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Bristol Palin Apologizes for Sister's Homophobic Slurs

11/17/2010 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin has apologized for the offensive comments she and her sister Willow made during a Facebook war this week ... in which Willow used a homophobic slur to attack a schoolmate.

Bristol Palin Apology

Bristol went back to Facebook last night and posted a message that read, "Willow and I shouldn't have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize."

She added, "On a nicer note, thank you for supporting the great competition in Dancing with the Stars!"


A few hours later, Bristol posted another message that said, "Thank you supporters who continue to support. The haters are already pulling out all the stops this week to destroy."

Willow has since deleted her Facebook account.


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Dear Sarah,
You are a criminal!!!! I know ALLLLLLLLL about you!

1405 days ago


Give me a break ,,,Shes 16yrs old ,iam sure we ALL have said thing like this before at that age....This just another lame media game,to gang up and hate the Palins,,,Sorry most people can see threw this!!!....What a joke!!

1405 days ago


I do not think they needed to apologize about standing up for her mother. This is how young people sound and its nothing I have not heard. I do not think it as any of the media/public business what they were talking about.

As far as the gay word being said, it did not sound like she was bashing gays. There are plenty of ways that people use the word and teenagers are good for that. I think that the word is just that far out there today when it was something positive yesterdays lol.

Anyhow, these are young kids. I do not expect them to be angels. Just by the conversation that was said in those messages you can pretty much tell. In my view, that makes them like 90% of the other teenagers out there. It does not make Sarah Palin any different than most other parents. For once, they seem normal rather than politic conservative...

P.S. TMZ had to have been staking out them to even catch a teenage rant.

1405 days ago


Nope not going to take it your not sorry at all there all fake and know you all know what they really think

1405 days ago

SU SU    

This is revelant to breaking news from yesterday about the results of Dancing with the Stars although somewhat off the topic but did you all see Dancing with the Stars last night?
Bristol love you girl, you are really sweet and courageous just like your mom but a great dancer? NOT SO MUCH!

Damn, Kayne West I never thought I would say this but we need you right now!!! We also could use Ashton Kusher of Punk'd!!!

1405 days ago

DWTS Follower    

From the looks of the grammer by many people posting, many of you have little or no education. You shouldn't be allowed to reproduce or vote in any election let alone use a public forum to bash kids and their family. Says plenty about the libtards. That's why we have the garbage in Washington. Look at the program Sunday night and tell me these people live in a trailer. My family votes for the most improved performer every week. Professionals like Jennifer and Brandy never get our votes. At least Bristol is not crying with pain one minute and dancing and jumping around the next.

1405 days ago


why are the palin girls so ****ing fat? double chin anyone?

1405 days ago


Willow is a child and has no business talkin like that to anyone, and for Bristol to compare that person to her baby daddy hey she slept with him so what does that say about her. Sarah needs to focus on her children not about politics right now.

1405 days ago


why are the palin girls so ****ing fat? double chin anyone?

1405 days ago


Dimwits don't fall far from the tree.

1405 days ago


Sarah Palin's political team is going to have to work overtime doing damage control for this pack of low class lasses. No surprise she uses hateful words; her mother spews hatred and the children are clearly going to follow suit. They need a better role model...and a dictionary.

1405 days ago


i kind of like Bristol P and i'm a left winger. Let's give her a break and concentrate on her mother instead, eh?

1405 days ago


Both young ladies old enough to know better. A slur is a slur, and it's a stupid thing to do, post, say, etc. Right, left, center, it's not okay. Apologize, with some sincerity please. Learn from your dumb actions, and don't do it again. As for DWTS, really, who cares? It's a tv show, duh. Just like American Idol, the best one does not always win. Does it matter? No. How many more spray on tans can we look at anyway?

But, I don't think either Palin daughter should be beaten up forever over this. Many people, much older, more learned, have said stupid things,and all has been forgiven. The Lt. Gov. of Calif. Bustamonte said the 'n' word several times a few years ago - in a speech to a black audience. Jackson & Sharpton have used bigoted words to discuss Jews. Andre Agassi calling Elton John the same thing the Palin girls posted. Learn from your dumb action, and apologize. Can't do much more than that. Before people start sliming the MOm for the actions of two girls, remember how many times other (much more) famous people were given a pass for slip ups and bad incidents. Apologize.
Move on.

1405 days ago



1405 days ago


They have no shame. I guess that is because they were raised in a truly hateful family.

1405 days ago
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