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Joe Jackson -- I Didn't Beat MJ, I Used a Strap

11/8/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be splitting hairs (unless you're on the receiving end) but Joe Jackson maintains he didn't beat Michael Jackson as a kid ... he used a strap ... and he'd do it all over again.

Watch Oprah call out Joe on her show today.


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The old man is nuckin' futz...ought to be in jail...

1445 days ago


MJ said it himself, he was so fast on his feet that his father could never him.

1445 days ago


Spare the rod spoil the child. This is the only thing some children understand. Beating may be a bit harsh of a term it more like a spanking.

1445 days ago


i grew up in the 60s. my dad kept a strap hanging on the kitchen wall and anytime me or my brothers did something to earn it, we took a trip to the basement with my dad, dropped out pants, bent over and took a well deserved strapping. didn't harm us - it made us the responsible men we are today. world would be a lot better place if parents still used corporal punishment, along with a lot of love, to raise their kids.

1445 days ago



ah, i don't oil down your little boy's body, so it snaps just a little bit harder, burns just a little bit more, then take a stap - belt to him...that's beating. you leave welts on your child's body, that's child abuse.

michael jackson was joe's - katherine's meal ticket. he was put on stage at the tender age of 5 years old (just a baby) he didn't know what the hell was going on, didn't know why people clapped. he did what he was told. frckn' treating him like a damn circus animal made to perform, MJ had no choice.

and MJ was scared to death of him. it's different if you discipline with love. MJ was horrified! And, not to mention they couldn't even call him dad or daddy, called him by his first name.

this whole story is too sad for words.

RIP, Michael Jackson, no more pain!

Posted at 12:09 PM on Nov 8, 2010 by katie10


I only wish he would have, could have, outlived his parents to know what it would have been like to be cognitively FREE .... how far that would have gone to free him of the BANE of their physical presence at least, although would have always carried the scars, I think it would have gone a long way to smoothing them out. For him to have been able to experience KNOWING that he would never have to literally hear, or see them again, or have to have security in place to keep them away from him, because they no longer existed to FEND OFF anymore. If it had gone that way... THE REST of the leeches .. ALL of them would have been infinitely easier to ignore as it is through them they would constantly grab at him.

Micheal's star would have still risen. I'm thankful that he DID and COULD run from him when he could and had... that was Micheal protecting himself, HIS OWN SPIRIT at work, FROM JJ.

It was THAT strength, within him, from the time he was a baby that at one ys old, was intuitively dancing to the beat of the washing machine the moment he could stand and stably move on one yr old little feet with a bottle in one hand, listening to a song that was born within him within his soul that was MEANT for him to grow into what he had.

No matter how badly JJ beat him, and KJ ignored it, it was his DESTINY. No matter how huge JJ's hate and jealousy of his son's indescribable GOD GIVEN - didn't have to work it or work FOR it, talent - MJ was going to rise anyway... and, HE DID.

JJ figured MJ OWED him for what HE himself lacked. He figured and still does, that MJ was given to him to own and broker as his personal commodity. THAT was the bane of MJ's existence.

MJ rose to mega stardom because he was deigned too. All he had to do was grow it. He was born to his talent, NOT to JJ/KJ.... Grow it, not only IN SPITE of JJ, but DESPITE him... and the rest of them.

THAT is the MAN and HUMANITARIAN of MJ. THAT is why his music and messages within his lyrics is so detrimentally important to this world ... survival. Through LOVE from him TO ALL on a level that he was born into (aka "old soul").

How JJ must have despised MJ's strength, and how high a price MJ paid for it... simply because JJ could exact it from him... and, still attempts to. I said it before: JJ is an NPD'er. KJ an obtuse ignorant conniving martyr but spectacularly ignorant = Match made in Hell. Perhaps he was born to them because THEY were the first ones that were supposed to have learned from him. M'eh..."Free Will", and all that. I think that's the biggest and literally shame of the "J clan" - that they hadn't. Irony at it's finest.

Oprah: "What did you want most for Michael?"

KJ: "To be a good citizen."

Not, "Happy!", like most any other mother would have responded.

Oprah: "You know he loved you. He LOVED his mama!"

KJ: "I know he loved me." ... "He trusted, NO ONE but me" big ol smile.

Oprah: "Did you know of his drug addiction? If you did, did you confront him? If you did what did he say?"

KJ: "Had no clue. The "others" told me. When they told me I talked to him. He denied it."

Oprah: "Did you believe him? That he was not abusing drugs?"

KJ: "No. He said to me, "You're my mother, and YOU don't even believe me???" Yet, she had no in her face reason not too. Just went on the word of ... whom... right. Everyone, but HIM. The ONLY person on the planet he placed on a pedestal.. his mother.

This 'person'... KJ... I find despicable on so many levels. I think, and I've said it before: he had finally woke up to her in his later years. Loved her, but had no choice after THAT 'confrontation' but to acknowledge how mistaken he was in idolizing HER. You could hear in that interview that she wasn't anywhere near as close to PPB, as some had assumed. In her own words, and how very telling - Paris felt compelled to ask "Where do we go now???" at the hospital once told that their father had passed. With most Grandmas you would assume it was a given... no NEED to ask. KJ thought that was just so sad that Paris asked her. Just WOW, right. Could this woman GET more nauseating. PPB are NOT in the best place they could or should be, let alone what MJ would have wanted for his children to be. I will never believe the will to be his latest - it defies sane logic.

