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Lindsay Lohan's Time Warp

10/23/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Watch Lindsay Lohan's magical transformation from the freckle-faced kid we remember to the sexy starlet she is today!



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Look at her eyes, she was a drunk/user even back then.

1441 days ago


There is nothing sexy about looking like a drug addict and dirty.

1441 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

She looks OLDER than her MOTHER.. (even though her mother has been surgically altered, SO has LiLo) But to be soo young, and yet look Soo old already.. HOW very very sad. Tht must hurt to see how she has changed herself so negativley, no going back to the cutie kid of course.. but aging gracefully will NvR happen for this one, she has already gone past the point of NO return.

1441 days ago


Makes me sad to see this cute little girl. She grew up being taught to lie and deny at all cost by Dina. Daddy wasn't allowed into the equation so it must have been Dina's influence that did this. She's still denying she even has a drug habit. There is no hope for this darling little girl. She will come out of a 5th rehab in January and go right back to using and staying out all night. Lindsay Lohan does not value sobriety in the least. She wants to be an addict.

1441 days ago


I'm sorry but Lindsay is no longer a sexy starlet. She looks very, very ill in recent photos. I was aghast at the pictures of her taken on Friday - she looks twice her age and so ill. Honestly, the photos were so shocking that I felt very sorry for her. She HAS to get herself together SOON or she's a goner. I hope she does, and I hope she boots that crazy mother of hers out of her life.

1441 days ago


She needed white strips.

1440 days ago


Form early pics on, you can see coke nostrils. Her mom might have let her have it from an early eage on, in order to perform long hours.

1440 days ago


She needs to quit inflating her lips. Looks ridiculous.

1440 days ago


Sexy starlet? You mean coked up junkie tramp?? Yeah, thought so.

1440 days ago


Sexy Starlet.....That is long shot....She is not the least bit sexy and she can't act....Except in front of the judge! Ha She is a hagged out user!

1440 days ago


When I see her come out of rehab here and there, she looks younger, refreshed. Going into rehab - to me - she looks at least ten years older. I'm surprised her vanity hasn't slowed down her partying, just to preserve her beauty. If she waits until her forties to get hold of her addictions she's going to look forty her whole life. Someone needs to remind her that youth is fleating.

1440 days ago


whoops - I spelled fleeting incorrectly.

1440 days ago

Josh T.    

What? No mug shots in here? Who missed that one?

1440 days ago


Why is it that like 5% of these posts are positive? It really gos to show how much anger,envy,and resentment people carry with them on a daily basis. You people need to start by forgiving yourself, and forgive everybody for everything, or else.

1440 days ago

The Reverend Satan    

Let's see if she finally dies or something. Getting tired of "lilo news".Just tattoo Mohammed on her back and drop her in Teheran by night. Stupid bitch!

1440 days ago
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