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Another Oksana Lawyer

Bites the Dust

10/28/2010 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has lost another lawyer in the family law case -- Lisa Bloom is substituting out, TMZ has learned.


We don't know exactly why Bloom left the case -- but we're told there were some conflicts between Bloom and Oksana's remaining legal team.  Specifically, we're told over the weekend, Daniel Horowitz was working with Oksana at her home.  Bloom came by and left looking pretty mad.

Bloom tells TMZ, "I still represent her and I have not quit," adding she is just temporarily out of the family law case while she is in Europe speaking at the Climate Change Convention at the House of Commons in London.

Other sources say Bloom is out of the family law case ... period.


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Hello my Celebitchy friend! Isn't it great to be here at TMZ, far from the Team Oksaloonies! I'm still loving your comments...Uzi

1456 days ago


Oksana Grigorieva's high-profile lawyer Lisa Bloom insists to that she has not quit the case.

Despite one report declaring she was off the Russian musician's legal team, citing supposed conflict between Bloom and Oksana's remaining attorneys, Bloom released the following statement to

1456 days ago


Nobody wants to the last one holding the ball!

1456 days ago


surprise! surprise!


1456 days ago


Fuddy -

You know I've always entertained the possibility of DNA and paternity not being wholly on the up and up. It can certainly explain why the family attornies have fled lately.

But what about Freid and Levine? They had plugged away for Miss Oksana all summer. Now I'm trying to remember back when there was that agenda posted outside the courthouse - didn't she allegedly fire them around that time? Do you remember what was on that agenda?

Posted at 12:49 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by Curious

Something to do with paternity.....

1456 days ago


"I have not quit. I am letting the family lawyers take the lead in the family law case as I have a trip to Europe tomorrow scheduled many weeks ago. I am speaking at a climate change convention at the House of Commons next week. I will continue to represent Oksana as her media spokesperson and attorney." Bloom added: "I continue to believe strongly in Oksana's case and I am proud to be part of her legal team." EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: See The First Photos of Mel and Oksana In a Passionate Embrace On The Beach Oksana has claimed her former lover, Oscar winning actor Mel Gibson, punched her in the face, while she held their infant daughter Lucia. As first revealed, another lawyer, family law attorney Mitchell Jacobs, handed in his resignation last Sunday, citing frustration with some of the Russian musician's other legal advisors.

1456 days ago



I thought with the depo coming up, Bloom would have been creamin herself to get at Mel.

1456 days ago


Correction: I wonder if they debugged the house or there are some videos/recordings we might all get to view/hear some day! lol

Posted at 12:56 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by mimik

1456 days ago


That was dated today. I thought she already went to London. Did she hear some pesky rumors about Oksana's past while in London, maybe from a husband or two?

1456 days ago


Bloom is not quitting, just going to another Country to get away from Oksana...LMAO!! TMZ/Harvey Rocks!!!

1456 days ago


mimik, she hired an expert legal person to have it checked for bugs a few months ago.

1456 days ago


damn, i am out of questions to ask!!!!

1456 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

You couldn't write stuff this good -- it's just too outrageous.

Lisa Allred Bloom, JD is not a Climate Change person -- just a TV personality/lawyer. See her website:
There is no reason for Lisa Allred Bloom to go to London about climate change unless it is for a change of her local climate -- i.e. away from Southern Cal to escape the OG smog.

The Lisa Bloom who might have reason to attend the climate change conference and who might have reason to address the House of Commons as earlier suggested is on Lisa E. Bloom, Ph.D., author and visiting professor in communications at UC San Diego. See her UCSD page: & her own website:

Lisa A. Bloom is not the same person as Lisa E. Bloom. They have different birthdates, degrees, job histories.

Just how gullible do these folks think we are?

I can't believe either LB or OG expect us to believe the LB has to go to a London/climate change meeting story.

Posted at 12:56 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by shyone


I am not sure if you had seen the TMZ story where Lisa said she will represent Oksana for free and as long as the case takes.

Well in that story, Lisa had stated to TMZ that: She and the Lawyers from her firm will represnt Oksan for as long as it takes and bla bla bla.

Well when you go to her website, it's only her, it list's no other lawyers. If you go to the bar assoc. it also list no lawyers associated with her firm.

I guess she has some imaginary lawyers working for

1456 days ago


Hi Fuddy....part of what you said here, I'd like to respond to:

"The problem is with family lawyers quitting OG. Horowitz hasn't quit OG, and why is that? Horowitz is not a family law attorney. Horowitz is focused on the criminal matters (DV and extortion) and what does not affect those investigations? DNA! He doesn't give a flying flip if DNA proves paternity one way or the other; all he cares about is OG not getting charged with extortion so that he can file a civil suit for damages and collect some big bucks. DNA on the other hand very much affects the family law case and that's where ALL of her attorneys are quitting."


I would think the DNA issue is huge regarding the criminal extortion case and if the theories that Lucia is not Mel's child will completely blow Horowitz's case apart. I would think Horowitz would be very worried about it, if that were the case.

It would be even harder to win a civil suit if that was in fact true.

I am not bashing you either! I disagree with you that the people who support that theory were bashed anymore than those who don't. In fact those who don't have been the main victims of the tirades.

Nevertheless, intelligent discussion is interesting and appreciate your comments.

1456 days ago



1456 days ago
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