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Another Oksana Lawyer

Bites the Dust

10/28/2010 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has lost another lawyer in the family law case -- Lisa Bloom is substituting out, TMZ has learned.


We don't know exactly why Bloom left the case -- but we're told there were some conflicts between Bloom and Oksana's remaining legal team.  Specifically, we're told over the weekend, Daniel Horowitz was working with Oksana at her home.  Bloom came by and left looking pretty mad.

Bloom tells TMZ, "I still represent her and I have not quit," adding she is just temporarily out of the family law case while she is in Europe speaking at the Climate Change Convention at the House of Commons in London.

Other sources say Bloom is out of the family law case ... period.


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Jus Another Viewer    

Can any of us regulars readers here say "No Way I'm Shocked?" when at least 10 of us called it. "She won't last a Month!

And Oksana scr*wed herself again.. Whatever evidence she had of Allred is Gone, gone, gone.. Bloom has already seen to that..
This goofy girl laid ALL her cards on the table before even knowing what game she was playing.
*high-fives for stupidity OctoSana!*

1459 days ago



Off topic - loved that movie!
"When are we going?"
"Real soon!"

1459 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

They join her to get in the news then bail on her knowing this will only tarnish their record because she can't win.

1459 days ago


“Creating self-doubt in her victims’ minds is an integral part of her approach. She plays on their reasonableness to give her the benefit of any doubts they may have. She knows that reasonable people don’t like to think badly of others and will often beat themselves up for thinking uncharitable thoughts. She always sounds so convincing. Her approach is intended to make you question whether you were correct in your thoughts about her. It slows you down. It’s meant to. “Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door says, ‘The most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.’ “This is a key point. If you take only one message from this book, make it this one. She is probably brilliant at eliciting pity and knows precisely how to do it.

Oksana is counting on DV victims to fall for her games, trouble is her stories don't add up. Her story (ever-changing stories) has/have stunk from the beginning. Don't let a sociopath prey on your empathy and intelligence. Btw, her so called Russian therapist, Svetlana Belyaeva, is really a PR specialist.

Perhaps there are too many PUBLIC RELATIONS "experts" spinning while the sociopath Oksana thinks she is smarter then all. Lisa Bloom get what she needed to cover Mommy Gloria's ass?

1459 days ago


I think Oksana should be very very careful who she picks to represent her from now on, because now the lawyers are doing a pretty good job of making her and her case look worse!
How long can she drag this out with the changing lawyers? This is getting ridiculous. There's no way Mel will have to pay them all (I realize Lisa Bloom was pro bono). Still, whoever is causing all the rifts (I suspect Horrorwitz) should be fired!! This will be the case that never ends otherwise!

Posted at 12:23 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by Muppet


So you are blaming all this on Horrowitz?! Let's say you are right. The problem is that
was lawyer number 36? So what are the other 36 reasons for the lawyers quitting before
he came along?

1459 days ago



Everyone can see through her fake ass self!

1459 days ago


It took me a few minutes to stop laughing to even post.

So many of the posters said she would be gone in no time......

I love it.....just keep doing what you're doing Oxy.....if you were so believable in all your accusations there wouldn't be a need for that revolving lawyer door....

1459 days ago


I so wish someone could get something to stick against Gloryhole and her equally disturbed offspring. These 2 are lower than the lowest form of whale waste found in the Mariana Trench.

It's time for the DA in this case to press charges against oksiwitch (replace "w" with "b"). The judge should also put a stop to this crap. I believe everyone should have representation but after 5 or so lawyers it becomes apparent that all is not right.

It's kinda like those people who divorce and marry 7 or 8 times. Instead of remarrying, look in the mirror, apparently the problem is not with the other person.

1459 days ago


How long does any female (can we call LB a female?) stay around the piano player? I mean, really, any other woman who is provably smarter (a law degree is some kind of proof) is GONE! LB did her job and cleaned up communications for her mother. Too bad she is so much more telegenic than the piano player. So were any other female high-profile lawyers. Gone, gone, gone.

* + * + * + * + * + * + * + *

Tee hee

1459 days ago


So what are the other 36 reasons for the lawyers quitting before
he came along?

Posted at 12:30 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by LISA
She fired them.

1459 days ago


Does the court think this is normal?

This woman has had over 40 lawyers and they keep on getting more and more, seriously??? Soon Mel Gibson has paid salary to all the lawyers in California?

1459 days ago


So you are blaming all this on Horrowitz?! Let's say you are right. The problem is that
was lawyer number 36? So what are the other 36 reasons for the lawyers quitting before
he came along?

Posted at 12:30 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by LISA

Good point lol. Okay okay it's Oksana, but they keep saying it's the lawyers?

Nice post earlier, is that a joke? Conartist Productions? LOL

1459 days ago


Do we see EXTORTION CHARGES on the way?

1459 days ago


Ox wanted evidence of Allred gone if evidence of extortion existed so it doesn't make sense that Bloom swooped in and "stole" it from Ox? Does it?

1459 days ago


Told you guys so....

1459 days ago
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