Angelina: MTV Flipped Over My Anti-Situation Tweets

10/20/2010 6:00 PM PDT
Angelina from "Jersey Shore" claims she was chewed out by MTV execs yesterday over an anti-Situation tirade she posted online ... a tirade that allegedly included drug jokes and penis jabs.

Jersey Girl #4 was out in NYC yesterday with her gal pal Joanna Hernandez -- from "For the Love of Ray J" -- and the duo explained how the suits at MTV stood over Angelina's shoulder and made her delete her Twitter posts on the spot. 

But Angelina insists The Situation was asking for it ... after he posted a Twitter message that allegedly referred to Angelina as a "dirty little hamster."

The Sitch's manager swears the tweet in question wasn't directed at Angie -- but judging by the verbal attack she delivers in this video, Angie's not convinced.