Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino 'Jersey Shore' Gals Take D.C. ... Try to Spring Him Early


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino only has a few weeks left to serve on his prison sentence, but the 'Jersey Shore' ladies can't wait that long ... so they're exercising their First Amendment rights to make it happen NOW ... but they picketed at the wrong building!

JWoww, Snooki, Angelina and Deena made donning "Free Sitch" t-shirts and carrying picket signs to get The Situation out of lockup early, but there was one problem -- they don't quite have the clout of Kim Kardashian ... who actually got inside The White House.

The girls' effort to jawbone with Donald Trump proved futile, but it looks like they got their landmarks wrong, because they ended up picketing outside The Treasury Building. Last we knew, the Treasury Secretary can't pardon felons.

Hey, it's the thought that counts.


In true 'Jersey Shore' fashion, at least one member of the cast had to embarrassingly eat sh*t on camera ... unsurprisingly, it was Deena.

She once said, "Face down, ass up ... that's the way I like to have a good time" ... looks like she takes that motto on the road.

As we reported, the Sitch officially started his 8-month prison sentence for tax evasion back in January. He's due to be released September 12 ... no thanks to his castmates ... or the President.

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Snooki Angelina Face-Off Sparked Meltdown

TMZ/Getty Composite

Snooki storming out of the "Jersey Shore" house and threatening to quit was caused by some bad blood with her old foe, Angelina Pivarnick.

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... Snooki and Angelina got into it HEAVY while shooting 'Family Vacation' Tuesday night. The fight escalated slowly inside the house before the ugly scene in the video TMZ first posted of Snooks marching out, screaming.


We're told Snooki decided to remain at the house after her blowup. She returned to shooting Wednesday with the rest of the cast, sans Mike "The Situation," of course. It at least appears the women have made up. We got footage of the gang walking along the pier, and Angelina and Snooki cordially walked side by side and chatted.

Our sources say their altercation stemmed from some past beef with Angelina bubbling up, and though producers tried to calm the situation for a while ... Snooki ultimately bolted.


We broke the story, she was heard yelling, "Leave me the f**k alone, this is why I didn't want to do this s**t. Leave me alone!" before adding ... "I hate this s**t" and saying she wanted to go home to her kids.

We're told it's been harder and harder to get the cast together with their growing families and personal drama in their lives, and Snooki's meltdown was just more proof of the challenge.

As for Snooki and Angelina, they have a pretty rough history, and though they've made up once again ... our sources say producers, just like fans, are always on alert for the next big clash.

Snooki Meltdown at 'Jersey Shore' House ... Storms Off Screaming!!!


Snooki just ain't having it -- she's threatening to call it quits from shooting "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" after an argument that ended with her marching out of the house overnight.

Snooks was shooting with the rest of the cast at the 'Jersey Shore' house late Tuesday night, when all of a sudden she stormed out yelling at someone to stop talking to her.

In a neighbor's video from the incident -- obtained by TMZ -- Snooki's seen leaving the house while pleading to be left alone. She's heard yelling, "Leave me the f**k alone, this is why I didn't want to do this s**t. Leave me alone!"

She then calls someone a "f**king a**hole" and says she wants to go home to her kids where she belongs. Snooki's last heard saying "I hate this s**t" as she looks at her phone and storms off.

Worth noting, she just gave birth on May 30, so missing her kids makes sense.


One of the producers followed her, though, and we're told Snooki was taken to a donut shop around the corner to cool off. JWoww and Pauly D came out to talk to the crew and see what was going on, and we're told Pauly was heard saying ... "Well, that didn't go the way I expected."

Eventually, Snooki calmed down enough to return to the house, but as you can see in the vid ... she was still pretty worked up as JWoww and someone who looks like Angelina came out to talk and give her a hug.

There's also a camera guy in the mix ... so it looks like some of the drama was captured for TV.

Snooki and company are currently filming for season 3 of their spin-off show, 'Family Vacation.' Get your popcorn ready.

