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Lindsay Lohan --

Making Amends

11/1/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cut several friends out of her life during her darkest days -- but sources close to LiLo tell us she's using her time in rehab to try and bring those friends back in her life.

Lindsay gets two hours of Internet privileges on the weekends -- and we're told she has used some of that time to reach out and email a few friends to whom she had previously stopped talking.

Sources tell us ... there is a common theme among the friends she is trying to reconnect with -- people who tried telling Lindsay she had a problem, but she wouldn't listen.

Good to see Lindsay saying yes to people who don't have a problem telling her no.


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waiting for my call too linds!!

1452 days ago


Now if she'd consider getting rid of Dina as her mgr....And not involving her in any decision making or future plans....She'd really be on her way to a better life. With Dina so pivotal in her life, she will never be sober. Dina fuels her drug habit by denying it and lying about it. And she encourages LL to do the same.

1452 days ago

Production Assistant    

If she goes anywhere near Patrick Aufdenkamp, rehab will have been a waste of time. When other gay men refer to Patrick as a lecherous queen, you know he's bad news. It's her life, hopefully she'll straighten herself out.

1452 days ago


No, Patrick is not on the list of friends she wants to see again. He tried to weedle himself in a few months ago, Lindsay acknowledged him but he is no longer her BFF and won't be again. People should also stop believing stories about Dina planted by Michael Lohan. He said he wouldn't talk again but is now the 'source' on other less reputable websites, he is an awful man hellbent in getting his own way at the expense of his daughters health. He doesn't care.

Lindsay is taking the right steps, I wish her all the luck in the world.

1452 days ago

Peter Sc    

It sounds very good, but the real question would be whether she will be able to act once she is out.

1452 days ago


she is just making sure it will be party time when she gets out...

1452 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

All her friends come in a bottle, vial or syringe.

1452 days ago


This sounds like a solid step! We will see. The tough part will be not having the behavior recur. Lindsay is like a broken record in that department.

1452 days ago


Althogh this is a valid step in her progress. Isn't it a little too soon for this step? Think BF is rushing this a little too quickly. She needs to be making amends with herself and mean it truely before she can reach out to others.

1452 days ago


she is just making sure it will be party time when she gets out...
Posted at 4:24 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by MIDNIGHT TOKER!

You're name says it all. doesn't mean she will follow suit.

1452 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Hope Lindsay really stick to this time and really get off drugs and get out of hollywood for a while before any of Lindsay fans
respond to my post what I mean is I really think Lindsay need to leave for while get her head clear and her health back on track and stay away from both parentS
@T Susan you do know Dina isn't saint and just maybe if Dina was a real mother and help Lindsay in 2007 Lindsay wouldn't be rehab five time it take two to tango so don't just blame Michael how Lindsay turn got blame Dina who deny and lie about Lindsay have drug problems also Lindsay is adult is repsonble for how she turn out now.

1452 days ago


she can follow suit the time she getsa out pot will be legal in california,even now its just a citation...if smoke pot is all she did she would be fine anyways
legalize reefer in America people and tax the hell out of it

1452 days ago

Dr. M    

I've been telling Lindsay what to do for 7 years. Where's my email Lindsay !
Nosce Te Ipsum
Shalom Aleichem
Dr. M

1452 days ago


Because it is advantageous to her in what regards?

I DO wish her the best; it's just getting old and she's really not missed on the big screen.

1452 days ago


@Jade evergreen

you do realize just because someone doesn't acknowledge something publicly doesn't mean they don't acknowledge it privately, where it should be handled. The public doesn't have a right to know about someone's personal issues.

1452 days ago
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