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Michael Jackson's Kids: It's Not Daddy's Voice!

11/1/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson album Sony is about to release is a fraud, according to members of Michael Jackson's family.

Michael Jackson new album:
We've learned Sony is determined to release the album for Christmas, and believes the songs are all authentic.  We're told MJ and his kids were in New Jersey when he recorded the tracks with producers in 2007.

Sources tell us Paris and Prince now believe some of the songs on the album are fakes -- not Michael's voice.  Sony, we're told, is convinced all of the songs are the real deal.  Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ he had experts listen to the tracks and all of the experts concluded it's Michael's voice on all the tracks.

Other Jackson family members also believe some of the tracks are phony.  There is a stalemate, although at this point no one is talking lawsuit.


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Michael X    

Michael's children have to go this ****ing country.

1414 days ago


When will this freak show end. Wouldn't P.T.Barnam of loved to had this family tour with him.

1414 days ago


And I'm so sure TMZ spoke to the kids to get this information. Didn't Joe Jackson say that it wasn't Michael Jackson in "This Is It"? Didn't the Jacksons say the administrators forged his Will and that it was a fraud? Seems like The Jacksons have the same M.O. when things don't go their way...No wonder MJ stayed far away from them over the years...I feel bad for those children...

1414 days ago


I honestly don't understand the problem......lets say for arguements sake these are not Michaels biological children that does not make him any less of a father does it? I don't understand why people would be ignorant enough in this day and age to judge by colour? Did you ever think that maybe he had a sperm donor because he did not want to pass vitigo to his children?

I love how people love to trash MJ even though the truth is he has no criminal record and nothing on file with the FBI. I could go on and on but it's like talking to wall, the sad part is some people get kicks out of hurting other people.

It's a sad day when people feel the need to post negitively on these forums and go so low as to call out his kids.

In any event I hope you folks find a local anger management program.......

I can't wait for the songs to be released I will be first in line to buy it.


1414 days ago


Elena, where did your hear these tracks of this music?? I would like to hear it. I think MJ's fan's would be able to tell the difference. And I don't think Sony would want to commit fraud with MJ's fans. If they proved it was fraud they could sue Sony.

1414 days ago


Didn't Joe Jackson say that it wasn't Michael Jackson in "This Is It"?
Posted at 12:06 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by Thianna

Joe Jackson said that the guy dancing and singing in the movie 'This is it' was not his son Michael Jackson but a body double.The fans realized after seeing the movie that it was indeed MJ singing and dancing.Now why would we believe Joe if he says it is not his son singing on the new cd?

1414 days ago

Mista Celebrity    

Don't worry kids, he's not REALLY your daddy either!

1414 days ago


You know what I think is sad? Unwell you are 55 years old and try to pick up woman here and on facebook. Your fat, balding and an absolute disgrace to anyone who has children. You actually go out of your way to post comments on every MJ topic just to get a rise out of people. Funny thing is your the only joke here buddy. Do us all a favor and take a look in the mirror some time......preferably on the ledge of a high building. :)

1414 days ago


Trust me...I have heard ALL of the new tracks for the new album which is coming out very soon! It's him. It's undeniable. NOBODY can duplicate the beautiful nuances of his voice. The family will be laughed at and shown to be fools when this album comes out if they keep on this crazy train of thought. Wait until you all hear it. It's FANTASTIC! Classic Michael and it's AWESOME!

Posted at 11:07 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by Elena
Elena, where have you heard the new tracks?
I do agree with you that Michael's voice cannot be duplicated. It's very distinctive and recognisable.

1414 days ago


IF this is true,then his OWN children would know if that is indeed their dads voice or not!

1414 days ago


I'd believe the kids over Sony

1414 days ago


Posted at 11:44 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by moni
Hi Moni, did you see this post about the kids that they may have been told by family members to say that its not Michael's voice!

I do wish that they don't involve the kids in this kind of feuds.

1414 days ago


moni, I believe the difference was so great between Michael's "official" voice and his natural one, the children would react if he used both with them. But maybe he did, we don't know.

Joe was obviously not right about Michael being replaced by body doubles in the film - it was definitely Michael, but the film was edited and, I think, his appearance also altered digitally (that would, I suppose, pertain to close-ups). Now, I have a very hard time understanding how there could be a debate about his voice in those late recordings. Either it's him, or it's not. Have every family member heard them and are they of the same opinion?

If the children have changed their opinion, someone must have talked to them. And the very concept of them being asked to listen and testify makes me ill at ease - just like I couldn't stand seeing them at Jermaine's "tribute".

I'm sorry, but the elder persons in this family ARE strange. After Michael's death, it has become clear he was one of the sanest and most composed members of his family. I was happy when I read Prince and Paris has entered school at Prince's initiative, that gives hope for the future.

I agree fans will probably hear if the voice is authentic or not, but if he's using his natural voice it would be a first, and if some of the Jacksons rarely heard that voice, it must sound unfamiliar to them.

1414 days ago


As a follow up to your link phantom as usual tyvm for your link :)

1414 days ago
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