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Michael Richards -- Mobbed By Kramer Fans in NYC

11/10/2010 8:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been nearly 4 years to the day since his nuclear meltdown at an L.A. comedy club ... and Michael Richards is in higher demand than ever -- drawing Bieber-sized crowds last night in the Big Apple.

You gotta see it -- Richards rolled through Times Square with his lady friend cool as a cucumber ... and you won't believe how many people swarmed the "Seinfeld" star looking for autographs.



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Zippy T. Pinhead    

Yeah, I don't see any blacks lining up for a chance to get his autograph. Now that seems strange. Like they say "Putting lipstick and a nice dress on a pig only makes him look like a dressed up pig".

1445 days ago


You can't come back from that. He needs to stay gone.

When you're gone, you're gone. You be gone and you stay gone.

1445 days ago


Ummmm.... news flash TMZ do you see any African Americans "swarming" him for an autograph I think not!

1445 days ago


But... but... Michael Richards LIKES Black people!

Proof, for the hater commenters here:

1445 days ago

Sin D    

He's funny and REMEMBER: DO N O T BUY anything from spammer sites advertized here on boards...Don't they get it? It's achieves the opposite of attracting consumers.

1445 days ago


As a huge Cosby fan if I took 12 guests 35 minutes late into his performance and started demanding drinks , yelling that he's not funny!!!!! I hope he would ask me to take my lilly white dumb cracker ass outa there! Why did they buy tickets to his show and bring a camera????????????? He tried to turn the other cheek when he walk away__they kept on him till he exploded. They got their 5 minutes and its the most claim thell ever get!!!!!!1

1445 days ago


He said he was sorry! People should have accepted his apology years ago!

1445 days ago


unless he does something to change his image, he's a jerk. He needs to do some humanitarian work or something.

1444 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

He is a COMEDIAN!!!

1444 days ago

Boycott Kramer. He's a racist biggot who uses the N-word and "Afro-American." What a fu*king idiot.

1444 days ago


I do not like Mike R, but I still like Kramer. I can separate the 2. Don't hate me.


1444 days ago


Who cares about this loser!

1444 days ago


It's nice to see people letting go of the past and showing the guy some love.

Guy snapped and said things in anger, he's not a bad guy and you can tell he is genuinely remorseful. To hold some grudge where you wish for the guys life to be forever ruined over it is idiotic.

All the mindless hate directed at him is far more bigoted than his one angry outburst, bunch of mindless sheep.

1444 days ago


that man said one of the meanest hate fill rants caught on tape .and everyone is saying people make mistakes and ****.. blah blah .. let it go he said he was sorry. .but oh noes.. -----
you even saw jerry seinfeild a week later go on lettermen trying to convince everyone he made a mistake. and larry david made light of it on curb... look all the bull**** hypocrisy
when mel gibson does it diffrent , you see all the jews in hollywood trying so hard to black list him...

1444 days ago


without me krammer would be a nobody with bad hair...^ i sat on his head for eight seasons THANKS again sean feild adam sander and ben and jerry and billy keep my words rolling avatar to the beatles thay lineup for my lines so I`am the real artist behind about 60% of hollywood films TV and song hidden as a hughes gets unless you watch those satellites at nite

1444 days ago
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