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Lindsay Lohan --

Movie Night Gone Awry

11/7/2010 9:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tried to enjoy a night out of rehab by taking in a movie -- but things didn't go as planned ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay was spotted at the Century Rancho Mirage movie theater last night, located about three miles away from the Betty Ford Center. A movie theater employee tells TMZ Lindsay tried to see a movie, but started to get noticed by other moviegoers and decided to leave instead.

Our spies say Lindsay visited a Borders bookstore located right near the theater. According to, who first reported Lindsay's night out, she picked up a couple of magazines and then left.


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Christina G.    

Is this the best you can do?

1443 days ago


Why is she allowed to leave. The judge said for her to stay in there until after Jan. 1.

1443 days ago


Lindsay needs to get that collagen taken out of her lips. She looks ridiculous.

1443 days ago


what movie was she trying to see?

1443 days ago

Bob OHara    

Idiot pap's; let the girl watch a movie for chrissake

1443 days ago


Thought she was supposed to stay in rehab? Would anyone be surprised she ignores orders from a judge? Maybe next time she will be caught with cocaine in her pants again.

1443 days ago


Why doesn't the movie theater do the right thing. It wouldn't be the first time you showed a movie after hours to a star. Do it so she has peace of mind. For pete sakes, give her a reason to believe not everyone is out to get her.

1443 days ago

derek harvey    

i agree with let the girl watch a movie---she stared in enough to deserve that but like do they not get movies in the betty ford centre? and shes allowed to go out shopping? like wtf ---obviously she needs to be a part of society but not just yet----she really needs to hang with drew more and less courtney love====the joke isnt funny anymore lohan and dont do the lovelace movie---your better then that---maybe stick with fashion----just get the hell outta dodge----and dina **** off and michael go to hell and dr shalom dont u have better things to do then write on tmz that i "told you so" ----lets just all leave her alone ----ive been there trust me---not like a celeb but like a person who just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy needed his privacy
peace linds you can do it

1443 days ago


If you're making good progess during rehab, then the staff will occasionally let you out for a day or so, there's nothing unusual about that and Lindsay wasn't disobeying orders, people just REALLY want to believe that. Anyways it's good that she's being low-key on her outings and not mugging for the cameras, that shows she's getting over her addiction to the attention the media gives her.

1443 days ago


Rehab is not a prison or a jail! Part of the process is getting to leave the facility for a short period of time, under supervision, to enjoy a taste of freedom. It is a great feeling to have arrived at this point and is also a motivating event.

@ 2 Jody and @ 6 Dee Dee Russell

Are you really so cruel and unfeeling to make such comments or are you just dumber than a bag of hammers?

It sucks that she is so noticeable that she can not have even this tiny piece of a normal life.

1443 days ago

derek harvey    

yeah and i have a brooklyn bridge to sell you *******

1443 days ago



It is a 90 day program and she is doing 98 days as the Judge is forcing her to stay there past New Years. She has already done 42 days
She is doing Residential Day Treatment which is like a sober living house with structure but freedom.
She probably has a lot of freedom because it is either rehab or jail and rehab beats jail.

1443 days ago

Soup Nazi:"No movie for you!"

1443 days ago

derek harvey    

i cant wait till dina makes a fool of herself again tomorrow----hey dina why dont u make things faster and just insert the pipe right in her mouth---mothers little helper isnt that helpful anymore

1443 days ago


If she wants a piece of "normal" life..she can take a job that pays $56,500 a year with health care and a 401K, and drive a 2007 Toyota Corolla that needs new tires and a brake the rest of "normal" America. So knock off the liberal bleeding heart crap...they all want the life, they CHOOSE to stay in it, they cannot exist without the attention, and then when the lifestyle catches up with them they cry how the just want a "normal" life. And you idiots pander to it.

1443 days ago
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