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Lindsay Lohan -- Another Date with Daddy

11/11/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan appears committed to the whole "Making Up With My Father" thing -- because yesterday she and daddy Michael Lohan made time for a little mid-day movie date.

On their way into the theater -- located near Betty Ford -- the two appeared to be getting along so well, that Lindsay opened up and allowed Michael to inspect something inside of her mouth. Good times.

Later that night, Michael was out -- sans daughter -- and told the paps that getting his daughter into rehab was a group effort ... one that he couldn't have done by himself.


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dlucas #11 - I totally agree. Michael may have a side of him that's a total d-bag but I never thought he was worse than Dina. I'm still not sure he can be completely trusted but for some reason, I am so happy to see Lindsay reconnecting with him and having someone besides Dina to talk to.

1450 days ago


that preacher kid looks like a little s***bag that just wants to star**** and i think both the dad and all of them are just out for self promotion or trying to land reality shows off lindsay

1450 days ago


#45/ go home: "sweet jesus. they have that ultra creepy preacher guy with them."
Great catch! Oy-ve!

1450 days ago


#6 @dlucas --- I totally agree with you on what you said.

I found this little video refreshing. A father and daughter out for a fun afternoon. Perfectly normal stuff. And she really looks happy about it too. It's almost like she's a little girl skipping along with her father. This is a priceless moment.

This makes me believe that Dina's complete control over Lindsay is finally breaking down. Just consider the amount of years that all these kids heard about their father was negative stuff. You get to the point because your so young to understand the grown up stuff, that you start believing, and hating your own father because of the mother's vicious hatred towards you.

I watched my own sister do it to her kids. If they even thought of something good about their father, she looked at it as a betrayal of her. She did it for years while the boys were in their teens, and the end result is she is a bitter, angry person, hates all men, and her kids are tarnished and not a big part of their father's life.

Because I was a witness to my own sister doing it, that's what I believe Dina did to her own kids. You tell someone who is too young to understand grown up's dynamics and you tarnish them and its the single most selfish thing that a mother can do. I would cringe when my sister would do it, absolutely cringe and want to shake my sister or beat her on the head to wake up and stop doing that.

Someone commented that Dina probably hates seeing this, well thats all fine and good, but who's problem is that? It's not Lindsays problem or is it Michael Lohans problem.

Maybe, just maybe Lindsay is starting to open up her eyes and her head is finally cleared of all the mood altering drugs she's been taking for years. And she is finally realizing that all that her mother poisoned her with, may not be true, or that she doesn't have to own her mothers feelings anymore and can be with her father and have fun, and love him in spite of Dina.

Wouldn't that be a big slap in Dina's face if Lindsay actually had her own opinion and ideas about her father. I'm sure Dina is going to say something negative about this outing with her father, and it might finally occur to Lindsay that she needs to tell her mother she doesn't want to hear all the crap anymore. That shes done with all of Dinas bs, and that if her mother continues pressuring her to stay away from her father, that Lindsay will finally be strong enough to tell her mother, I won't stay away, and if you don't like it then thats your problem. JMO Who knows the tables might get turned on Dina if Dina continues the Dad bashing. It might wind up that Lindsay will walk away from her mother, and that's Dinas biggest fear. Its really ashame how Dina damaged herself with her hatred, how she might have to be a big girl now and know that Lindsay will have a relationship with her father, regardless of Dinas feelings.

1450 days ago
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