'Jersey Shore' Ronnie No Charges for Baby Mama In Alleged Ashtray Throwing Incident

TMZ/Getty Composite

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama is off the hook for allegedly chucking an ashtray at his face ... TMZ has learned.

Jen Harley's attorney tells us ... the Clark County District Attorney's Office has declined to prosecute her for domestic battery and the case has been dropped. Law enforcement sources say Ronnie would not cooperate so, without a victim, the case couldn't go forward.

We broke the story ... Harley was arrested in Vegas back in May after a New Year's Eve incident with the 'Jersey Shore' star. Ronnie filed a battery report against Harley, claiming she attacked him inside a club. We obtained video showing Ronnie leaving the club with a bloody face.


Harley claims when she returned home later that night the place was ransacked, she believes at the hands of Ronnie. She accused Ortiz-Magro of smashing valuables, including a vase and a flat-screen TV.

He was also caught on camera smashing the security cam at her front door back in December.

Despite all the turmoil ... the 2 were seen taking a trip to Florida together last month with their daughter, though they didn't look too thrilled about it.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro & Jen Harley Ain't a Damn Thing Changed ... Same Issues, Despite Vacay


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley are like a broken record, and a trip to Disney World's not going to fix it ... so say sources close to the volatile pair.

We broke the story ... the 'Jersey Shore' star and his baby mama looked more like they were going to prison than vacay early Wednesday morning as they boarded a flight from Las Vegas to Florida with their daughter. They didn't sit together or speak on the flight.

We're told the separate seating was due to booking last minute -- but seeing the moody duo together definitely raised eyebrows.

Our sources tell us looks do not deceive -- Ronnie and Jen are still far from being solid in their relationship and are "on and off" on a weekly basis. We're told family and friends close to them are very concerned and fear things will take another violent turn at any moment.

Yes, even at the "The Most Magical Place on Earth."

As we've reported ... Harley was arrested last month for a New Year's Eve incident in which she allegedly threw an ashtray at Ron's face and bloodied it, the same night he allegedly ransacked her home.

Ronnie was also recorded smashing the security camera at her front door in December 2018 ... and earlier that year he got a black eye during that crazy car dragging incident.

We're not saying this relationship is the definition of insanity, but family and friends say the evidence is piling up.

'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny 6 More Weeks with Chippendales ... He Was Huuuuuge!!!


Vinny from "Jersey Shore" is gonna let it all hang out again for Chippendales ... they're inviting him back cause he was huge ... at the box office, that is.

Due to popular demand, as they say, we're told Vinny will headline Chippendales during a 6-week run beginning July 26 and ending September 1st. It's no secret why the male revue would want him back -- Vinny's been very, very good for biz.

We're told ticket sales during his April through May run rivaled Tyson Beckford's legendary 2017 run.


'JS' fans, or just fans of abs, will remember Vinny made the crowd go wild ... first with a sneak peek of his Italian stallions and then with a steamy shower scene. Fans should note, his ripped keto diet fueled bod will be on display for the Friday and Saturday night gigs at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

BTW, Vinny said Chippendales never told him to bare his ass in that shower scene, it was actually his choice ... "Because I've always been known to go hard or go home."

Hehe ... go hard.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro & Jen Harley Moodiest Couple Off to ... The Most Magical Place on Earth


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley look like future legal trouble walking -- even when they're heading for Disney World.

The on and off couple were not looking in the mood for travel, or anything else, as they boarded a flight from Las Vegas to Orlando. To be fair, they were flying Spirit at 2:45 AM ... so that could explain their faces. Other travelers tell us Jen seemed irritated and barked at Ronnie.

We'd chalk that up to the early hour, but then again ... these 2 have a serious history.

Once on board, we're told Ronnie sat 3 rows behind Jen and their 1-year-old daughter, Ariana Sky. They didn't speak AT ALL on the flight. We don't know if they intentionally sat apart, or if they weren't able to book next to each other -- it was a pretty full flight.

