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Oksana's Lawyer: Mel Made Money from the Mediation!

10/21/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for an argument ... Mel Gibson was the opposite of an extortion victim during his mediation with Oksana Grigorieva.  Mel actually made money off the mediation ... according to legal docs filed by Oksana's lawyer and obtained by TMZ.


Oksana's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, filed a declaration in the search warrant motion, stating, "Mel Gibson received a substantial financial benefit from the [mediation] agreement."

So how did Horowitz reach his conclusion?  He says the actual value of the mediation deal for Oksana was somewhere between $1.2 and $2 million -- not $15 million.

And, Horowitz says, Mel got a sweet financial deal by only giving Lucia $10 million under the mediation deal.  Horowitz says Lucia was actually entitled to 1/8 of Mel Gibson's trust -- money she would share with Mel's other 7 children.  But under the mediation, Oksana gave up Lucia's rights under the trust, which Horowitz says would have given her way more money than the $10 mil.

So his point -- How can you be an extortion victim when you make money? 



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Poor Lucia, her mother only uses her as a pawn or tool to get MONEY as does her mother's greedy, shady "lowers"! Give Lucia to Mel Gibson where she will be loved and treated as a regular child, sent to public schools and learn the value of a earn money, not to extort money from wealthy, famous rich men by seeking them out and getting knocked up. FREE LUCIA FROM HER MOTHER AND LOWERS!!

1464 days ago


OK let me get this straight. First the story was that she turned down $15 million because it supposedly wasn't about the money. Horowitz is now claiming that she only agreed to $1 million to $2 million and gave up all rights to the childrens' trust but then backed out of the deal. Wouldn't the latter scenario bolster the extortion claim even more?

1464 days ago


He says the actual value of the mediation deal for Oksana was somewhere between $1.2 and $2 million -- not $15 million.

Yeah well nobody ever said it was for her, the 15 million was for the baby. We know there is nothing in it for her thats what she was whining about for months.

Mel did not get a sweet financial deal by only giving Lucia 10 million, Lucia got a sweet deal as the fact of the matter is Mel doesn't have to give any of his kids anything. O the Ho and the her **** ass lawyer don't get it. It is Mel's money and its Mel who is entitled to do what he wants with it. It is his choice and not some stupid whore who brought an innocent human being into this world as nothing more than a meal ticket for mommy.

1464 days ago

just curious    

Mr. Horowitz, Lucia is entitled to only what her father wants to give her. She will have her own trust, not the 1/8 you think she deserves. It's Mel's money, he can do with it as he pleases, and I know he will be generous to Lucia as he has been with all his children.

1464 days ago


at least he has a nose that honks when you squeeze it!

Posted at 11:16 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by wondering


*honk honk*

1464 days ago

just curious    

Look at Horowitz's eyes in the picture. They tell a story, IMO.

1464 days ago


give the kids to thy dads send her back to russia and all live in peace! kids will better off and so will we

1464 days ago


Mel Gibson could NEVER be construed a victim. That's absurd. This growling, spitting, angry pig openly stated on tape his BJ's come first. It seems all of you have completely forgotten what he said on the tapes-because his crisis PR firm has done a wonderful job. Go and Google what he said on the police tape just 5 years ago about Jews. I think you are all driven by hatred for her and aren't being objective about HIM. Neither are great but he's a racist and has HUGE anger probs.

1464 days ago


A parent can give a child something if he/she wishes but not because they are entitled. Where in the hell does this Russian S.O.B with her kid think they have a right to entitlement. That annoys me more than anything. This inflated sense of entitlement. Can you just see the person Lucy will grow up to be with OX as her mother - ego inflated BRAT.

1464 days ago


Um, if she used the tapes to try to extort $15 million from him and when he didn't deliver she released the tapes, as promised, wellllllll. That's sort of the textbook definition of extortion.

1464 days ago


This sounds like the Government " you made more money because we didn't take as much".

1464 days ago


A child is not automatically entitled to a parents estate or portion thereof. I am certain Mel would give his child more money once she was an ADULT.

The point of the mediated agreement was to allow Mel to coparent and prevent parental alienation a la Kim Bassinger. He loves his child and all his children but will not see her used as a pawn in Okskanka's games.

In no way would I award 1/8 of the trust set up for his children to Luciana at this point. Perhaps later in life.

I hope Okskanka does get slammed for extortion.

1464 days ago



Typical shyster trying to get more for his client and make Mel sound like "he made money" by twisting words AND FACTS around. KEY FACT: "Oksana gave up Lucia's rights under the trust...." Those rights would have garnered her a LOT of money for Lucia. SHE GAVE IT UP!!!

How is that making Mel money? Lucia wouldn't get that money until she is at least 21 years old. And thanks to her greedy Mother, she won't get that. Mel could make another billion dollars by then. Lucia would have won, Mel would have won.

1464 days ago


What does she want? Beeoch get a job. And, stop pimping your children. what a waste of a human being.

1464 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

Only in LA a $2 million loss of income can be considered a "financial benefit". Idiots.

1464 days ago
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