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Michael Lohan --

I'll Become a

Drunk for Lindsay

10/14/2010 8:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is telling people he's going to intentionally fall off the wagon and check himself into the Betty Ford clinic to be near Lindsay Lohan -- and stage his own arrest if necessary to get his daughter's attention.

We're told Michael is going to show up at Betty Ford and demand admission.  He will stage his own arrest -- to show everyone how much he cares about his daughter.

Michael is saying he'll make one more trip to Betty Ford to attempt to see Lindsay.  If she won't let him in, he's going to get all drunk and then go back and make a scene.

Wasn't this an episode in "I Love Lucy"?


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And he transcends from creep to just plain creepy...

1412 days ago

greg schlam    

what a smuck!!

1412 days ago


God forbid people - letting the female Lohan parent in with the male Lohan. I see it now, breeding, breeding breeding just the two of them, alone down there in the dark - manufacturing more loony lohans and then, O God, and then they begin to dig, slowly working their way toward to surface only to burst out - Thousans of little publicity starved Lohans, clawing for publicity and interviews with TMA. God, what a nightmare!

1412 days ago


WHAT AN IDIOT!!! He doesnt deserve to even be a father!! LowLife Lohan

1412 days ago

passin thru    

if this a s s ho l e were ANYone else...he would be considered an effin STAAAALKER!!!
man. get over urself d o u c h e b a g LOHAN !

1412 days ago


he's a stalker pure and simple - he doesn't care what people think about his ploys and that is exactly what makes him so dangerous -

1412 days ago


What a douchebag loser.

1412 days ago


These days, Lindsay's father Michael sounds like a typical, overly emotional, sometimes impulsive Irish father. Hot headed, undisciplined about what he says and maybe a bit violent at times ... but he "means well". Supposedly he has Lindsay's long term best interests at heart. Maybe.

Dina, on the other hand, sounds like the type of "mother" who is living vicariously through her daughter. Dina has been just another one of Lindsay's buddies going along for the ride ... a member of Lindsay's entourage or whatever.

It sounds like Dina might have the maturity and mind of a "20 something" anyway. Dina is probably all concerned about upsetting Lindsay or doing something "uncool" that Lindsay doesn't like ... and thus being kicked out of Lindsay's "clique". That would be like ... horrible ... like a typical teenage girl would say. Cast out from the group of "popular kids"!

1412 days ago


Sweet Jesus! This family is so messed up.

1412 days ago


Does a day pass by when a Lohan family member isn't releasing a press statement? And when did staying at Betty Ford become FREE? She's the only one in that clan working, and she's broke. Mike, she's a mess, she doesn't like you and you're wasting your time. Save yourself. Better yourself.
When she comes out of rehab (ha!), she's going to work on a low budget, independent film about a porn star, that no one will be interested in. She's not saving the whales, she's not changing history, she's a girl in her 20's whose opportunities have dried up. Tell her to get a job. Work.
(And watch how I say this: nobody, NOBODY can sit in a club all hours of the night, for the conversation, and for 8 seltzers with lemon. IT IS F_____' BORING. She is a train wreck!)

1412 days ago


No wonder she went into acting shes got clowns for seemingly in recovery.. what happened to the slogan mind your own and let live.... easy does it.... the other even more dangerous in complete denial....but her breadwinner is finally taking care of herself...

1412 days ago


No wonder LL is so messed up with this sociopath for a father. Stop stalking her!

1412 days ago


No wonder Lindsay is so messed up. Michael Lohan doesn't know how real men act. How about at least TRYING to be a positive role model instead of a perpetual jackazz?

1412 days ago


The light bulb has finally come on. Couldn't understand why Lindsay would scuttle her career, and continue to make such terrible life-decisions. The answer is: look at mom and look at dad. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. She didn't have a chance, poor girl. He is such a blooming idiot!

1412 days ago


and im sure we will see it all on video. We will see him peddling the footage for his "new" reality show, Right Mike?

1412 days ago
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