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Jimmy McMillan: This Commercial Is Too Damn Funny

10/30/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Political candidates don't normally become Internet spokespeople in the middle of a campaign, but nothing about Jimmy McMillan is normal.


-- an actual candidate for governor in the state of New York as a member of the Rent Is Too Damn High party -- is now a spokesman for an online auction website called

McMillan taped his part on Friday, as part of an ad campaign where users could win rent for a month. In return for a few seconds of his time, McMillan got paid $10,000. The ad goes live Monday.

The only way this could be more awesome is if Christine O'Donnell started doing commercials for broomsticks. 


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Please remove this guy and never post anything w/ him again. This rip off kernal sanders is yet another embarrassment to the black race.

1404 days ago


"The only way this could be more awesome is if Christine O'Donnell started doing commercials for broomsticks."

F**k TMZ and their liberal agenda! Go kiss Obama's as* some more--it's been at least 24 hours since the last time. This country is going to hell thanks to the DAMocrats!

1404 days ago


dont talk about your dad that way tia

1404 days ago


Samuel L. Jackson's daddy is Too Damn Funny.

1404 days ago


I don't like this guy. He is a racist anti-semite lying phony--and to top it all off, his rent isn't even high! He should not be encouraged and he is not funny. Sickening that he is getting money--this society is really warped if we make celebrities out of garbage like this.

1404 days ago


This guy needs subtitles.

1404 days ago


"The only way this could be more awesome is if Christine O'Donnell started doing commercials for broomsticks."

well, i'm certainly no liberal (or a conservative), but that was one of the funniest damn lines i've read all week! whoever wrote it, thank you!!!! keep 'em coming! :)

1404 days ago


The smamming on this site is ruining it. Someone needs to monitor and remove these posts.

1404 days ago


1) What is up with all the friggen ads?
2) Broomsticks? Gee, liberals? Bis shock. How about dissing Hillary? Lesbian joke anyone? Can we cut down any other woman politician or is it only Conservatives who apparently pose a threat to Dems?
3) At least this guy is right, the rent is tooo damn high, especially in NY

1404 days ago


Notice how it's "the rent is too damn high" and not "the mortage is too damn high". Says a lot in my opinion! However contrary to what aaron says the rethuglicans will be putting the final nail in the coffin of this once great country. Didnt odonnell pay her "rent" with campaign funds? hmmmmm Now run along aaron and defy your poster girl odonnell and jack off.

1404 days ago


dude, in NY we have McMillan (a man who claims the "rent is too damn high" but only pays $800 a month because he lives in a rent controlled apartment....Kristin Davis (former madam and prostitute) Charles Barron ( former black panther & racist.) Andrew Cuomo ( bribe taker) Carl Paladino (angry nutziod with a small bladder)& warren redlich (communist. "no one should make over 100,000$ and if they do take it & give it to those who make less money) ... I'm writing in Harvey Levin on the Ballot. there is not person one I want to vote for in this gubernatorial election. it's a joke.

1404 days ago


there is an old adage in family court : there are three sides to every story....His, Hers and the truth.

1404 days ago


gawddangit. wrong story......sheeesh

1404 days ago


It's a pretty sad statement about our society when a clown like this gets attention in an important election. He shouldn't have been allowed to share the stage with serious candidates. We're in hard times right now and don't need to turn this into a joke.

1404 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

More brainfood for the gullible William Hung worshippers. You know, the type of adults who were wearing batman t-shirts years ago.

1403 days ago
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