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Justin Bieber Investigated for Assault in Canada

10/17/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by police in Richmond, British Columbia after an alleged incident at laser tag facility ... this according to various reports in Canada.

Justin Bieber assault.
A 12-year-old boy claims Bieber (seen above at the laser tag place, with his father) hit him while playing a game, according to the reports, though he suffered no visible injuries.

A rep for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tells TMZ the incident was reported to authorities by the boy's father. Though the rep wouldn't confirm anything about Bieber, they did say they are in the process of interviewing witnesses.

The popular Canadian blog says they spoke to a staffer at the facility who says that during the game, Bieber was cornered by several kids "and accidentally hit the kid while running away."

We spoke to a rep for Bieber yesterday who said it was absolutely untrue.


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I really dont like Justin Bebier! I don't know what to believe-I wasn't there.

1467 days ago


I don't think he would do such a thing. If you were being mobbed by kids i think you might would push and hit too.

1467 days ago


The kids dad probly told the kid to tellpeople that justin hit him so they could get lots of money and make justin look bad. well their sorry a$$ losers for that. I <3 u JB!!!!!!!!!!

1467 days ago


o my ****ing god that is so dumb that 12 yer kid just wants to **** up justin bieber

1466 days ago


It may have been an accident but i kno that Justin would not do that,even to a little kid.

1466 days ago

Anti-Dictatorship and Pro-Democracy Supporter    

Celebrity Culture is one of the problems in America. It is like a cult that you are obsessed with someone who you don't really know. Is this the kind of person or leader like Justin Bieber you wanted to promote and defend? If Justin Bieber hit me then I would have hit him back too or at least charge him for the assault that he had committed. The laws are fair for every human beings. He is not a God! Wake up everyone and stop being fanatics and look into the reality! We don't want a dictatorship or mobster rules in a civilized world. It is a Mob mentality which is still common in America to defend someone who did something wrong just because of his/her celebrity status. That is dumb and ridiculous! That reminds me of Leonardo di Caprio who punched a man in a restaurant and continued to be praise by his fans or OJ Simpson the killer or the drunken Mel Gibson and other strange bad celebrities.

Come On! Let's be rational and fair! What Justin Bieber did is wrong and now he is paying the corrupted authorities to defend him after he it a small child! What a shame! Where is justice?! It looks like Bieber Dictatorship here!!!

1453 days ago


I like how if Justin bieber wasnt famous this wouldn't be such a big deal.
Greedy bastards

1450 days ago


Just Becasue they pointied out justin bieber and the kid doesn't automatically mean that he punched the lil guy. When i see te video, i'll belive it.

1445 days ago


You know what? That dad is low-life who thinks he can make some money by claiming that his son got "hit" by Justin Bieber. Anyone could've gotten bumped by accident in laser tag. I think that his son made it up.

1438 days ago


If i got hit by justin bieber.. I would CHERISH that!(: and NEVER wash it again!(:

1437 days ago


Isn't his fifteen minutes over yet? What is that hairdo? I may not be 12 or 15, but my family has a musician that was in a famous band in the sixties and seventies, so I know a good and abad look.
that one isn't good. Can't wait until he gets to be that Marly girl's age to see how he acts slutty, etc.

1413 days ago


justin is not gay and why would he punch a little boy

1404 days ago


i can tell alot of fangirls are on jb's side. but what if it wasn't JB who hit a 12 old, but me, 18 old guy, who hit him instead?

1393 days ago


All men should go to jail. They're putting enough innocent men away for things they didn't do just because any kid can say anything they want and the man will be charged automatically and it's just not right. So let's just put everyone in jail and save time.


1362 days ago


That's a load of crap. I'm no Justin Bieber fangirl, but a twelve year old getting hit during laser tag? And then the dad tries to make money with this fake/insignificant story? How stupid.

1314 days ago
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