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'Ace of Cakes' Bites It

11/19/2010 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Food Network has had their fill of "Ace of Cakes" -- TMZ has learned the show will be canceled after this upcoming season.

Ace of Cakes Cancelled

A rep for the Food Network tells us, "All good things must come to an end, and the final season of Ace of Cakes will begin on-air in January."

As for Duff -- the star baker -- we're told Food Network is "currently in the process of developing new show concepts for him."


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I agree with #5! BORING, BORING, BORING!!! Duff had an annoying laugh!

1343 days ago


Good riddance to Duff. His show is pretty boring. Not crazy about Cake Boss either.

1343 days ago


They should get rid of the Neelys...Gina is a total douchebag.

1343 days ago


YES! I cannot stomach watching these 'hipsters'.
They all get along too well, that's why the
show is so boooring. Do away with Duff for good.
He should be the Janitor at Food Network. HA!

1343 days ago


Get rid of them because it is boring and they all get along? Sad that this is what this world has come down to. We're not amused unless there is fighting and fake drama??? How pathetic.

1343 days ago


Say what? You mean there will be no more cakes made from plastic tubing, cardboard, metal and fiberglass by these fine artisans of non-edibles? I will miss watching the redhead chick's weight fluctuate between massively fat and somewhat thin.

1343 days ago


duff always laughs at his own jokes that aren't funny.
his side kick makes me sick, he's 1/2 dead.
w3hat a bunch of posers

1342 days ago


Please make him just go away. I agree with the one who said they would not eat anything from there. Nasty looking - and they do handle it all way too much. Not at all sanitary.
Paula Deen is a joke and makes me sad to say she is from the same state as me. She makes people think all southern women go around saying "honey chil" and drinking sweet tea and sitting on the veranda - yeah right.

1342 days ago


Maybe they can give him some training over at "Carlos bakery" just saying!

1342 days ago


This show,In my opionion,was to flashy. Not enough instruction for regular people who aren't professional bakers.

no wonder americans are so fat.Charm City makes cakes the size of a car.

1342 days ago


Cake Boss is better anyways

1342 days ago


I am just sick to hear Duff and his crew have been canceled. I have enjoyed every show for the 10 years. Especially there are not contrived family dinamics, competing for title of Boss, no arguing, fighting, bickering, hollering, no MOTHER shaking her finger and screaming and threatening to do this or that.
Duff and all of his blended family are in the business of pleasing his customers.............sorry to see them go.

1340 days ago


There's a big difference between cake and sculpted cakes. While some sculpted cakes are beautiful, most are really crass. Fondant, the icing that covers the cake, doesn't really taste that good. Most sculpted cakes taste like cake mix.

I want a show about a REAL patisserie, like Demel in Austria. Lots more about fine pastry, less about stupid Duff blowing up yellow cake in his back yard.

1340 days ago


Can't say I'll miss it. Plus, his cake is awful. I recently went to a wedding that spent thousands on one of his cakes. It was very ordinary (gum paste bride and groom and argyle like triangle pattern). The mother went around to all the tables and made sure we looked at it. When we were served (guests ate plain sheet cakes because it was so small) it was slightly dry, the icing had no flavor what-so-ever. Like slightly sweet crisco. Lame.

1340 days ago


So sad - people can whine all they want, but I'd rather watch this than that stupid Challenge show where they bake stupidly impractical cakes and watch while they try and move them 6 inches before they can be judged.

At least Ace of Cakes gave back to their community, did charity events, and made lots of really happy people. I'll miss it.

1337 days ago
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