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Gay Tea Party Group: Palin's Not a Homophobe

11/17/2010 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A gay, conservative, tea-party heavy group thinks it's stupid to label Sarah Palin's daughter or family "homophobes" ... just because Willow Palin called a guy a fa**ot on Facebook.

Willow Palin just told TMZ, "The slur used here is one you could hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week. Apparently, it's only a homophobic slur when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader."

We beg to differ. See here, here, here and here.

The group adds, "Make no mistake; this is all about destroying Sarah Palin by any means necessary."

As we first reported, 16-year-old Willow used the word to attack a male classmate on Facebook after the guy criticized Sarah Palin's reality show.


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Helen Van Patterson Patton     

Naturally the Log Cabin Repulicans are going to take up for their poster girl. Practically falling all over themselves to make excuses. She could shoot one of them in the head and the rest would still follow her. Disgusting.

1398 days ago


isnt this the exact same reason the guy from greys anatomy got fired??

'make no mistake' this is about being a white REPUBLICAN girl

1398 days ago


If you are using the words, WHORE, SKANK, BITCH, LOSER, TRAILER PARK, TRASH..ETC. those words are just as bad as ***got so move on with your hypocrisy

1398 days ago

Sarah Faglin    

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Where do you think Willow learned to talk like that?

I'm still laughing at Sarah's excuse that people are out to destroy her. OMG, that woman just needs to shut up and apologize to gay people everywhere. That would have bought me some respect for her.

1398 days ago

Callie Durbrow    

That's just sad. Get it together.

1398 days ago


TMZ should keep their noses out of anything political. Maybe because Harvey is "gay" TMZ has gotten their liberal panties in a bunch. I'm conservative and I agree the words used are offensive. But this is TMZ, if we want liberal media we should watch MSNBC. Political views aside, TMZ is a celebrity gossip site, you don't see fox news reporting on The Lohan's, that's my point

1398 days ago


she is a homofobic, whats the difference from this and the whole grey's anatomy thing and that guy got fired for saying it. so... that was being disrepectful.

1398 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

GOProud's mission is to represent gay conservatives and their allies, emphasizing conservative principles such as limited government, individual liberty, and national defense over what are usually considered bedrock issues of gay politics such as same-sex marriage, criminalizing targeted violence against gays and lesbians, and recognition of sexual orientation as a protected civil rights class.

GOProud supports repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, promotes broader Second Amendment rights and opposes a Federal amendment defining marriage. GOProud "focuses strictly on federal issues which means that, institutionally, they don't take a position on state policy issues like same sex marriage."

How does this organisation's statement agree with Palin's views? Talk about clashing ideologies.

1398 days ago


First, man, those Palin girls don't get any thinner or better lookin', do they? Second, Homosexuals supporting Republicans? Sorta like Jews for Hitler. Yeah, you might care about other things conservatives stand for, but your basic freedoms and rights should trump ANY of those considerations, and they are dead said against them.To them you are perverted, defective and unworthy of basic human freedoms and respect,and you could support that? So you enjoy being considered a second class citizen BY CHOICE (or so they would tell you)? Even Trig would look at you and say you're retarded if you do.

1398 days ago


all i cn say is wow. we do live in a world of double standards. Because it's the daughter of Sahra Palin, who call another person a (***got) it's ok with the gay right people. but if it was another person did it, they would of have a field day bashing them down. get real people, no one is trying to destroy Sahra Palin. She an her kids or followers will do it for her. all i'm saying. if the word is wrong to say from one person mouth, then it wrong to say from everyones mouth. wake up gay right peopl
tis why you see it on here blasting willow and sarah on tmz..remember carrie prejean..she spoke her opinion and TMZ constantly blasts you see them blast perez hilton for calling her a bitch??no you dont you said it double both ways.

1398 days ago

Matthew Rettenmund    

By the way, it's also a case of like Mama Grizzly like Daughter Grizzly...why don't people remember that as far back as forever ago Palin's been accused of being "racist, sexist, vindictive"...check out this 2008 quote:“racist-sexist-vindictive-and-mean”/

1398 days ago


Everyone should start texting to the Palins 'Shut up you retard' and see if they get upset. Sounds like its always a double standard when a Palin is involved in something

1398 days ago


Wow, talk about denying the truth, yeah you go gay republicans!

With evidence right in front of your eyes you dare to minimize it and call it OK.

What fools you are to go along with this, you are the ones who will blindly support SP even in the face of facts and truth.

1398 days ago


It was perfectly fine all those years on Will and Grace, both in the context of a joke and-not. But of course that's DIFFERENT.

1398 days ago


She's 16 or 17, and a typically lame high school kid who should not have used that word, or bothered to be on Facebook for that matter. Hey, your Mom is famous, and if you recall, people stole her e-mail accounts. In other words, people are out there digging into your lives all the time, why bother giving them anything to use against your family? Learn from this. Your mom is a public figure. Bullying, slurs, etc., just not allowed, not anymore, not in this world we live in where it's 24/7 and there forever. Got to know better whether you're 16 or 66.

After you apologize of course. You should apologize. You have to know better. Plain & simple. Then, close your Facebook account. No Palin or Bush or Kerry or Obama or Pelosi family member should have anything like a Facebook account. Close it.
You're not 8, you're 16 or 17 & I am sure have had enough high school education to know what tolerant and intolerant mean....grow up. If someone hates your Mom, whatever...that's all, whatever. Your Mom is smiling, and going 'kaching'.

Lest we forget, there have been many adult, famous, elected officials who have uttered stupid words and lived and learned....Andre Agassi and his Elton John gay slur comment, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton & their anti-Jewish comments, Biden and his Indian donut shop owner comments, clean Obama comment, former Lt. Gov. of California who uttered the 'n' word repeatedly in a speech to a black group.... Before people start bagging on her for this public slip up - lots of children of politicians have done dumb things....many Kennedy grandchildren - pick a kid, from Joe to Bobby Jr. - drugs, accidents, dropping out, etc. - Al Gore's kid and DUI's & tickets, Biden son on trial for stock issues, etc. She's a teenager. Who made a very stupid mistake. Apologize and learn from the situation.

1398 days ago
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