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Judge Orders Mel Gibson to Appear for Deposition

10/18/2010 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was ordered to appear for a deposition within the next few weeks as part of the ongoing child custody case with baby mama Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel Gibson deposition.
We're told he's been ordered to give his depo some time before November 10. Oksana will also give her deposition, but it will take place on a different day. Both depositions will be supervised by a judge.

Sources say the depo will cover child custody issues only.

We're also told that the judge will clarify on November 10 whether the $20,000/month Mel has been ordered to pay in child support includes Oksana's housing costs.


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Why, damn it, do they want to be in the news? They can just split up the money and walk away. Publicity??? Ya, I guess. I have been following this for some time but now enough is enough. see ya

1465 days ago


I can't believe there talking about a person (Oksana) A never was why ? why are we talking about this chick honestly just because she dated Mel '' Mad Max'' Gibson It puzzles me to why people support her she is a gold digger all she is out for is Mel's Money THAT'S ALL People all you supporters of This crazy nut job your are just as crazy and nuts like her you know maybe she said Mel beat her cause that's the only way to get his money and I hope Mel does go to court and tells them She is nuts.

1465 days ago


I can't beleive our justice system is putting up with this crap from a russian, be an american and get it done.

1465 days ago


Praying for you and your family Mr. Mel Gibson. Good luck, take care of your self, and may God Bless and protect you today and always.

1464 days ago

oops, it is none of my business    

I hope this doesn't sound mean. Ms.Oksana Grigorieva keeps asking for more
money for baby Lucia, because she wants the best for her? So why
doesn't she give Mel Gibson, the father full custody, and this way the baby would be very well taken care of and fianancially. Of course, she would have visitation rights. Is it possible that she does't want this to happen, because she will not have access to baby Lucia's custody money, to enjoy spending it luxuriously on herself? She has no job. Is she disabled, sick, or too old to work? No. Apparently, seeing the way very wealthy people live,like mel Gibson, has made her too ashamed to go ou and get a job like everbody else period. In that People magazine interview, she strikes me as being spoiled rotten. She is so smug. She almost talks like he owes her a living.(my impression) I so am sorry.
She IS a goldigger, pure and simple.


1464 days ago


Go Mel!! Hope you kick that bitches ass, and get that baby and live a good a good life. x p.s oksana hope you rot in hell, where you belong :)

1464 days ago


I wish they'd just settle it already!!

1464 days ago


So typical. A nobody got somebody and that nobody found a great opportunity to squeeze that somebody out of his riches. I feel bad for Mel in a way. But he'll bounce back. He's got the talent and he'll earn all that $$ back that he lost, as long as he stays off the booze and pick better women. Agree that he just better get on with this depo and get it over with and start fresh.

1464 days ago


we need new info.

1463 days ago



I understand your frustration being used (as you feel it) by the guy you had put so much work and trust in, but it's OVER. He chose not to be with you any more. You move on with your life and stop harassing and extorting him. Here is the deal. You get out of this mess with dignity and grace as a LADY, taking what is yours (child support) and leaving behind what is NOT yours, and I will be the first to buy your music, and so will my friends.... In your interviews you claimed you loved Russia and would like to come back one day. If you mean it, stop giving bad name to Russian women who are smart, clever, educated, charming and beautiful. Get over your affair and start a new life! Give you ex a chance to get back to his routine and make new movies we all enjoy so much .... and let him take care of his daughter.

1463 days ago


mytwocents....why does larry david,roman polanski, woody allen and michael richards get a free ride??hmmm!!!is it because they are jewish...maybe they should better understand the HOLODOMOR. The worst ever crimes against humanity.Yet you never hear about it... Maybe you should wonder why 9/11 happened? Those crazy muslims did not like our policies with Israel. That is why they came after us. Now what did Mel say in a DRUNKEN state?? The same as what this writer is saying in a very sober state.

1462 days ago


anyone can see that shes a money grabber hmmmm sickness to use a child to get it though

1461 days ago
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