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'Cake Boss' -- I Ain't Changing My Name

10/22/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Cake Boss" star Buddy Valastro will get to keep his famous nickname -- after settling a big, fat lawsuit with a software company which claimed Buddy ripped off its copyright.

A rep for TLC tells us the network just reached a "confidential settlement" with Masters Software Inc. -- which claimed it had been selling a cake management computer program for bakers also named "CakeBoss" ... and they started long before Buddy's show came along.

But now that the two sides hammered out a deal -- we're told Masters will continue to use CakeBoss for its computer software and TLC will continue to use the name for the show and for merchandising.


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Not surprised. His cake designs are not original ideas. He totally rips them off the internet and then takes credit for the design on his show.

1428 days ago


who cares ,Hate the show,it is sooo fake

1428 days ago


After your finished with your cake! Train Table

1428 days ago


Buddy makes the BEST cannelloni ever!!!!

1428 days ago

Tim Bracken    

This is a trademark dispute, not copyright. Come on, isn't this site run by a lawyer?

1427 days ago


This guy is a big fat loudmouth, he knows everything, and let's not forget he can do everything better than anyone else. He is load and rude and horrible. Who actually eats these monstrosities. What do they cost, it a cake people.....

1427 days ago

Karlaaa :    

all the people below me are really ingnorant !first off all Cake Boss is a great show,And buddy is funny,hard-working,&the best boss ever !so everybody up in here needs to stop talking their s**t alright ?Get You FActs Straight My ****aa (;

1425 days ago

Karlaaa :    

You Guys All Suckk!Cake Boss,Is a Great ShoW .&Buddy Is Hilarious,Funny,And THe Coolest Boss Ever !(:So Quit Talking Sh*t And gEt Your Facts Straight ,My ****a!

1425 days ago


I love how people try and talk poorly about others without any justification to do so... And when someone can't even spell loud correctly it makes me wonder how they could even find this site to comment. Buddy is a baker and although he (along with his crew) makes some amazing looking cakes it's all about how it taste! So what if he gets an idea from the web or anywhere from that matter he is using his own recipes so what does it matter? For the people who are making rude remarks about Buddys character well take a nice long look at yourself because you are no better than what you have called Buddy! Besides its a show so some if not most of it is scripted and does not mean that is how he is all the time. Some people need to work on bettering themselves and stop tearing down others to make themselves feel better!

1296 days ago


Hey Laura the dispute is not because of the cake designs but the name And the software is dedicated to do something like bookkeeping. no cakes. You should informed yourself better

613 days ago

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