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Lindsay's Mom $hopping

Post-Rehab Interview

10/16/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's sainted mother Dina is shopping around an interview for after she visits Lindsay in rehab this weekend ... and the asking price is in the five figures.

We're told Dina is trying to set up a deal that would include allowing cameras to film her as she went to the Betty Ford Center this weekend. Some reports have suggested that Dina is pitching a reality show based on the ordeal, but we're told that's not true.

Our sources say Dina is asking "in the high five figures" for the interview. We're told none of the proceeds will go to charity.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, “There is absolutely no truth to this.”


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Dina L. is like a really bad rash or crabs! Go away already you old
slutty hag!!!!

You are even more disgusting than Her "dad"! Don't you know that the world sees you as a drug addicted stage mom who is throwing your kids to the wolves....

Thinking or seeing her makes my skin crawl!

1436 days ago


@155 that would be best ,yes. She basically needs to go away for a while . And by that I don't just mean location-wise but also away from people ( possible exceptions being brother and sister ) and put her life back on the rails. Problem now is that when she does complete any sort of treatment ( and in the event of jail sentence : time spent there as well) she'd still end up back where the whole thing started in the first place with a high probability of relapse.

Because those folks will want to go back to the "way things were " and you can't do that if you want her to straighten out her life.I'm pretty much convinced she has talent enough to get career back on track but not if these folks keep pushing her towards using drugs ( or other substances ,I'm considering a 20-something girl using any sort of heavy prescription drugs to be a problem too ,for however short a period of time )

1436 days ago


This has always been nothing but a stunt for money and to stay out of jail.

Lohan could barely make her 300k bail. Bond ($30,000.00). Lohan will do whatever just to make it look good for the Judge. Even with Betty Ford Rehab, Not cheap.

After this rehab,(is this 5 or 6 times)let Lohan finish her time in Jail, and then go back to rehab. Let's see how that works.

1436 days ago


WTF Lindy has to overcome these crap situations and start making money acting, She has tallent and is a pretty girl. So I think if She overcomes these lame situations She can get a good contract to a seriuos producer and/or movie director.

1436 days ago


@161 jail is far easier than a prolonged stay at a rehab clinic.

1436 days ago


Dina Michael...find a job. Make your own money. Stop sponging off of your kids.

1436 days ago


@ LA Native
Yeah that bitch said that at the May hearing when Lindsay was told she had to attend once a week and she did from that point onwards.

Yeah she does have a choice if she doesn't want to go back to rehab and when it becomes court ordered it is comparable to jail .
She can refuse probation, get daily visits from her attorney then the sheriff will decide how early she is released maybe 10% and she won't have to go back to a Judge that is willing to ignore the law and attempted to illegally hold her without bail.

1436 days ago


Next week should be a fun week. On Monday Lindsay is being visited by her mother and a ll her brothers and sisters who still live with mom. Then on Friday she is due in court to for her Violation of Parole hearing.

In between I hope her lawyer tries to get the judge to recluse himself for the unethical stunt of jailing her without offering bail. His stunt was so bad that he was overruled the same day and it is obvious that his intention was to get her jailed for the weekend thinking that the hearing to allow bail would not be until the next week. He knows that the sentence of 30 days will result in her being tagged and released by the sheriff.

Then there is the possibility that the hearing will be rescheduled because interrupting her rehab (treatment) is not something a judge would want to answer for when he runs for reelection. He only needs to put it off for a week because her rehab is over the 28th.

Lastly there is the matter of the sentence for Violation of Parole. The judge can sentence her for the underlying offense, two DUI's as well as the violation. She could get a one year sentence and that will mean about 40 days in jail.

The really interesting thing will be the possibility of formal probation after jail time and the SCRAM device around her ankle.

All in all this will be a very funny week especially with her father waiting in the wings to make an ass of himself for all of us to comment on.

