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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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I can't believe the way people vote. This is a dancing competition. The best dancer should win. Period. What does being a Rebpublican have to do with voting for Bristol Palin on DWTS? I agree, she should have been voted off weeks ago. Why do people vote so stupidly? Hopefully, either Brandy or Jennifer will win since either one of them deserve it. Even though I think Jennifer is a big whiner, she's still a good dancer.

1450 days ago


Palin is definitely not a good dancer and doesn't even seem to enjoy what she is doing. I don't believe she is shy or looks innocent. This art form (dancing) must be very hard for her since she is not an intellectual and cannot express any feelings through her body or her eyes. She reminds me of a carp.

1450 days ago


At this point in the competition, neither the Disney kid ( or his partner),or Bristol, should be there. Maybe it Is a popularity contest after all. In the few seasons that I have now watched the show, the worst dancers were weeded out, and the better dancers stayed in to finish the competion.It is too bad that the judges can not reinstate those who are truly more deserving and have talent.It is like letting someone who has never skated, compete in the Olympics..ridiculous!

1450 days ago


It's easy. The republican party is paying the show off. If you saw the interview with Tom on the late show, to the special with Palin, no other parents got an interview or that much air time, it is the only explanation. She sucks, and it doesn't matter if she is an entertainer or not.She sucks and can't dance. This may be the top show on this channel, but it won't be for long if this dishonesty keeps up. After all how do any of us really know who was voted out.

1450 days ago


Bristol is pretty good. I think she isn't bad at all, in fact. I do think lots of Sarah fans are voting for Bristol just to tick off the left... fun times....

1450 days ago


its fun sticking it to hollywood liberals, they crap on conservatives and christians all the time so were going to keep Kurt Warner and Bristol around as long as possible.

1450 days ago


Why is she getting bigger every week? Can anyone explain that to me please? BP "resonates" with conservatives? Which part about her resonates? Her teenage mom status? She's had a "tough go of it"??? Seriously? Her mother makes millions. She's making well over 6 figures on her publicity stunts. There is no tough go for Bristol Palin. Thanks for playing though.

1449 days ago


The elimination of Rick and Sheryl is so wrong,I was chocked! They were so much better then Palin, is it becouse her last name is Palin that she is still in there?She does not show passion and she acts prudish.
I like Kyle, he brings a lot of fun, and he seems to enjoy himself,don't think he is going to win but I hope he stays till the end.

1449 days ago


There needs to be drastic changes in the way dancers are voted on. It is so unfair that dancers such as Cheryl Burke are voted off the show instead of lesser qualified dancers (and you know who I mean). It's a dancing contest not a popularity contest. Remember how many GOOD dancers got voted off in favor of keeping Cloris Leachman? Even the show's judges are upset at the results shows. DWTS had better do something fast or they are going to lose a lot a faithful viewers.

1449 days ago


This last results show was terrible. I don't know how Bristol is still in this show. She stinks as a dancer and the only reason she in still here is because of her mother. She can't dance and once again people who are getting better are being let go. Bristol should have went home weeks ago. I don't know how your votes are calculated, but just by the looks on the judge's faces and think their just as shocked. This is not right. And lastly, this show is supposed to be for people who do not have any experience - so the these entertainers that sing DO have dancing experience. (Brandy, Mel B, Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond etc - they may not be professional dancers but they do have the concept). The people that the most fun to watch were Emmit Smith, Rick Fox etc. After this show - if Bristol or Kyle too much farther, I don't know if I'll even watch anymore, because it's not right....Palin has to go!!!!!

1449 days ago


i can't get over it that bristol is still there. she should have been eliminated the first round. she can't dance. i guess her mom had something to do with bristol still being there. probably bribed the judges or the shows' big shots. maybe it is fixed like the other reality shows. you know america's got talent is if the last 2 years 2 idiots won because of their sad stories. agt gave it to michael grimm depite him losing by about 4,000 votes. i think the winner of DWTS is.......Brandy. the final 2 should be jennifer gray and brandy. Brandy all the way!

1449 days ago


It is easy to figure out why Bristol is still on the Dancing with the Stars. You know the old saying, it's not who you know, but who you blow.

1449 days ago


The fact is that Bristol is getting a combination of votes from single moms (democrats) and the rest (about 90% of her total votes) from Sarah's DC cronies using the gov't phone lines. Even though she gets voted by the judges to the bottom of the pack, her Mom gives her the most votes making her ranked in the middle. It isn't a democratic or republican thing, it's Sarah's abuse of the phone line system and the dishonesty that Bristol is doing by accepting and/or believing that she deserves to get thru to the next round.

1449 days ago


hey hang in there bristol palin,u are doing what so many other peopele wish they could...good luck

1449 days ago

Kerry Kottal     

I will NEVER watch this show again.... Cheryl Burke is a fabulous dancer and she was just voted off!! Crystal Palin stinks as a dancer she has no talent and should have stayed in Alaska with her son...Obviously on this program because of the people that support her mother this is discusting. If that stupid girl wins this is a certain set up.I hope next years selection is not politically motivated.

1449 days ago
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