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Tom Cruise -- Look Suri, No Hands!!!

11/1/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise is one crazy S.O.B. -- hanging 124 stories above the ground to pull off a ridiculously badass stunt for the fourth "Mission Impossible" movie. What would Suri think? Glad you asked ...

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ughhh... that voice is super annoying

1450 days ago


Kevin, let me guess, you are unemployeed, overweight, alchoholic living in your parents house?

No, with a comment like that you are probably even more pathetic. Get a life.

1450 days ago


I'm sure Katie and Tommy think they are raising a little genius. In my book, a small child who eats what and when they want, sleeps when they want, wears what they want and has millions of dollars worth of clothes - is spoiled. The rest of the world won't treat her this way. They are setting this child up for a very rough ride when she gets older. And I still don't think she's Katie or Tom's biological child. Sorry, just my opinion.

1449 days ago


His thetans are off the chart Ron! If I join that Scientologist cult will they brain wash me to be as crazy as Tom Cruise?

1449 days ago


Ok this is my favourite song you have written ever! Please make it a regular feature!

Tom Cruise One Crazy S.O.B!

Tom Cruise Better Than You And Me!

Funny Funny!

1449 days ago

David Miscavige    

Don't worry Tom. XENU will save you.

1449 days ago

David Miscavige    

Tom Cruise.... one washed up F A G
Tom Cruise.... his cult is crazy
Tom Cruise.... Scientology wants his money
Tom Cruise.... I can't wait to see him go S P L A T

1449 days ago

Throwback kid    

It won't help, Tom Cruise is done as a top box office draw! His last film with Cameron Diaz was just awful! He looked old and she can't act. After one bomb after another Cruise is trying to go back to something that worked for him but The Mission Impossible films are pretty muched played out. Cruise was good in the 80's but his time has passed, he is no longer box office gold.

1449 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

I feel like I lose brain cells listening to this TMZ anouncer or whatever he is, but Tom is a bad ass.

1449 days ago

Pretty LL    

Nothing against Tom cruise personally but he sure seems to try to overcompensate for...something. Suri is gorgeous

1449 days ago


whoa. whoa. whoa. What other actor does this? F#$@ing AWESOME!

1449 days ago


Cruise is the real deal.

1449 days ago


Death-defying it's not. He's got safety cables. Now if he was scaling the building free-hand like that spiderman dude, then that would be considered death-defying. Not impressed.

1449 days ago


Hey, his crazy stunts and dramatics don't change my opinion of him. This is all he has left to fall back on.I'm not buying it!!!

1449 days ago


Tom must have some even more serious 'issues' than we thought he did. I can't imagine any parent who would decide that the potential deadly outcome, could possibly be justified to a little girl who simply wants and needs her daddy. Doesn't matter who you are or what you did, Tom, if you're there for Suri as she ages.
If Tom were to die, Suri would always wonder WHY her dad thought making a movie, and dying while doing it, were more important than being around for her while she grows up...

1449 days ago
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