When they landed, we're told Jen yelled at Ron to grab their bags, which he did without any argument ... before they hopped into a black SUV.

A source close to the couple tells TMZ ... Ronnie is NOT filming anything there for "Jersey Shore." We're told the plan was for him and his family to celebrate Father's Day at Disney World.

The trip comes nearly a month after Jen was arrested for a New Year's Eve incident when she allegedly threw an ashtray at the reality star.

As we first reported ... Harley was arrested in Vegas on May 16 after she called cops to report someone with a gun. When cops arrived, she was the one hauled off after cops discovered she had an outstanding warrant.


Surveillance video showed Ronnie walking out of a club on the night in question ... with what appeared to be a bloody face. The fight apparently didn't end there cause when Jen got home that night, she allegedly found her home ransacked. She accused Ronnie of breaking a flat-screen TV among other things.

Sooo ... good luck, Disney World!

'Jersey Shore' Star's Baby Mama Jen Harley Arrested


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama, Jen Harley, has been arrested for a New Year's Eve incident when she allegedly threw an ashtray at the reality star ... TMZ has learned.

Harley was arrested in Vegas early Thursday around 3 AM on a warrant that was issued last month. Law enforcement sources tell us ... Jen actually called the cops early Thursday morning and said someone had a gun. Cops responded, came to the house and when they did a background check found she had an outstanding warrant.

TMZ broke the story ... Ronnie filed a battery report against Harley on January 3 after the two got in a blowout fight at a Vegas club on New Year's Eve. At some point during their argument, Harley allegedly hurled an ashtray at Ronnie, striking him in the face, and cutting his nose, lip and forehead.


We obtained video from the club that night which showed Ronnie leaving and bloodied.


The fight didn't just end there ... when Jen got home that night, she allegedly found her home ransacked ... accusing Ronnie of smashing a flat-screen TV, picture frames and a vase. He was also recorded smashing the security camera at her front door back in December.

'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Butt-Ass Naked For Chippendales Gig


Good, wet news here -- footage of Vinny from "Jersey Shore" doing his stripping thing has leaked ... and he definitely gives up the goods.

Vinny was onstage as part of the Chippendales revue at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Vegas last weekend, and he looks like a natural at getting naked for crowds of women. Aside from his ripped body, if you can look at anything else, it's clear his tweaked ankle -- which had him wearing a walking cast last week -- is juuuust fine now.


The reality star started out his performance with his back to the crowd and his caboose on full display for the screaming ladies behind him. Gotta say ... Vinny boy looks good!

Ya can watch the video yourself to see what else he did under the spotlight -- spoiler alert ... the dude's a natural-born performer, and a bit of a stud too. That much he made clear with a quick flash of his manhood as he was facing off with a lucky gal.

If "Jersey Shore" ever flames out ... Vinny obviously has a great plan B in on his hands.

Vinny From 'Jersey Shore' Pushing Through Chippendales Gig After Bad Ankle Sprain


"Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino needs a scooter to get around ... because he's nursing a severely sprained ankle that could throw a wrench in his new Chippendales gig.

We've just obtained video of Vinny cruising down the Las Vegas strip in a scooter ... and you can clearly see a huge black boot over his right foot. We're told Vinny recently suffered a really bad ankle sprain during rehearsals for Chippendales.

Vinny's scheduled to perform with Chippendales every weekend through the end of the month ... so a sprained ankle could seriously affect his new line of work. Anyone who's been to Chippendales knows the hunks put their bodies to the test to put on a good show.

But, Vinny's Jersey tough ... we're told he's been pushing through his injury, and he rides the scooter and slips on the walking boot during the week to keep his bum ankle from getting worse.

The good news for Vinny ... Pauly D is around to lend a helping hand.

Pauly D I'm About To Visit Mike In Prison ... Situation Wants Fan Mail!!!