1436 days ago


dumas1000 "Whatever happened to that million dollar post jail interview that TMZ insisted Lindsay Lohan was going to do with OK Magazine? Oh yeah. That never happened. And this will never happen either. Because this story is a complete fabrication. "

Absolutely. There was a story of Dina pushing Ali to do interviews that came out in July from FOX. Same crap, Ali is as quiet as usual and not talking to press. Gullible people comment on fabricated stories such as this because they believe anything about Dina and this makes TMZ and other sites bring in the ad money.

1436 days ago


@Ruby said: @92, so right. Also, why is it that literally thousand of people in California can move on from misdemeanors and she can't? Because she and her team have felt the rules don't apply to them, so they continue to run afoul of them with consequences. "

As if you know. It's intelligent to ask the question, it's unintelligent to offer cliche "answers" to something you clearly know nothing about.

1436 days ago


By the way, those tapes, which are like 3 years old, prove that Dina has known all along that Lindsay is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Dina talked specifically in those tapes about Lindsay mixing alcohol with Adderall and what could happen if Lindsay got behind the wheel again in her condition. She talked about failed attempts to get Lindsay back into rehab. Dina stated, on a tape that she obviously had no idea at the time was being recorded, that she tried to stage an intervention, but that Lindsay punched her in the face. "

Exactly. When Dina says LIndsay is fine she truly is saying to the press "none of your GC business". She is not being literal with "she's fine" or "doesn't have a problem". There's a sorry lack of critical thinking and knowledge from a huge percent of loudmouths who continually comment her, aren't aware or care to be aware of her situation and refuse to acknowledge a few things. 1) Dina has said LIndsay has a problem in the unauthorized tapes and to "insiders" 2) Lindsay has PASSED her drug tests from MAY 24 to mid September which shows she can pass drug tests. SOMETHING that we don't know made her take drugs and fail the test in mid September 3) the court-appointed psychiatrists recommended UCLA more of a psych ward than a rehab and Lindsay chose rehab after the failed drug test and I think this addiction to "cocaine" itself is BS and not what Betty Ford has found (Radaronline is not a legitimate news source). There's something else going on and it's complex and the Lohans are keeping it in-house.

1436 days ago


@170 Delmar

I think your dead right! There is some underlying psychological problem with her that her mother and she are desperately trying to hide. Given her fathers frantic efforts to get to see and talk to her my guess is that it involves him.
I think the psychiatrists at UCLA could not get her to talk but figured it out. They had no choice but to release her when they hit the wall in getting her to talk and I think she knew they would be required by law to report illegal things she talked about in therapy.
If it is disclosed that the ammount of cocaine in her failed test was a trace ammount then it was a cry for help not drug abuse.

1436 days ago


This woman is just a pig. Even though Lindsay is now legally an adult, both her parents should be locked up for child endangerment. ARRRRGH!!!!
I know she won't but Lindsay, when you get out, run, run as fast as you can away from these toxic people. Run!!!!!!!

1436 days ago


If she gets jail time then the actual sentence could be suspended but because she is out on bail i doubt the hearing will be delayed.

On October 22nd she will have 290 days of probation left so if the Judge gave her that and she got 17 days credit for time already served she would serve like 6 weeks (42 days) max. However factor in budget cuts and overcrowding which hopefully has worsened and due to her classification as a non violent misdemeanor offender she would be the first person to be released. Also it will be a lot of hassle with all the letters, enquiries to the jail, safety concerns special visiting times, numerous visits from her attorney etc.

She could be out of the system in early December at the latest.

If the sentence and probation terms are ridiculous and she refused and started serving time on October 22nd she would be completely free and chilling by December.

1436 days ago


Delmar, Spot-you guys are really onto something, I assumed that Lindsay relapsed because she was upset about Ronson bailing on her, but now i'm sure it's something else entirely. I do remember some people who knew Lindsay claiming that she would sometimes talk about herself in the third-person, so maybe she has a case of multiple personality disorder or something similar, maybe her dad did something that tramatized her so much that she developed a split persona or something like that, whatever the case may be, I really hope Lindsay gets better and dosen't get sentenced to jail.

1436 days ago
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