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Sebastian Bach Arrest -- Caught on Tape

11/16/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the surveillance footage showing Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach getting violent  ... restrained ... and ultimately arrested in a bar in Canada early Monday morning.

Sebastian Bach arrested.

The footage shows Bach clearly smashing his wine glass on the ground as he walks towards the entrance of Riley's Olde Towne Pub in Ontario ... right after he was asked to leave for being a pain in the ass.

Moments after Bach went all smashy smashy, the bar owner can be seen rushing after the singer from behind in an attempt to restrain him.

Chaos ensues ... and Bach can be seen flailing around as bar staff tries to detain him until cops arrive. The bar owner told cops Bach actually BIT him on the left hand during the struggle.

The camera captures the moment when officers arrived to the scene and searched Bach. As we previously reported, cops found nearly 2 grams of weed on Sebastian Bach.

He was eventually arrested for assault, possession of weed and mischief.


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This made my day. This ******* Sab Bach never gave me credit for a song I wrote on his lastest effort. What a ****in ****. Lock him up Please!!!

I love you Canada

Thank you:)

1436 days ago


Maybe he was hanging out with Bubbles, Ricky and Julian again...

1436 days ago


2 grams of weed LMAO what a joke....thats about enough to roll 2 joints. its really sad what this world is coming to

1436 days ago


LOL! A Peterborough story on TMZ!!! I was just in that bar the night before - sorry I missed the excitement.

1436 days ago

larry tinn    

nearly 2 grams of weeds,that could kill a man! lol,nottttttttt!

1436 days ago


So's over dude get attention another way!

1436 days ago


Riley's this Friday night anyone?????

1436 days ago


Why would the bar owner even release this video? It contradicts everything he said yesterday about the incident. The owner obviously cares more about getting paid by TMZ than he does about his own reputation. This video just shows everyone that he's a complete liar. He told the media yesterday that Bas threw the glass at the front door as he left, we see that's not true. Then the owner said that Bas wouldn't leave and that Bas started the scuffle with the bar staff, so not true. Bas was on his way out the door under his own power, he never looked back, just let him go. There was no need to grab him and violently pull him back inside the establishment. I find it funny that the owner obviously needs money (or he wouldn't have sold his surveillance) yet he asked Bas to leave. A guy who had been there drinking and spending lots of money over the last four hours.
What a douche

1436 days ago


Best lead rock singer of all time and no one was sexier than him.

1436 days ago


Why wouldn't the bar owner just let him sing??
That's absolutely ridiculous! He wouldn't let Sebastian sing because the house band was playing??? WOW!!!
That'd be like me telling an NBA player he can't use the courts right now because there's a staff member shooting free throws(I own a rec centre).

1436 days ago


I read a quote from the bar owner in the local paper that said Bach threw his wine glass as hard he physically could?!? Come on, he didn't throw it at all. He just dropped it on the floor. Then the owner has a quote saying after the glass broke he approached Bach and told him he needs to either pay $20 for a cleanup or cleanup it up himself. The owner said Bach refused to do either so he had to step in. But the video clearly shows the owner sprinting at Bach and physically assaulting him right after the glass broke. So when did this conversation take place exactly???

1436 days ago


heyy cool i live near peterborough.
but honestly..this happens alll the time up here..its just on tmz because its baz.
2 grams of pot he'll pay a fine and maybe community service hours.

1436 days ago


Looks like to me the owner needs to lear how to deal with his own anger issues., not only was Sabastian leaving but really is a wine glass worth being attacked over by the owner. There was NO fight till the owner went after him and attacked him, other then the glass throw he was leaving on his own. Find your frame another way and grow up. It's sad people like you who give bar staff a bad name.You could have left it but you didn't, you made things worse. I really do hope Sabastian sues your ass!!! you MORON. Just a reminder to everyone, don't throw a glass you will be attacked with excessive force.

1436 days ago


Hilarious! Maybe the wine was spoiled.

1436 days ago


I didn't see anything in the vid that would give reason to post it, he thru a glass and headed to the door, big deal....what happened before is what should have been put on vid,,,,,duh

1436 days ago
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