Pauly D says Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is holding up well behind bars ... and he's about to check up on the Sitch in person for a mini "Jersey Shore" reunion.

We got Pauly D heading into NBC Studios in NYC, and he gave us a super positive update on his buddy's prison stint. Sounds like Mike's making the most of his situation, all things considered.

Pauly D knows what's up, he says they communicate all the time -- and you can do the same, because Mike's an avid reader who loves getting fan mail.

Pauly says the best way for fans to show their support is by busting out a pen and paper and showing some love to Mike in prison.

Of course, there's nothing like a face-to-face meeting, and Pauly says his is going down soon.

Sitch is 3 months into his 8-month sentence for tax evasion, and he's got plenty of good things waiting for him on the outside ... but while he's inside, ya gotta imagine he's getting jacked, and Pauly thinks he's gonna come out rocking abs like you've never seen before!!!

JWoww & Vinny Visit The Situation's Wife We Got Your Back!!!


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's pals from "Jersey Shore" are supporting him on the outside, paying a visit to his wife while he's locked up.

JWoww and Vinny Guadagnino showed up this week to Mike's apartment in Long Branch, NJ ... checking in on his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, while Sitch is busy serving out his 8-month sentence in federal prison.

We got video of JWoww and Vin dropping by the complex, giving each other a big hug and a kiss hello before going inside to visit Mike's bride. We're told the cast members were there to shoot scenes for the 3rd season of MTV's "Jersey Shore Family Vacation."


The last time we saw JWoww and Vin at Mike's place was back in October when the whole "Jersey Shore" cast was there for a family visit with The Situation, who had just been sentenced to hard time in his tax evasion case.

Mike's not getting out until September ... so it's nice to see his friends are making sure everything's good at home.

Vinny & Pauly D Ripped & Ready to Rumble On The Beach in Mexico

"Jersey Shore" stars Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino just got some serious G & T in on the beach ... soaking up the sun and looking ripped in the process.

The two reality star BFFs are in Cancun, Mexico working on their tans for their upcoming dating show. Pauly and Vinny first took a stroll through the sand before tearing up some serious waves on a jet ski ... all while showing off their tatted torsos.

As for their new show -- it's called "Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny" -- and it recently got the green light from MTV. The show will feature 20 women looking to find love with the reality show bachelors.

Both men have been super busy lately -- having booked shows around the world -- and Vinny continues to be a major part of the 'Jersey Shore' franchise.

Their trip to Mexico was a little bit of business mixed in with the bro time and surf -- they are shooting MTV's "Spring Break" which will air next week. Whatever the reason, each guy certainly looks ready to play the field, sandy or otherwise.

'Jersey Shore' Karma Club Files for Bankruptcy ... Noooooooo Buddy!!!


The club where The Situation, Vinny, Pauly D, Snooki, JWoww, Sammi, Angelina, Ronnie and Deena used to party their asses off is under water ... financially speaking.

Karma Club in Seaside Heights, NJ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ. In docs, the club says it owes between $1 million and $10 million, and has less than $50k in assets.

According to the docs, Karma owes money to some Jersey heavy hitters:

-- $1,324,068.14 to the NJ Economic Development Authority

-- $1,626,892.05 to 2 banks

-- $473,946 to the NJ Division of Taxation

-- $91,064 to the NJ Division of Fire Safety

-- $21,181.43 for booze

The filing is an attempt to get the creditors off Karma's back while it gets its financial crap together. The great news for Jersey juiceheads is ... the club's free to continue operating while this plays out in bankruptcy court.

Karma, of course, was a favorite hotspot for the 'Jersey Shore' cast when they shot in Seaside Heights. It's not the first time the club's been in trouble. The city reportedly tried to revoke its liquor license last year. The saga continues ... for now.

