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Charlie Sheen's 'Date' Mugs with Denise Richards

10/28/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Under the category ... be careful who you pose for pictures with ... TMZ has obtained a now-awkward photo of Denise Richards mugging with Capri Anderson just hours before The Plaza Hotel incident.

Charlie Sheen Denise Richards

The photo was taken at Daniel restaurant in NYC Monday night.  Capri, aka Christina Walsh, was there with 4 other women, Charlie Sheen and 3 other men.  We're told when Denise walked in, Capri made a beeline for her, saying she was a big fan and wanted a pic with her.  If only Denise knew what would happen ...

We're told Denise was shocked when she saw who was at the table and felt so uncomfortable she left before finishing her appetizer.  Denise went back to the Plaza and stayed with her kids for the rest of the evening, only to be awakened by loud noise in Charlie's separate suite on the same floor at around 2 AM. 

Sources close to Anderson tell us the 22-year-old was "extremely afraid" of Sheen during the hotel incident. Anderson is telling friends she decided to call hotel security because she felt "threatened" by the sitcom star.

And there's more... We've also learned Capri has lawyered up and plans to ask the D.A. in Aspen to violate Charlie's probation in his domestic violence case, on grounds he allegedly threatened her in the hotel room.  BTW, we're told Capri never told NYC cops she was threatened.

As for what set Charlie off in the hotel room, sources tell us the actor noticed that a $100,000 watch had gone missing and he believed Capri took it.  We're told the watch has not been found.


Klum's New Halloween Costume!

Heidi Klum always goes all out for her Halloween costume -- and based on the sneak peek we got of her new one today, she won't disappoint this year either!

The "Project Runway" host was photographed trying on a red and purple robot outfit this week in NYC -- which she'll wear this weekend at the bash she's hosting at LAVO. And yes, that's former contestant Nicolas Putvinski working on her ensemble!

We'll be sure to have photos of Klum full costume after the event -- but check out our gallery of her killer costumes from previous Halloweens above!

Penelope Cruz Goes Bump in the Night

Looking chic in all black, Penelope Cruz tried to hide her growing Bardem baby bump while leaving a London restaurant last night.


The 36-year-old Oscar winner's first baby with husband Javier Bardem is due in the Spring.


The Guy in 'Scarecrow & Mrs. King': 'Memba Him?

In the '80s, Bruce Boxleitner starred opposite Kate Jackson on the TV series "Scarecrow and Mrs. King." Guess what he looks like now!


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Can you spot the subtle differences in the following photos? If you can ... than you are a winner!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above pictures**

The Goonies -- 25 Years Later!

"The Goonies" celebrated its 25th anniversary last night in Burbank -- where the cast of the beloved kid's flick gathered for a mini-reunion!

Chunk, Mouth, Data, Rosalita and the Fratelli Brothers were all on hand for the event ... and, wow, have they changed over the years!

Check out how they've grown, plus shots of the rest of the cast as they've been seen out in public in the last few months.

The 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Goonies" comes out on Blu-ray next week.

If They Were Pregnant...

(Which they AREN'T) they might look a little something like this!



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harry yucca     

charlie your my hero let a call girl eat dinner with x wife dam your good

1369 days ago


You all need to shut the hell up.. Charlie is a stud and a real man who loves a good time.. He is my hero.. You wish you were half as cool as he is, and get paid for it...

1369 days ago


lets see, she was mugging with denise right before this incident. Hmmmm, wonder who else this might benefit. Just a thought......

1369 days ago


Sounds like this Capri Anderson had an Agenda and Sheen was the EZ gullible mark. She's a person of little credibility. A call girl trying to make it as a Porn actress a la Jenna Jameson and just not getting the recognition or money she wants. Now she lawyers up real quick, hangs a violation over Sheen's head from the incident in Colorado and Sheen will pay through the nose to make it go away. Sheen's a dope and seems to have issues and demons inside him that he just can't control. Sooner or later he will self destruct if he doesn't finally wise up. Well at least TMZ will have something to headline for the next week.

1369 days ago


I am SOOOO Tired of irresponsible actors, singer and ect... getting in to trouble and having to hear about it over more pressing news.... it's
BS...furthermore,, if I were to get in some trouble such as they.. I would be in jail for goodness sake however... enough is enough... send them all to rehab.. and let them sit there for a year to sober up.... and pay some substantial fines...

1369 days ago


Cracks me up when freak out about them using hookers. It is a lot cheaper than any woman in a relationship, and you do not have to listen to all the winning etc...

1369 days ago


What is up with Charlie? He cannot and never will be able to compete with his father, Martin.

1369 days ago


that herion hot a hold of his assss he is near death

1369 days ago


Sheen is getting free publicity.Most women love a bad boy to play mommy to. If your not a celeb then serial killers have more popularity than most people now about women propose marrage to them all the time they love the intrigue of the bad men for some reason it turns them on. Krazy Huh??

1369 days ago


Comment 15 is right. We have bigger problems then who is Charlie sleeping with. I really donot care. I think 2 1/2 men comdey and my husband likes it. Got to have some enjoyment in our life then worrying all the time. Allen the one that bugs me. Cheap and cheap. I do agress with Mike. I like Two and half men. We have bigger problems who sleeping with who.

1369 days ago


oh charlie is so worried about a $100,000.00 watch when he should be worried about the $1,000,000.00 picture that the media is going to be making from his nuisance. I feel sorry for denise and her children, and she still supports him no matter what and i think that says alot about her, people are ready to knock so many stars down, how can they knock them down , when they are still on the floor.I'm sure the woman in charlie's room is embaressed and the next time hopefully she will becareful who she addresses as a nightclub..never know what's at the center of a tootsie pop..lindsay is tucked away and now the full moons out..go charlie go..

1369 days ago


lol oh oh let me guess could it be a SKANK

1369 days ago


All this "gassing and crabbing" about Charlie Sheen and $4 will get you an over-priced drink concoction at Starbucks. If you really are serious about your disapproval of Charlie's antics, the only way to get results is to write to CBS and the sponsors of "Two and One-Half Men" and voice your grievances. Tell them you will never purchase their products, and that you will view anything else airing opposite the show in the future.

1369 days ago


Does anyone else want to slap the snot out of Sheen??????????

1369 days ago


We have 13 trillion debt that will drag down our kids and grandkids, Prez that will not show his grades from Harvard and Columbia, will not show birth certificate with hospital and doctor on it, associates with radicals and terrorists (Ayers for one), bows to foreign rulers, apologizes for USA, and piles expensive health care on us...

1369 days ago
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