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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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Harvey & Perez just don't get it.

1417 days ago


Why is everyone soooo concerned with this chick?!! Lol! "Oh no, a child of a moral conservative is liked on tv! NOOOO!!!!"

Lol, this is too funny!!

1417 days ago


Bristol Palin just looks like a huge truck on the dance floor, out of place and awkward. Nothing about her or her routines are pleasing to the eye, in fact it's usually quite painful to watch. That being said this shows that the show is fixed and noone wins or loses solely on the votes cast by the viewers. I am no longer a fan of the show because it has lost all credibility with me.

1417 days ago


Harvey, Have you ever watched DWTS? I think that Bristol is still on because she is the only one on the show that had absolutely NO experience. She is shy and sweet(unlike her mother) and people give her credit for being so young and in experienced, and having the nerve to try something she has never done. Give her a break shes 19. And this has nothing to do with my politics!

1417 days ago


It has NOTHING to do with Sarah has EVERYTHING to do with ratings. Why was Kate Gossling on so long? She was terrible too but she brought in viewers to watch how horrible she was. Same for Bristal.

1417 days ago

Paul Blackburn    

I'm not sure why she was on the show. She is overweight, maybe not a big fat pig, but overweight. Overweight people can not dance WELL, they can't move. The moron that let her on the show is history.

1417 days ago


People who support her mom vote for her, people who hate her vote to see her make a fool of herself on the show. Hell people already booed moma while she was on the show. The producers know she brings viewers not matter what, its the Howard Stern affect. Lovers and Haters alike watch to see what will happen next. No matter how much of a fool mom is they will watch because mom is the biggest Jester of them all.

1417 days ago

open eyes    

Who keeps getting BIGGER and BIGGER each week? Bristol!

1417 days ago


I vote for her multiple times every week just like an ACORN voter to make liberals get their panties in a wad. I see it's working!!

1417 days ago


Wow Harvey. I can't believe you have stooped to picking on this sweet young girl. I am going back to Perez. I left his site because I felt he was to meanspirited, but now he has changed his ways and you are nasty. I have voted for Bristol every week and I am a Democrat. I think she is improving each week and she is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. You and your ridiculas conspiracy theory are pathetic. Hello Perez. I am on my way back!

1417 days ago


There are a few internet sites pushing vote for Palin
for the laughs looks like they are getting them

1417 days ago

Robert Di Prete    

Leave the kid alone,she has enough baggage.

1417 days ago


I've seen cows in siezures with more grace than this Alaskan cow!

1417 days ago


The world is ending, you people (republican hicks) get the hell out of my country. These "people" almost completely destroyed the country under Bush and you want to put Palin and the rest of these dolts back in office? What the hell did this country ever do to you? Get the hell out of here and move to Saudi Arabia if you want to live under a daddy complex figure who tells you everything. This world will end if a Palin of any kind ever makes it to public office. Garanteed.

1417 days ago

cindy lou    

OMG, are you people blind??? Bristol is the worst dancer, I think she might even be deaf as she never seems in tune with the music.
And the judges never criticize her either! They have been super critical of everyone, EXCEPT her! Brandi, Jennifer, Kyle and all the rest have been repeatedly bashed, but somehow they are MUTE when it comes to Bristol.
Seriously, even Mrs. Brady who is 70 was better than Bristol!! Also, her title "Teen Advocate" is a joke as well. Perhaps, "Unwed Teen Mother and Daughter of Politician" should be her intro instead.

1417 days ago
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