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Charlie Sheen's Boozy Dinner -- The Photos

10/29/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You are looking at the martini and wine fueled prelude to the crazy Charlie Sheen incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC Tuesday morning.

Charlie Sheen Capri Anderson
TMZ has obtained pics of Sheen and Capri Anderson at Daniel restaurant in NYC on Monday night ... when Charlie pulled out all the stops and bought/drank some ridiculously expensive wine.

The pictures clearly show Charlie and Capri connecting -- with the help of some good ol' fashioned alcohol.

And the booze didn't come cheap -- Charlie sprung for two bottles of Grand Vin de Château Latour 1959 ... which go for $5,900 a pop.

Then again, when you're in the middle of a $98 million TV deal ... Grand Vin only hurts your pocket like a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck.


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two cents    

The tramp was only in his room to use the crapper and snatched his watch. Charlie wasn't as drunk as she thought he was and he noticed, so the new plan was the call the cops saying she felt threatened. The hooker will be blacklisted and her 15 minutes are almost over, if it weren't for the rags giving her all this attention. lol

1424 days ago


Now picture Denise sitting at the same table taking all of this in! Ha!! I'd have left too. It looks like you could feel it in the air to me. Charlie is so disconnected but most def buzzed up on "the wine"...Capri has that I wanna be a rock star...look at me I'm with Charlie Sheen look abt her...all the while making sure she do***ents it in pics. Ha!

Denise must be sitting there with a WTF look on her face!!
Then she bolted.

Expensive wine? Check!
Ex Wife?? Check!
Hooker?? Check!!

This is too freakin' funny!!

1424 days ago

two cents    

Gee whamo, you sound a little bitter. He's a rich, successful actor and he can do whatever the hell he wants. It's his money, he earned it!! Don't be jealous. When you finally move out of you momma's basement, you, too, can grow up to be a huge star! lol

As for his ex-wives, funny thing about that. They don't have anything bad to say about the guy. I saw an interview with his current wife, and she didn't trash him. Denise WAS there, so she also is not afraid of him, and they remain on good terms. If they don't have a problem with him, why should you?

1424 days ago


Gloria(the million dollar shrill)Allard is probably already on the ****ing plane headed for New York for the news conference about representing the poor, innocent soul who was so traumatised by the whole incident, and the ensuing multimillion dollar lawsuit. Because nothing can help you get over this kind of trauma but millions of dollars. She will of course be doing this out of the kindness of her heart ( and her usual 40-50%)

1424 days ago



1424 days ago


Whamo - nobody is making excuses for him but even a drunk doesn't deserve to be taken advantage of. Charlie needs help but rehab isn't his answer - it's not working for him. Something or someone has to force him to hit bottom. My theory - this has got to be killing his parents and someday it just might. Maybe seeing one or both of them in a casket, he will ask himself "what role did my behavior cause this" Maybe that will be his rock bottom. I hope he really turns his life around before it gets to that point. I don't see it happening though. No excuses are being made for him but even he doesn't deserve to be swindled.

1424 days ago


Two Cents, that's exactly what you're worth--and no more. You're laughable, saying that others are "jealous" of this s***bag. What does anyone have to be jealous of? If it's money, there are more admirable rich people to be "jealous" of. No one should be making excuses for this idiot.

As for Charlie, he, Mel Gibson, and David Arquette should all become drinking buddies. They all seem to have a lot in common.

1424 days ago


Whamo...if he has the reputation as all of those things and she KNOWS that but still willingly goes to his room with him knowing he is drunk, she is just as bad as him. what a dumba**. Thats like going into a serial killers house to hang out and being suprised when he tries to kill you. She is clearly looking for fame. Regardless of if he really hurt her or not. The only reason someone would sleep with him is money/fame, lets be honest.

1424 days ago

Oval Beach    

Oh...that bitch knew what she was doubt about that. In regards to Charlie(I'm a man slut and I know it) Sheen...a fool and his money are soon parted.

1424 days ago


He only has (had) a career because of who his father is. What a disgrace.

Posted at 5:14 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by me

Charlie is extremely talented. You're a moron.

1424 days ago


Anderson looked like she was too busy running around the table trying to get pictures with everyone, are we sure she didn't interject herself in the situation? First we seen her taking cell phone pics with Denise, now Charlie, who seems to be ignoring her AND wearing his watch. Liar and thief Anderson.

The kicker is from ROL, that this ho says Charlie owes 12K, thought she said she wasn't a hooker and what kind of slut is she? Certainly no call girl worth 12K would act like that.

1424 days ago


Sorry hon but he's clearly not into you.
But he Is all over that bottle.
Get a clue.

1424 days ago


Clearly show them connecting???? WTH TMZ???? better better up your texting not to lose all the restuv your writters credibility or you´ll have to change them all...

1424 days ago


Why does Charlie keep paying for prostitutes? He's effin crazy.
He can get it for free if he just applies himself.
He should also stop getting high because it's gonna ruin his sex life. Rich people have it so easy sometimes but yet he's mess'in himself up. I guess we just have to say, F@$* him.
It's his life, he knows what he doing.

1424 days ago


Hey TMZ, the only "ones connecting" here are Charlie and alcohol, Anderson and that camera that she has anyone and everyone to "get a picture"....she did the same to Denise. This is the high class girl that she told radaronline Charlie stiffed for 12K? Bwwhahaha! she rolls drunks.

1424 days ago
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