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Kim, Kourtney & Ciara's

Right to Bear Arms

10/19/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian, her big big sis Kourtney Kardashian and good pal Ciara have all been spotted recently rockin' some luxurious hairy arm and shoulder attire.

Their relationships are fur real.


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Hey, quit crying people, dogs & cats are eaten daily at most asian/chinese buffets!

1465 days ago


Real fur is tragic and disgusting, changes my level of respect for all of them substantially.

1465 days ago


Do you really realize how small these sisters really are ! Because all of you calling them f--a---s don't even know how small they are. Because you hear something so many times doesn't make it true! They are actually quite small and are very beautiful women.
It's not nice to be jelous of others. There will always be someone smaller or prettier, or richer so being jelous is a waste of time.
And I bet a lot of you spend money on electrolisis on some area of your body so quit talking about hair on someone else.
Some of you are just plain pathetic ! ! !

1465 days ago


Boy are you people jelous. WOW ! ! ! !
I bet if you had the money you'd be wearing real fur too ! ! !
Didn't you know that God put animals on this earth for us to use for food and warmth ?
I don't agree with the girls Mother pushing them so hard to do all the things they do, and Bruce should put a stop to his wife being such a pimp! But don't blame the girls for their Mothers pushing them so hard.......they are only obeying her !

1465 days ago


Very sad.

1465 days ago

Susie Q    

Looks like Kimmy is back on the Botox wagon.

1465 days ago


To grandmacc - What rock were you born under? None of these comments have anything to do with jealousy. It has to do with women who wear fur. You state that God put animals on this earth for food and warmth. First off, these women aren't wearing fur for warmth, it's just a fashion statement to them. Second, for someone to hop on this site and spout out absurdities like mentioning God did this and that, where did you get those facts? Are you a bible reading fanatic who only does things that the bible tells them to do? And third, you seem enamoured with these girls but hate their mother. What kind of drugs are you on? Even if I had a million dollars, I would never wear fur, so I'll take that bet.

1465 days ago

Yep I said that    

The Kardashian skanks once again thinking they are important

1465 days ago

No comment    

Kim is so artifical... but her treatment of animals is clear after her photos surfaced last year holding that cat... which was to heavy to be held by the scruff. I doesn't matter cause all these web site whore out these whores.

1465 days ago

keeping it real    


1465 days ago


People look so ugly and ridiculous in fur, fake or real. Jerks.

1465 days ago


Kardashians wearing fur... just proof that this family is not just morally bankrupt, but inhumane as well! This family is Armo trash!

1465 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Can't stand these Kardashian skanks and the fact they are wearing fur is another strike against their self centered look at me BS, as for Ciara she is now hanging out with these vapid ho's so it no surprise she is copying what they wear

1465 days ago


The Kardashian's are so hypocritical and clueless..they will get back what they put out, I agree Karma is overdo but it's on it's way.

1465 days ago


This is to both youknowitsme and grandmacc: You're asses. Wait. You are MORE than asses; you ARE the K sisters trying to take up for yourselves by writing in comments as though you are someone else. I HAVE money and chose long ago to not use leather or fur or ANYTHING that would have to suffer. I also don't have to PIMP out my life on a reality show to have money either. Jealous? Just keep making yourself feel better by calling everyone else "jealous." Your comments are pathetic, just pathetic.

1465 days ago
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