ANY kind. I don't believe most of the stuff TMZ posts about Betty Ford b/c I know about their policies. I think they even have them posted on their website. My mom is addicted to coffee so when she wanted to visit her brother there, she had to have her coffee b/f she went onto the property. And people who smoke have to leave the property to smoke. You cannot even bring your cigarettes there; they will be confiscated like drugs or alcohol. My mom's purse was searched every time she visited. Betty Ford is very serious about making sure their patients are only consuming what they give them so that they know what is influencing their patients. As to whether or not she tried to escape to get a soda, it's possible b/c I know about this no caffeine policy. But who cares.

1477 days ago


@Pretty LL I challenge the drug thing. Yes, she's taken drugs but she has one probation violation for drug usage. Just one. The other violations were for classes and a hearing missed. I'm not saying that drugs from time to time aren't a problem. More often than not when someone has substance abuse or addiction, drugs are a symptom, not the root problem. If the root problem isn't truly dealt with, in a life-coping way, and not just getting off of drugs for a few months, then Lindsay will not be productive. With Todd Bridges it was dealing with his father's reaction to being raped as a child and the rape and also how it confused him through life, with McKenzie Philips it was inappropriate relationship with father, Mickey Mantle had several aspects of his life that led to his abuse with alcohol including inappropriate relationship with adults and the illness and death of his father and son. I do not think Lindsay Lohan loves to take drugs or craves them. I think she's an emotionally, psychologically and possibly mentally highly damaged girl that deals with absolute superficiality from a pseudo concerned media and public, a totally obsessed and destructive father, a mother who doesn't come across well to the media, and perceptions of her as a drug user and not enough people looking at her as a whole human being rather than a drug/alcohol abuser. Lindsay does well in rehab it seems, but when having to deal with her life on her own, reverts to certain behaviors and patterns. I think it is a three-prong process for Lindsay. Commit to following the structures of life-coaching/therapy, drug counseling, and make recommended changes in her existing life which may mean changing location.

1477 days ago


Then why did Lindsay tweet this:

"Escaped yesterday to buy some soda pop but got caught. Good god I feel like Im staring in Escape From Alcatraz, I just wanted a freakin soda!"

6:29 AM Oct 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1477 days ago
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