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Lindsay Lohan -- Another Date with Daddy

11/11/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan appears committed to the whole "Making Up With My Father" thing -- because yesterday she and daddy Michael Lohan made time for a little mid-day movie date.

On their way into the theater -- located near Betty Ford -- the two appeared to be getting along so well, that Lindsay opened up and allowed Michael to inspect something inside of her mouth. Good times.

Later that night, Michael was out -- sans daughter -- and told the paps that getting his daughter into rehab was a group effort ... one that he couldn't have done by himself.


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I dont trust him. BF is probably making her do this, and what better way than avoid him than a movie

Posted at 6:59 AM on Nov 11, 2010 by cali


Me either. Don't trust him as far as I can throw him. Perhaps he'll prove us all wrong but his past behaviors and actions leave me feeling very skeptical. It's going to take a He.ll of a lot more than a couple of movie dates to prove he's changed his ways. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

1408 days ago


"couldn't have done it by himself" Duh. Not without the courts commanding it.
Still, I think it's great that Dina's alienation plot has failed. Now she shall reap her rewards.

1408 days ago

Scott Guiher    

In spite of all the ignorant comments above,the issue is that Lindsay's family is coming together to help her. God bless them.

1408 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

Haha, "good times", indeed!

1408 days ago


Glad to see that she is spending time with her father. Though he may not be the best father, he couldnt be any worse then her mother.
Dina fought tooth and nail to keep them apart, why?
Because its easier to feed Lilo lies and maker herself out to be the victim.
Dina really is a horrible excuse for a mother.

1408 days ago


I think this is very good. He may have done bad in the past but trying to fix that is what matters most.

1408 days ago

Aunt Ann    

Micheal Lohan realized he couldn't have done it by himself? She would have done the exact opposite of what he wanted. duh

1408 days ago


Indeed, Dina must be coming unglued about now. Wouldn't it be entertaining if she went on the Orca Winfrey show or something to state that Lindsay has no relationship with her father? I certainly believe everything she says.... and why wouldn't I? Everything's fine. No hardball or propaganda here.

Michael obviously has had a ton of issues, and he must be struggling to "clam up" to the media, but it appears that he's trying. Dina? Likely going to have to do some power-shopping and possibly get some plastic surgery to get over this latest development.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Dad appear to be enjoying their outing. A stop at the snack bar to load up on Lindsay Lohan-brand popcorn (no butter - it IS dusted with some unidentified white powder, though - sugar?). Why can't she sit still? Odd.

1408 days ago


Let's hope the ENTIRE family gets into counseling and learns to function well together.

1408 days ago


I don't think he himself had anything to do with getting her into rehab. She alone did that by her behavior. He should stop taking credit where it's not deserved.

If HE behaves himself, and doesn't say or do anything stupid during this encounter, than they may have a chance.

1408 days ago


Excellent .... Forgiveness is all apart of the recovery process. It is good to see this family come together when drugs are out LLs way and she can think clearly.

Her father always said he wanted to see his daughter in a rehab and spoke up about her addictions all along. She treated him like the enemy ... which most addicts do when conforted with the truth. Now, maybe she can move forward without having to blame anyone else for her troubles. Denial and projection never works.

Good going, Lohans. Now get mommy dearest on the same page and maybe things will "really" get better.

Family. Family. Family. Get together as one big happy family.. forgive ... and move on.

Praise Jesus. Lindsay is on the road to recovery. I hope she takes more time ... like 12 months more to really get healed and get the root problems out of her life for good. Thirty days leaves alot to be desired ...especially in a secular rehab program. Just not enough time..... even 60-90 days is not enough. Oh well... it's a start.

1408 days ago


**** what everyone say **** lindsay is lookin good lately can u say HELLO HATERS

1408 days ago


Michael gets criticized for doing the exact same things that Dino does, and she has been doing it full time for most of Lindsay's life. How many articles has Dino sold over the years? Must be in the thousands by now. Dino has made it clear that Lindsay is not allowed to have a relationship with her father since Lindsay was very small, and just talking to him now probably brings on anxiety attacks. Britney had to serve papers on her mother to get her out of her life. Now her father is taking care of her. If it takes BF giving Lindsay permission to have a relationship with her father and she goes for it then it's all for the better.

1408 days ago


What happen to him shutting the big gaping hole in his face?

1408 days ago

Dr. M    

Shalom aleichem Lindsay.
Dr. M

1408 days ago
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