I no longer feel sad for MJ. Haven't for quite some time, actually. Overwhelming disgust at his cir***stances, sure, but for the man himself, WHICH IS WHAT HE WAS, I feel nothing but extreme pride; gratuity that he survived as long as he had, and humbled by the mirror that reflects all that's wrong that WE are a part of helping make, and ignore, is wrong on a global societal level. Thankful for his wake up call... his reaching out ON A GLOBAL LEVEL to all of us to SAY "I feel you. I get you. I'm here to tell you that I not only relate to you, but understand exactly what you mean when you feel and say HURT" on personal levels.

All I can do, which feels SO not enough, is feel thankful for the relief he offered. Selfish... for feeling angry that something so personal was robbed from me - his presence of relentless untiring ability to validate, and soothe, MY pain on a HUMAN level.

Damn right I love MJ. Love and miss the HUMAN that he always was and will always be. Always will miss him. Quietly, and deeply.... although, this spewing eye bleeder read of a long post may lead most to believe I do so "loudly". lol

1445 days ago


Joe Jackson is apathetic bastard as well as an abuser of his family .Michael said he was afraid of Joe and this sais it all !! I could not believe it when he showed up on Opera and Katherine defended him. What a dysfunctional lot!!!

1445 days ago


I wish someone would beat his stupid ass.

1445 days ago


"That's how black people raise (or raised) their children" is the excuse violent parents used for themselves, and later their children used for them.

But I bet many, many of those beaten kids grew up adamant to NEVER do that to their own children. And Michael was one of them. He'd never beat MJ3. Still, Joe makes excuses for himself and his cruel behavior, and even Katherine sort of makes excuses for him in the interview.

What strikes me in this interview with Joe, and others, is that he is not a very bright man. He's actually pretty dumb.

1445 days ago

Sad sad    

When I was growing up us white kids got the belt,various objects ,OTK spankings and at a church a nice long ruler. Some at the church got soap in the mouth. Let me say it does no good. I was too smart to get hit most the time. Taking away my privileges was the best method. IMO by hitting a kid shows that you the parent are out of control. Joe's just pathetic. But inside he's probably in turmoil so let him suffer.

1445 days ago


I got whipped with a belt growing up, perhaps it was a way that children were discplined back in the day. It kept me in line.

I'm glad although to late in a way that K.J. isn't sugar coating anything that Joe did.

1445 days ago


Beating a child is not the proper way to keep it out of trouble or jail.The child becomes shy and very scared and can't face the ones bylling it.Some children become violent themselves and take it out on other children,they even kill them and Michael was very worried about this as he stated in his 2001 speech at Oxford University where he said how important it was for parents to show their love to their children.

1445 days ago


I have to agree with many comments on here about the beatings and how it does no good, I believe it is the ignorance of a parent to think that beating is a good way to discipline a child. Although I had mentioned I was kept in line, in no way do I believe in hitting you child is the best way to discipline them.

I also think Joe is a stubborn man who won't admit he went to far in hitting his children. (JMO)

1445 days ago


For all the people who said Joe needs to know what it feels like to get beat, what in the world makes you think he doesn't know what it feels like? Joe grew up being disciplined the same way he disiplined his kids. He used a belt, strap, switch or whatever to keep them in line. He wasn't just a menacing figure who always sat there or stood around with a belt and hit just because someone walked in a room. Joseph was the man of the house and there was no way he was gonna allow a house full of boys who would later become young men talk to him and Katherine any old way, swear and cus, push them around & God forbid raise their hand to them or any other nonsense that so many white kids get away with. It's true, if you spare the rod you spoil the child. And nobody likes spoiled rotten kids that you can't handle. They turn into adolescents that you can't stand who are impossible to deal with that a lot of you send away to military schools or get right camps or whatever the names are. They get kicked out of regular schools and end up in alternative schools for bad a s s disruptive no nothings. Then they turn into adults who are just as bad or worse who become no good menaces to society. That's why you gotta nip that s h i t in the bud at a early age. Kids nowadays have gotten out of control. It makes me sick to watch shows like The Nanny and I saw a show on MTV the other day called 16 & Pregnant where this beach bunny b i t c h of a girl was talkin' and actin' all crazy towards her mother because she refused to take care of her baby. She needed to be slapped into the middle of next week. I say it's high time we all get back to some good old fashioned Joe Jackson a s s whuppins'. Joe kept all his children in line in the same way, yet Michael was the one who was always crying over it. It affected him differently than the others because he was overly sensitive & totally dramatic. There were a lot of people who grew up being disciplined in much of the same way that Joe did and they are no worse for wear. Contrary to what you all think there is a difference between child abuse and Joseph Jackson discipline.

1445 days ago


Marcia - I agree with most of the things you are saying but then again, it does affect the kids. Many times these kids are spoiled, you are right...too much Love is better than none at all... but MJ, always said they were beaten? IDK, whether he did or didn't go over board just sayin' what MJ has (repeatedly) said.

Joe Jackson was feared not RESPECTED. Perhaps no one has the right or wrong answer and BEATING is totally different from spanking etc...

1445 days ago


UM. By definition, beating or whipping your child with a strap is BEATING that child.

Can he just go away please?

1445 days ago
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