JWoww's Hubby Roger Responds to Abuse Claims They're Lies & We're Going to Court

Exclusive Details

JWoww's estranged husband, Roger Mathews, is firing back after his ex made explosive abuse allegations against him and posted some damning video ... and he's generally denying them, and promising to take JWoww to court.

Roger just threw up an Instagram post, which included a video of himself addressing JWoww's claims ... and he kept it pretty brief, denying what she's alleged ... and vowing to solve this in court. He also says he's not going to stop fighting for custody of his kids.

Roger also posted a letter that his legal team fired off to a judge -- which we've confirmed has been filed in court -- which says JWoww's post violated a restraining order that Roger claims he's obtained against her ... namely, by harassing him. His lawyers call it a "campaign of cyber bullying, harassment, intimidation, and embarrassment."

Roger's lawyers are demanding an immediate conference between the parties to stop what they call "economic damages" that Roger is suffering, not to mention potential danger. The lawyers claim Roger believes JWoww is trying to mobilize her millions of social media followers to cause him harm.

Additionally, Roger's legal team is asking for a mental evaluation of JWoww because they feel her behavior resembles that of someone with a "personality disorder with narcissistic tendencies." Roger's lawyers also want to know whether JWoww's own lawyers knew she'd post these allegations, and allude to a potential lawsuit.

Interestingly enough, in additional court docs, Roger's lawyers say JWoww tried getting them kicked off the case with false allegations about how they've been conducting themselves.

Roger's legal team tells TMZ ... the reason JWoww made her post Wednesday is because Roger declined a settlement proposal she recently offered up and responded with one of his own that he deemed fair. Clearly, she wasn't down with his terms.

Roger's lawyers also tell us that Roger is a great father, and that she has acknowledged as much many times before. Regarding JWoww's allegation of domestic abuse ... his lawyers say they want to review the unedited video she posted before commenting.

As we reported ... JWoww made bombshell claims Wednesday in a very lengthy online post, which detailed what she alleges was persistent abuse from Roger over the course of their 3-year marriage. She says he'd spat on her, pushed her and prevented her from closing doors.


JWoww also posted a clip of surveillance footage from inside their home that appears to show Roger pushing her to the ground, with their kids screaming in the background.

JWoww and Roger are in the middle of a messy divorce. Looks like it's about to get even worse.

Originally Published -- 6:24 PM PST

JWoww Posts Video of Roger Throwing Her to The Ground

JWoww is accusing her estranged husband, Roger, of violent outbursts, putting their kids in danger, conspiring with her exes ... and she's sharing a disturbing video, apparently of him throwing her to the ground.


The 'Jersey Shore' star posted a lengthy statement on her website Wednesday, alleging Roger Mathews was abusive to her on multiple occasions over the course of their 3-year marriage. She included several videos ... one of which appears to be surveillance footage of a violent incident.

In the clip, you can see Roger grab her and throw her to the ground. It sounds like he says, "You wanna get violent?" JWoww gets up and throws something at him, saying, "F**k you." You hear kids screaming in the background.

JWoww also claims Roger was partly responsible for her ex-BF, Thomas Lippolis, being arrested last month for allegedly trying to extort her. JWoww says Roger got in touch with Thomas to "team up" against her and ruin her life.

She also says Roger has contacted other exes of hers to "take [her] down."

Jenni goes on to say that Roger's painted a misleading picture of himself as a great dad on social media with their 2 kids, but behind the scenes ... she says he's often neglectful of their needs and medical conditions. She also describes an alleged threat from Roger involving a USB she says he promised to use against her.

JWoww says the USB footage shows her breaking down hysterically as Roger records her and holds their baby boy, Greyson. She says the video is out of context and she's not afraid of it being released. She's posted at least part of that video on her website.


She says that despite all this, she's tried keeping things civil enough for the sake of their kids, but claims he's been a nightmare to deal with on every front.

It's been a bumpy ride since she filed for divorce. JWoww got a temporary restraining order against Roger in December and got him booted from the house.

We've reached out to Roger for comment ... but so far, no word back.