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Kim K and John Mayer

They've Got a Thing Goin' On

10/21/2010 9:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and John Mayer have "gone out" together a few times since they were seen hanging out in NYC recently ... and sources tell TMZ they've totally "hit it off."


We're told the story in Page 6 -- that the two hung out with a bunch of people in NYC to see if there was any chemistry -- is totally true ... and after that John and Kim spent a couple of nights hitting the town by themselves.

One source close to Kim tells us it's "nothing serious" ... yet -- but she thinks John is a "really cool guy."


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John is already one of my heroes , he would you go over the top with this one. John mayer is the snit. And her booty has to smell like roses, at least i like to think so.

1431 days ago

suzie q    

Of course they hit it off.... John has lots of money, and her mom Kris Jenner wants to manage him.

1431 days ago


JM hooking up with Kim Kardashian would be terrible and maybe one of the biggest mistakes of his life and career. JM was on the road of mending his rep and then he's rumored to have hooked up with a girl who's only fame came from doing a porn video with Ray-J? Come on! I hope this is a rumor. Her career was and is based on showing her body, acting lewd on camera, posing nude in magazines. How can JMay even seriously consider messing with a girl who's **** has been seen by millions on the net? Millions of men will know and will be snickering, knowing that they too have seen Kim's batcave. Could he really be with a woman and walk down the street or be seen with her in clubs knowing that nearly every man who's passed them on the streets and anywhere they go, has seen the infamous batcave? How could any self-respecting man do this? Then Kim proceeded to go from athlete to athlete, and even dating her body guard who was separated, but not divorced? What self-respecting woman will ever want to have anything at all to do with John Mayer after he has been with Kim Kardahsian? As for her being or having business intellect? She doesn't think for herself. Someone else is doing it. All she has time to do is slather on make-up with a spatula and get things injected. I don't get why anyone gave her a show, let alone press. There are so many bright and deserving women out there who have not showcased their bodies to millions or been taped doing a sex video. Mayer is not using his noodle, or maybe he's thinking with the wrong noodle. Also, many are saying that Kim is too good for JMay? It's the other way around! Jmay is too good for Kim. JMay is an amazing musician. He just needs to not dummy down. The God's must really be angry. It's really shameful to see what the entire Kardashian family has come too, except Rob K, he's the smart sensible one and if Rob knows what's good, he'll distance himself from this circus. I think their father, Robert Kardashian Senior would re-re-re-roll over in his grave with shame and hurt to see how his daughters came out and what they've done to his family name. It's so embarrassing. That was a well respected man. In the Armenian culture, they are disgrace and other Armenians are probably sh*tting a mound of golden bricks and hummus at the same time. I also feel sorry for Bruce Jenner. What the hell is he thinking? Kris only cares about 10%, even if it means dragging her family through the gutter. Bruce is above them too. For all we know, this is probably a publicity stunt for Kim to get more attention. Oh and Kris Jenner, Kim's mom is probably after JMayer's 10%. JMay, hold onto your wallet. These are cash whoring women. They all want to marry celebs with bank and beauty is only skin deep. Kim is fake as hell, right from her hair, her eye lashes, to her lips, to her cheekbones, to her breast, to her ass, her personality and etc. 100% plastic and so is her family!!!

1431 days ago


First off, Kim was w/ Reggie for 3-3.5 yrs. She was w/ Ray J for 3 yrs as well. If you wanna call someone who dates for that long a "ho", then there are PLENTY of hoes all over the place. If people wanna talk about famous ppl & dating, um, look at Paris. She's w/ a new guy every month! Look at Lindsay who can't seem to get her sh*t together. Kim may be in the media all the time, but who's fault is that?? THE MEDIA! If you think she's trash, why come to a site and trash her? Wtf did she do to you? Not a damn thing.

And who the F cares if she likes Black men! As if there aren't tons of women out there who like to date Black men. Everyone has a preference. If that's her choice, so be it. Doesn't mean a damn thing except that she likes Black men.

John is a cool guy. He's said some trashy stuff in the media, but since then, he's been quiet. He knows what he did was wrong. He made a mistake and he got ripped a new one by the world. Now he's quiet. Give the guy an effin break...people act like he killed someone.

If they wanna date, so be it. Who cares! People act like 'regular' people don't date. People act like Kim K puts out sex tapes on the regular. Stfu!

1431 days ago


Kim may be rich and beautiful (thanks to plastic surgery) but no man will EVER marry her. I wonder if she regrets releasing her sex tape or is the money worth being alone for ever. Poor thing.

1431 days ago


Nah. She is using him for publicity. Her appeal is fading as she ages.
NO WAY she is with this jerk on an intimate level, she is a purple crayon loving cleat chaser.

1431 days ago


The point that many of you are missing is this is sport intercourse. Both these characters can perform sexually with no emotional attachments. The same is true for Aniston and some of the others in Mayer’s past. They get the same satisfaction out of sex that normal people get out of playing a normal game.

1431 days ago


john you are going to get a STD from this happy meal groosss

1431 days ago


He must use a penis pump to satisfy her.

1431 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Oh well he's just one more in a long line I wonder what his number was? any ways this is most probably more nonsense from this skank every week its some BS without crap like this she wouldn't be a blip on any radar

1431 days ago


Ewwwwwwwwwwww. He just wants another notch on his belt of "celebrity" conquest. And she's just a famous whore! Both of them should be together. I'm sure they will give each other many STDs.

1431 days ago


I think she likes her meat a little darker !

1431 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

On the 3rd date he can pee on her.

1430 days ago


I think that is a pre-nose job picture of Kim. That's funny.

1430 days ago


John is good a using them and losing them.....Kim-get ready for another heartbreak.

I think it's funny she thinks she is so effing hot/perfect, but she can't even keep a man! HAHAHAHA!

1430 days ago
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