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TMZ Fit Club -- How to Not Get Fat on Thanksgiving!

11/21/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stuff your turkey -- not yourself -- on Thanksgiving by using a few of TMZ's healthy turkey day recipes ... which we were even kind enough to show you how to cook. Bon appeitit!

Turkey Recipes
**Please cook at your own risk**


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that is one of the most beautifull girl on your show i watch just to see her!!normal guy just appreciate beauty!!!

1399 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

My junk looked like the bottle of club soda after Shavon had her hands on it last night!

1399 days ago

Dw. Dunphy    

Everything was cool up until photo 13, wherein Shavonne's facial expression looked an awful lot like, "Uh-oh, was that my finger?"

1399 days ago

Dw. Dunphy    

Everything was cool up until photo 13, wherein Shavonne's facial expression looked an awful lot like, "Uh-oh, was that my finger?"

1399 days ago

carries big bucks only    

i've got the biggest crush on this girl. every time i see her on TMZ on TV my heart races.

1399 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think I can take Shavon's career to the next level! A reality show with Shavon and JWoww! The plotline will kind of be a fish out of water story. Shavon is kind of dull and Jwoww gives her a makeover and takes her out and introduces her to all the loser LA club guys who wear Ed Hardy T shirts and have tribel tattoos. Mayber even set Shavon up on a date with a juice head?

Then Shavon can try to teach Jwoww how to act like a lady and some basic manners. It would be funny watching her try to explain to JWoww that guys don't like girls who act like a high school bully.

This will be reality show gold, a 2011 version of the Odd Couple! If I pitch this show, I think it would get green lit, it's that good.

1399 days ago


"Since all the women on TMZ are fat slobs, I would think they might want to not eat so much on thanksgiving."

Any time I'm on some gossip site and I read a comment like this, I wonder why the poster doesn't ever post their picture. I mean, seriously. If you are so discriminating towards women you deem unattractive (without ever even seeing them), then you must be a hot stud right? Or is it that your pathetic ass is so bitter that you've had zero luck in the women department that you have to lash out at anonymous strangers? Well you can go j**k off now, knowing that a woman paid you the time of day.

1399 days ago


Every Thanksgiving we get some magic way of not gaining weight at Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays. No magic just eat reasonable portions and keep up the workouts. She's CUTE though.

1399 days ago


I like this girl.Actually I like all of them. Not date like. you got the blonde girl, "head of the class" type, the girl in the pics( always seems stalkish but likeable), the chubby girl (she does a godd job on reports, the "i am not sure if she is Italian or Spanish girl" with glasses,etc.

However, these pics remind me of Kirsten Dunst when I used to like her.

Well anyway bravo zulu.

1399 days ago

Gary Gaddy    

Getting fat is only one of the dangers from Thanksgiving dinner:
Candid yams contain truth serum

1396 days ago


I first saw this on my is my first chance to comment.
This was really funny & I loved the captions LOL. The detail on the hyperlink jokes like the "turkey martini" to make them look like recipes was a really nice touch.
( I actually printed them out for the family ha!)
Her expressions on each shot are priceless & adorable.
Forget Edward...Does this mean I'm on team Shevonne? LOL

1393 days ago

kathy chi    

she is so adorable, just love shavon and how utterly real she is... and those dimples are so cute

1320 days ago


she is so hot any1 know her last name?

1305 days ago


more Shavonne more

1204 days ago
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