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Lindsay Lohan -- 'Disgusted' with Michael's Antics

10/16/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan "can't stand the thought" of her father trying to sneak his way into her rehab facility -- and wants him simply to "stay away" ... this according to sources extremely close to the actress.


We're told Lindsay is well aware of the "stunts" Michael Lohan has threatened to pull off in an attempt to get close to his daughter -- including his plan to act drunk on the doorsteps of the Betty Ford clinic.

One source tells us, "It disgusts her what he does with the media. She wants him to stay away from her. She can’t stand the thought of him ... and she can’t stand hearing him talk about her."


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I'm not a big fan of Lindsey Lohan's but I think I would become a alcoholic/drug addict if I had Michael Lohan for a father.

1470 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

su-u-u-U-U-R-E-e Michael -- just you show up drunk -- or worse, "fake" drunk -- and there will be no doubts as to both your instability and the threat you pose to Lindsay ... a quick arrest for drunk in public and/or a psychiatric evaluation -- and let's see if we can't ship you off somewhere "safe" -- where you might get some of the help YOU need -- and in any case, keep you from damaging Lindsay any further. No one says you would be allowed in to Betty Ford -- not every one is as patently stupid as you, Michael. What makes you even THINK you would ever be admitted there? She'a an ADULT now Michael -- completely, LEGALLY independent from you -- oh, but that she were rid of you in every other way as well -- as well as her other parental leech momager -- both of you need to just GO AWAY!

you may admire from a distance, but HANDS OFF! please -- let her become all that SHE is -- not all that YOU NEED HER TO BE FOR YOU!!

1470 days ago


Oh hell...I'M disgusted by Michael's antics!

1469 days ago


She's got a long tough road ahead. After all the publicity about her addictions she still wants to be an addict. Her anger at her father is because he's dogging her every step of the way and she wants to be left alone to do what she loves. Drugs and booze. It really pisses her off that she can't hide from him. She's not ready to quit. I take my hat off to the man. He does'nt care what the media does to him. He's trying to save his daughter. Unfortunately she has the maturity of a teenager. And Dina just wants to cash in on the pubicity. Someone should just shoot her. Keep it up Mike. Dog her until she rehabs or dies. You're doing your best.

1469 days ago


For sake of argument, lets say Daddy-dumb-ass is truly concerned for L's well being & wants her to get & stay clean & sober. Why does he continue to show his 'concern' in such a public & stupid ass manner? He seems incapable of realizing his public tantrums, comments & interviews only serve to build a deeper divide between him & his children. If there is ever the chance of rebuilding this fractured relationship Daddy-dumb-ass needs to back off his constant publicity tours.

As for Mommy-moron, she is the reason this all happened by letting a child run around the world unsupervised & being her bestie rather than a parent. She keeps saying Daddy was not there, then she can't blame Daddy for her problems. And her constant laying blame at others feet shows she does not believe she has a problem, rather it is the fault of everyone else that she is so effed up. Mommy-stupid-ass-no-brain-having-money-hungry-beaotch needs to quit shopping for shows & instead find ways to help her daughter get better. And also not let her other c*^t daughter travel the same path. But since she dumb girl is already hanging at bars (underage) she seems well on her own way to being just like her big sis. You are doing a bang-up job Dina, you worthless whore of a Mother.

1469 days ago


BOTH of her famewhoring parents disgust me. Dina shopping post-rehab interviews and stalking Kris Jenner is just as bad for Lindsay's sobriety as the BS stunts her dad pulls. Dina needs to get a job and stop putting pressure on her children to be the breadwinners. Lindsay needs to tell both her parents to hit the road so she can focus on her own health and shape her career the way she wants to..hopefully, she'll get her life together and be the good example her siblings so desperately need. It's sad to think of the pressure poor Ali will be feeling if Linds can't make her mommy dearest the money she craves.

1469 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

one would think that is she *really* felt this way and after all the stupid media crap he's pulled lately trying to get close to her after she' publicly admitted she wants nothing to do with him

that she would just get a restraining order and be done with him, he's followed her everywhere and tried to sneak/break in to places he knows she's at

that's felony stalking... either do something about or STFU! or get your "sources" to stop running to the media about it, because after ALL THIS TIME, it's just starting to look like you want him to do it so you yourself can get the media attention

1468 days ago

Perry J. A.    

I think she should take legal action against that ass of a man to stop him from discussing her situation completely - I don't agree with her antics, but, she is legally an adult and can do whatever she wants. He's just trying to ride her gravy train - getting exposure for himself and is probably a big part of her problem - driving her nuts. She should get a court order against against him to stay away from her and her affairs - a restraining order as well ! This is a form of harassment !!

My opinion,

Winnipeg, Canada

1468 days ago


NO WONDER THIS GIRL HAS DRUG PROBLEMS. If my dad were as phsycotic as hers it would lead me to do drugs too. Michael should be in rehab for his issues.

1468 days ago


To number 5, nobody really knows what happened when lindsay was growing up, most of the troubles came once lindsay became famous. They had in the media somewhere that lindsay's mom left her in hollywood by herself (living with who, I don't know) to make it as an actress. She could have picked up all the bad habits from whom ever she was staying with. No telling who did what to her while she was hanging out in hollywood filming "The parent trap". I'm pretty sure Both parents are at some fault, more so Dina, because she knew all the crap that linday was gettin into, I mean she is the girl's momager. And what the hell does dina need to get advice from kris jenner for, kris probably had something to do with kim's porn video being released. In the next five or ten years, nobody's gonna care too much about the kardashians.

1468 days ago

Merri B    

I NEVER thought I'd be on Lindsay Lohan's side in anything, BUT - I totally support her in what she is doing now. She really is trying to get her life together. I hope she does as advised and stays another 45 days (and fires her leaching Mother). I am VERY concerned about her father. He is now in the stalker category. He is too stupid to get that LINDSAY determines who can and cannot visit her. It's the same at a jail as in rehab. Both ask you who you will approve as visitors and neither will allow anyone to force themselves on you. Does he NOT get it that he CANNOT force or demand that a private facility admit him. They are private, meaning they can do anything they want and not answer to anyone, especially him. With his latest tirade, he has now put the facility in the position of legally having to protect her from him. I wonder if anyone has advised her to get a restraining order against him. If not, someone should - The Betty Ford Clinic at the very least. He, in all of his idiotic glory, cannot possibly believe that his latest tirade will help him get a conservatorship over Lindsay. Can he really be that stupid?? Any conservator should be unconnected with either parent, should be able to obtain all info he/she needs to do his/her job, and be INaccessible by both of her parents. If the conservator needs their input, he should get it, but her parents should not be able to contact him/her. Their motives are so corrupt, those restrictions should be in place. Stay strong, Lindsay.

1467 days ago


Linsey has TWO extremely narcissistic parents exploiting their daughter's coat-tails! A good parent would respect their child's request to be left alone. Lindsey is in the BEST care at BF Clinic! Leave her alone. Michael actually NEEDS Lindsey to stay sick for HIM to be relevant! When Lindsey finally gets it together and understands the unhealthy dynamics of her father and how to truly separate herself..... she will be independent, successful and an individual in her own right. What most parents would want for their kids. Someone with Michael's mental health can't stand to be so irrelevant.

1463 days ago
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