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Michael Lohan --

I'll Become a

Drunk for Lindsay

10/14/2010 8:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is telling people he's going to intentionally fall off the wagon and check himself into the Betty Ford clinic to be near Lindsay Lohan -- and stage his own arrest if necessary to get his daughter's attention.

We're told Michael is going to show up at Betty Ford and demand admission.  He will stage his own arrest -- to show everyone how much he cares about his daughter.

Michael is saying he'll make one more trip to Betty Ford to attempt to see Lindsay.  If she won't let him in, he's going to get all drunk and then go back and make a scene.

Wasn't this an episode in "I Love Lucy"?


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will someone PLEASE tell this annoying IDIOT that his 15 minutes NEVER WERE and to just SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY.

1435 days ago


Does anyone else get the feeling that he will one day be handcuffed and put into a police car, charged with her murder? I would not even be surprised when it happens. She needs to move overseas when she gets out.

1435 days ago

Peter Sc    

He needs a really tough rehab - on being a upstanding rolemodel and dad. I have been wondering what it would take. I found that the prime rehab for minors regardless of what the issue is, is called "High Impact". It should be located near Tecate in Mexico and represents itself a 28 day+ boot camp style rehab focusing healing. It is considered the best of the best, but also somewhat tough and it is what he needs.

Maybe they can take an adult for a change if they are still in the market. They had dog cages for the clients to rest in. They did set the standard for modern drug rehab.

He really needs it.

1435 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

And we wonder why LiLo is so self-centered? Unstable much? The guy is a f-in LOON.

1435 days ago


This guy is an idiot. This is his best thinking??!! Maybe he should jump off a bridge to get attention. Has he learned nothing? Forcing His Will onto people never works.

1435 days ago


Forget Betty Food ole Mike should be place in Pilgrim Psychiatric Center. Hey Mike, heres the address,998 Crooked Hill Rd West Brentwood, New York 11717 (631) 761-3500. It's conviently located in your neck of the woods. You are a big dirtbag loser! Everyone is really sick of you Lohans your all a bunch of wack jobs....

1435 days ago


wow! Can't imagine why lindsay is so messed up. can't he see he is the REASON?? if you really loved her GO AWAY

1435 days ago


this guy is a total stalker. TMZ could you please stop making him news? all he wants is to keep himself on the map. The fact that he he gets media attention for his recurring stupidity just fuels him more. For whatever reason, the girl doesn´t want to see him, he should respect that. Stalker

1435 days ago

michelle williams    

This man...I have no words. Well one. Sociopath.

1435 days ago


Michael Lohan is obsessed with his daughter Lindsay Lohan and I find that really creepy. Is it because she is a celebrity? He needs to back off for a while and allow her to fight her addictions on her own and without drama.

1435 days ago


they should just rename the place to: 'Betty's Irish Pub'...though 'Betty' is by all means not an irish name...

1435 days ago


Sheesh no wonder Lindsay has so many problems. Her parents are both completely nuts. I can't help but feel sorry for Lindsay, because with "role models" like these two, what else can you expect. I'm just thankful she is getting help and learning how to deal with life the way the rest of us do - since she clearly didn't learn it at home.

If he cared one iota for his daughter more than he did himself, this, (and all of his other shena****ns), would not be reported straight to the media. He would not comment any more than "My daughter is a strong women, and will get through this. I only ask for privacy, and your prayers" End of story. He would keep his mouth shut and focus on what he is claiming is so important - his daughter.

Talk is cheap. If only he would start behaving like a father and not a pathetic moron who will do anything to keep his own name in the spotlight, even if it causes his daughter even more pain and embarrassment during an already difficult time.

1435 days ago

Maui Girl    

This girl has no chance with 2 crazy parents....keeps moms & pops out of your life until you sober up. Dina & Michael need their own therapy. What a sick family....Ali and the little brother are next.

1435 days ago


Lidnsey doesn't need a restraining order. TMZ and all these other sites need to stop reporting on Michael Lohan at all. Like most crazy people, the attention just makes hinm more dangerous--espicially if he can't get in to see his daughter.

Frightenly, the "control freak" aspects of this guy do make wonder if he had a sexual relationship with his daughter. Why is he so desperate to see her in BF? She'll be out soon, so why the desperation to see there there?

1435 days ago


The insane idiot is actually admitting this is his plan.

In a conversation with Lindsay's team yesterday, I said, ‘If Dina continues to put up walls preventing me from seeing Lindsay.... If I have to, I will go out to all the clubs in palm Springs and make it look like I am drinking, (but I will have witnesses with me and keep receipts to prove I did not). I will check into Betty Ford.”

from hollyscoop

1435 days ago
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