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Lindsay Lohan Did Not Leave Rehab Last Night

10/22/2010 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Lindsay Lohan did not leave the Betty Ford Center last night ... TMZ has learned.

We've now learned Lindsay left Betty Ford at around 4:00 AM today, accompanied by medical professionals from Betty Ford ... and Dina.  Sources tell us the B.F. reps are prepared to testify that Lindsay is doing well and would be best served going back to the Center ... rather than jail.

We're told Lindsay did not leave yesterday because she wanted to show the judge how serious she is about taking the program. 


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So she's bringing B.F. Reps to court with much extra is she paying for that service? I guess if get $1 million for telling the horrors of a whole week or two in jail with benefits no one else gets..Not hatin' - just think many want her to do some time..Many had faith in hoping she'd get straight, but she proved that to be wrong. Strike FOUR..and you're still not out.."Nobody is Above the Law" I guess is complete garbage because there is no "Justice for All" or that skank would be caged up with the rest.

1470 days ago


Lindsay makes me hard.

1470 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

#13...that's a great idea! Then we would see for sure just how committed she is. I think we all know the answer to that one. The upside of all of this...everything that she has used $$ to get out of....she has spent a TON of $$$ and it's not done yet. Keep writing those checks, every line of coke is costing her like ten grand. Stupid is as stupid does.

1470 days ago


Well I believe she is committed, people just don't want to believe that Lindsay really has changed because they just LOVE making fun of her exploits, I hope Judge Fox does the right thing and sentences her to rehab.

1470 days ago


so BF people are prepared to say stick her back in rehab for a while, with Dina going along with them...didnt they say she needed to cut the chord

i say stick her in rehab and cut the chord to mama lohan or whack her sorry drug riddled ass back in the clinker lol

1470 days ago


I think I might be best served if I never had to hear about her again! Just saying.

1470 days ago


They stopped at Denny's for breakfast. Traded her some drugs for sex!

Posted at 6:41 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by awards


1470 days ago


so it wasn;t her that slashed her fathers throat last night??? that only leaves OJ or Dina.....speaking of horrible trampy, sluty mothers...maybe the judge should keep that kuunnt' away from her daughter.....that would be the first step in recovery..

1470 days ago

george clooney    

I am surprised that the Judge would even allow any of the BF people to speak...this is not a hearing about her competency or medical situation.....its about her violating probation. If they let BF People speak, then why not her father?

1470 days ago


"Well I believe she is committed, people just don't want to believe that Lindsay really has changed because they just LOVE making fun of her exploits, I hope Judge Fox does the right thing and sentences her to rehab."

You have no idea whether she is committed or not or if she has changed. And neither does she. In fact simply saying she has changed this early on in her sobriety is pretty much proof that she hasn't. She is saying the same old things she said last time and the time before that. So it doesn't sound like she's changed at all.

You watch - if she gets jail time and then turns around and has her lawyer appeal it right away (like she did the last time she was willing to 'accept the consequences of her actions') then you'll know that she hasn't changed one little bit!

1470 days ago


jail, jail, jail, jail, jail.....

need I say more?

1470 days ago


All drug addicts would be better served going to rehab rather than jail??? Duh…..
That’s not the way it works though..and the legal system only cares about making money, not getting you better…The jails would be near empty if they did that…

1470 days ago


The judge needs to remember the last reports from UCLA. Anything to do with Lindsay is manipulated

1470 days ago


Lindsay was awake at 4:00 am. *shock* *disbelief* *gasp*

1470 days ago


Black Rapper gets arrested and tested fails drug test goes back to prison even though he as a job has had other problems but no more or less than others.

White girl fails drug test on her umpteenth time in rehab and prison, thumbs her nose at authority while wearing ankle bracelet and when it goes off lies and says someone spilled a drink on it. Hasn't taken any opportunity seriously. White girl gets caught with cocaine in her purse, LIES about it being her purse or coke even though she is known for stasing it in her vajajay when she travels and neither of them do any time, they are sick the black man is a criminal. I guess even when you have money that green isn't enough to cover your black.

1470 days ago
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