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TMZ Fit Club -- How to Not Get Fat on Thanksgiving!

11/21/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stuff your turkey -- not yourself -- on Thanksgiving by using a few of TMZ's healthy turkey day recipes ... which we were even kind enough to show you how to cook. Bon appeitit!

Turkey Recipes
**Please cook at your own risk**


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Thanks! Can't wait to try these!

1441 days ago


Why is she having an orgasm holding the ingredients? Ok if there are any vegetarian recipes I might try them out.

1441 days ago

The Truth    

I used to feel sad for the lonely young cat lady on TMZ, after seeing her place I feel worse. ;-)

1441 days ago


I've always thought that chick with the big black glasses and this chick in the pictures were rather bangable.

1441 days ago


I love her on the show
She is very cute and sweet.

But whats up with all the spamming?
One link is ok, but lets not go crazy. Does that even work?
I doubt it, but if it does, Check out my site if you need some "Flea Stuff, Frontline etc" for your dog or cat. Good prices,free shipping,fast service,the real deal.

It will help put food on my table, this holiday, (we all know how tough it is out there)
So if you need some flea stuff - much appreciated
(and at least I bother to actually participate here and not just spam.)

1441 days ago


I thought it was very cute :)

1441 days ago


Great work guys!! The recipes sound great. Also, the pictures/captions were hilarious!! Good job Shavonne!

Please do more recipes and use other TMZ staffers as well.

1441 days ago


Whenever Harvey talks health we start laughing. The guy has the exercise part down, but not the food part. Just because you don't eat meat doesn't make your choices healthy. He has said so many things on TMZ live that AREN'T healthy, let he is leading a fit club where people are supposed to hold the information credible?
Any effort is better than no effort, but I don't get why this site has a fit club in the first place. It's not why people come to the site. It's like if the Playboy site had a family values club.

1441 days ago


Oh great, photos of the only person on TMZ I don't like. I'd rather see the photos be with the funny black chick (she's my favorite on TMZ) or the sarcastic blond chick.

1441 days ago

Vegas Girl    

Looks good enough to eat! The recipes looked fine as well. The CCL (Crazy Cat Lady) is totally adorable!! Keep up the good work!!

1441 days ago


Thank you TMZ! I cannot wait to try the vegetarian gravy on the cauliflower recipe. As a vegetarian, I will not feel deprived this Thanksgiving!

1441 days ago


How sweet of her to show us how to cook on Thanksgiving. This shows that no matter what kind of kitchen you have to work with, you can still have an amazing holiday. Not everyone in LA lives in fancy mansions... THANKS FOR KEEPING IT REAL!! (Now someone give this young woman a raise, STAT)

1441 days ago

Greg Potts    

She is very cute, beautiful and funny in this cooking segment. When she smiles and shows those cute dimples, it is impossible not to love her. Cute Shavon should sit in the chair next to Harvey and do TMZ Live once a week or so. Go team Shavon!

1441 days ago


I might be on a diet but Thanksgiving is definitely not a day when I even care about watching my weight. Eat, drink, and be merry!

1441 days ago


How come she's looking away from the camera in so many pics, is she autistic or something? Reminds me of the retard kid from Mercury Rising.

1441 days ago
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