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Oksana Takes The Law into Her Own Hands

11/25/2010 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After going through half of the white pages in search of a lawyer, Oksana Grigorieva has decided to take up the study of law.


Oksana is plowing through a real page turner -- "California Practice Guide -- Family Law."

The collection is actually a gift we're told ... from lawyer #39 and still standing, Daniel Horowitz

And how's this for a strange connection.  One of the authors of the law books is Kenneth A. Black, one of the judges in Oksana's mediation with Mel Gibson.  Oksana has accused Black and everyone else involved in the mediation of strong-arming her into signing an agreement she never read or understood.

No word if they plan on turning the book into a movie, or if Mel Liam Neeson will star.


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Ah, thank you, latest Oks-news for my morning coffee :)
Kind of missed the extremely important (NOT) news this morning, but here they are :)

I SO hope she will kick out the lawyers and try the "how-to-fix-it-yourself" alternative. It would be hilarious, just wish it would be aired all over the world. Greatest show on earth.

1430 days ago


Very snotty post. It's clear we are team Mel - for today at least. TMZ vacillates on just whose team it's on day to day.

Think about it. Do you really think TMZ knows she's looking in white pages OR what books she has been given or read? It must have been slow today at TMZ and they decided to allow sarcasm to reign supreme.

How about something newsworthy and unbiased. Give it the old college try...

1430 days ago


Isn't this what convicts do in prison. Horrorwitless are you getting her prepped for the orange jump suit stay?
Have y'all heard from LARRY?

1430 days ago

little aussie reader    

Isn't this what convicts do in prison. Horrorwitless are you getting her prepped for the orange jump suit stay?
Have y'all heard from LARRY?

Posted at 1:25 AM on Nov 25, 2010 by hellnurse

LOL hellnurse - that's what they do here - in prison for X years? Get yerself a law degree to while away the hours!

1430 days ago

Cthrew her cold, dead, hands...

I agree, TMZ should do their business or get off the pot. These non-stories are actually kind of insulting. It's blatantly clear that TMZ just wants to keep traffic numbers high for advertisers.

Where did you put all that stuff that was going to take this case in another direction, Harvey?

1430 days ago


This is a song Oksana and Horowitz will be singing soon.(Hopefully)

1430 days ago


OOOOHHHHH Please put her in jail, give that poor child to Mel and then forget about her, I listened to the tapes again last night, and she was trying so hard to upset Mel, as someone has already said, lets hear what bits she cut out.....

1430 days ago


She needs to learn how to read birth control instructions.

1430 days ago


I agree it's fluff, but she's such an easy target! I'm feeling bitchy today. I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Hope everyone who celebrates has a nice Thanksgiving.

1430 days ago


OG face, neck with rippling skin and her hands look like they are of a person who is much older than she says she is. OG is reading a book about family law, thats a giggle, for someone who has said previous "lowers" misled her and that OG couldn't understand legal do***ents she was so eager to sign, how could she ever comprehend the legalise without getting even more confused. M-O-N-E-Y and getting someone else to pay her bills is what she wants. Maybe OG trip to court a few days back was embarrassing when she had to testify and try to sound knowledgeable so now she will try to bluff it with some hastily acquired info to spout at her next court day of December 15.

1430 days ago


The only time Oksana looks happy is among the paps.

1430 days ago


.. It's blatantly clear that TMZ just wants to keep traffic numbers high for advertisers..
Posted at 1:28 AM on Nov 25, 2010 by Cthrew

Sure we all would like more substantial news for Harvey to release:) but ___ in the meantime there is ntg wrong with giving us a laugh re Oxy - lower :))

Also ntg wrong with "wanting to keep traffic numbers high for advertisers.." ___ it's how things work my dear Cthrew ---

Oxymoron was and still is almost daily in the any media / TV / car parks / movies etc with her "NON - STORIES" trying to take care of her 'business' and to increase her MONETARY so, why not Harvey :)) ??? Same applies to her lowers of course:)

1430 days ago


Good morning, Swede - hur är det?
Too much snow, don´t you think?

Nice to see you in here :)
Greetings from Göteborg!

1430 days ago


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Especially to Lucia, Mel & His Family, Team-Mel and all Americans -- hope you will have a great day!! ___ Poor turkeys :)) !!

1430 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Holy cow this is just to funny Oksana is shooting herself in the foot and At poster 29 swede agree Oksna looks happy when she arounfd the paps.

BTW doesn't it take a fews years to study law?

1430 days ago
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