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Michael Lohan Spends Week at Rehab; Dina to Follow?

11/20/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael spent the entire week together at Betty Ford -- and if Michael gets his wish ... soon Dina will be joining them.

Sources tell TMZ Michael arrived at BF on Monday and has been there throughout the week as part of their family week. We're told in the early part of the week, Lindsay and Michael each went through therapy sessions ... but not with each other.

According to our sources, the two began doing sessions together on Wednesday. One session simply included the two of them and a counselor -- another session involved a larger group.

We're told counselors at Betty Ford, as well as Lindsay and Michael, want Dina to join in on the sessions during family week next month.

Sources close to Dina tell us that so far she hasn't been asked -- and that she wants no part of a therapy session with Michael. But reps for Betty Ford tell us they wouldn't have to see each other -- it's S.O.P. to put family members in separate groups. 

As for the rest of Michael's week with LiLo... on Thursday night, Michael was spotted out with Lindsay (above) -- we're told Michael treated Lindsay and a few of her friends from rehab to dinner.

And how's this for a small world ... we're told Michael bumped into a Betty Ford employee in the halls that he recognized from when he was a patient there back in 1989.

Circle of life.


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Who the hell paid for Michael Lohan to go to one of the most expensive rehabs in America in 1989?

Lindsay was like... 5 years old at the time.

Where on Earth did he get the money?? The Parent Trap?

1432 days ago


Parachini was fired from the post he had held for eight years based on what he says are false accusations that he leaked information to the chief chronicler of celebrity scandal,

"From the beginning, a lot of people in the media thought Vania was a TMZ plant," Parachini said.

A publicist for TMZ said neither Stuelp nor the site's founder, Harvey Levin, would comment.

Parachini said that in an Oct. 25 meeting, Clarke told him administrators had lost confidence in him because of a perception that he was passing privileged materials to TMZ. He said he had asked what he was accused of leaking and when. Clarke did not provide specifics, but said Parachini talked too frequently to Levin.

1432 days ago


@ 4 Pie.

Lindsay has been working since she was 3 years of age as a child model. She modelled for all the major labels, she also did a lot of commercials. Maybe thats where he got his money, much the same as these days, he gets his money via Lindsay. If seeing her father in rehab helps her I'm all for it.

1432 days ago


Who would have ever thought that not only was Michael right all along, but that it would emerge that Dina is the one that needs to be cut off and Michael is really trying hard?

1432 days ago


If Dina went into family therapy with both of them, she'd lose control over Lindsay's feelings for her dad. That's the looming reason she doesn't want to do it. Well, that and Lindsay would find out her mother has been lying to her about Michael Lohan.

Dina has done this with all their kids. She's pumped lies and hatred for years. They are all brainwashed except for Lindsay. Lindsay was but BF can see why, who is responsible and it's all over for Dina.

BF is now telling Lindsay she can negotiate her OWN relationships which are remarkably more calming than the ones filled with hate her mother is promoting.

One last but important factor here. Lindsay is probably being taught she should have never been inbetween her divorced parents - they have both put her there and it's wrong.

She must feel so free and much better. BF has done some good. It's terrific to see.

1432 days ago


#4 - Michael had a career on Wall Street back then. It's best to at least do a 10 second Google search before b!tching, just saying...

1432 days ago


Michael Lohan has been right all along. He was willing to do the tough stuff and to enter into family therapy to help his daughter. While he's made his own mistakes in life, he never gave up on his daughter. He took the brunt of Lindsay's rage in the last year because Dina lied about Michael. It must have hurt him badly and still, he kept on trying.

Dina lies and on this subject, she's psychotic. I also firmly believe Dina has her own raging drug addiction. There are signs everywhere.

1432 days ago


Michael Lohan made a ton of money on Wall Street when the kids were little. He could have easily afforded BF on his own.

1432 days ago


I'm glad Lindsay is doing so well. Happy that Michael is participating. He did say he wanted Lindsay to get help & he is doing his part in her recovery. Dina should not be mad at the progress and should participate also.

1432 days ago

Scott Guiher    

This is great news that Lindsay and her dad are working things out. Lindsay's mom needs to swallow her anger and come together with them for the good of their daughter.

1432 days ago


C'mon people, the whole world Knows that Dina is the biggest drug user of all of them. She does'nt want her use exposed to the public, but we all know she is the cause of all the problems.

1432 days ago


both the parents view their daughter as a paycheck and nothing else

1432 days ago


Lindsay does need to sort out her feelings about her dad and especially sort out constructive ways of dealing with him - he's not going to magically change overnight. What can change is her reaction to him, and her understanding that she has the right to set groundrules. He's probably learning something, also, which should help a little when she enforces the rules.

Dina does have the right to refuse to join in with him, though. Doesn't mean she doesn't love her daughter, can mean that her own pain is just too great. Whatever the reason - she has the right. Betty Ford people must understand that themselves, if they don't push for joint therapy sessions but are okay with separate ones. Lindsay can and should have separate relationships with each parent.

1432 days ago


Go on you tube and watch Natalie Monk videos. Way better than this crap.

As for ML.

You should do a real research and pay couple of dollars to see his criminal record simply using people search engine. He is no saint, and he has manipulative history. He is no good.

1432 days ago


1. why is he pushing for he and dina to do therapy together if the SOP is family members are not even in the same group? it's no different than them each doing family week separately.

it doesn't make sense counselors would be pushing for them to do family week together if they know they wouldn't be in the same group? sounds like more bs from michael.

2. anyone looking at betty ford's website can see that all sessions are group sessions, not one on one.

3. mikey is lying, that's not lindsay in the pic. she was photographed that night and based on what she was wearing she is definitely not in that picture.

4. what "restaurant" do you hang around drinking out of paper coffee cups. BS that picture was at dinner. more like a starbucks. lol

1432 days ago
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