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Death Threats Targeting Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas

11/22/2010 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas have received death threats and "Dancing with the Stars" has measurably heightened security ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Bristol Palin Death Threats
We're told the threats began to come in last week, after Bristol and Mark made the finals.  Execs on the show told Mark to stop tweeting because it was inciting people.  Mark complied.

Sources connected with the show tell us extra security will be on hand tonight for the show.  And, if Bristol and Mark head to New York, execs are talking about breaking format and not doing their interview outside in Times Square -- but rather in the studio, where it's more secure.

TMZ broke the story ... a staffer on the show opened a "fan letter" to Bristol on Friday and white powder fell out.  Turns out it was talcum powder, but the FBI is investigating nonetheless.

As one source said, "Everyone is genuinely worried.  This is a dance competition, and it's just gotten crazy."


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laura de    

oh come on people, its just a tv show. leave the poor girl alone. i doubt that she will win but she certainaly has every right to be there like all the other contestants. i applaude her for even considering putting herself in the line of fire taking on something she had no previous skill in and to do it in front of the world to see. you go girl.

1430 days ago


What? Another publicity stunt by DWTS? I guess this was another way to push for the sympathy vote. And another reason why the show is phony!!

1430 days ago


Sorry -- I agree with Tony (#15).

1430 days ago


Funny how all you leftists jump on innocent people. I am glad ya'll have been seen for what you are, a bunch of haters. As far as ABC, I might actually watch them again. I hope Sarah Palin runs for President, she will get my vote.

1430 days ago

Carolyn LeBeauf    

I stopped looking at DWTS the second week of this series,when Bristol should have been gone. It was obvious she has as much rythmn as her mother has brains, and that's not saying much, but death treats? I wouldn't put this pass SarahPac with the threats. They will do anything to keep that lunatic [Sarah Palin] in the lime light.

1430 days ago

A Democrat    

It's a show to see who can become a dancer, not to take a dancer and make them a better dancer. Mark needs to let Bristol pick her music next time like Kyle did. I love the young kids Kyle and Bristol, who started with 2 left feet. It's TV...even though it's a "reality show", it is clearly not reality. Keep it real people. Sarah Palin won't get elected President because her daughter does well on Dancing with the Stars! People have to vote. Now where have we heard that before?

1430 days ago


I love the double standards by the left neo-cons nut jobs! This is not suppose to be about professional dancers such as Jennifer but those with no experience learning, and improving week by week. I had no like for Palins but after watching show, I have come to like Bristol. She does not whine and carry on like Jennifer, nor make goofy silly faces like Kyle, and she has steadily improved week by week.
You left wingers need to go smoke another one, take a downer and so see your therapist because your mommas must have not loved on you enough growing up to teach you class and manners, you bunch of venomous, whiny, stinking vipers.

1430 days ago


I was trying to get my day organized yesterday, sitting around doing not much...I thought I'd check out Sara Palin's reality show. These people are SO FAKE, I can't stand NOT ANY ONE of them. And those girls seem to dislike their mother with good intensity. That Willow is a big mouth, obnoxious, fat kid. Bristol, well, we all know Bristol--big mouth, obnoxious, SUPER FAT kid. They don't admire their parents, not their mom for a minute. At one point the Palin woman was trying to help Bristol (fake), and Bristol told her to take her "prom hair" and go back home. It's a complete display of disrespect. There is no bonding, no closeness. This Palin woman just had those children because they...came. I can't get over how the Republican Party and others of weight in this county seem to think she MATTERS, this Palin hillbilly. That's all she is! Her voice! MY GOD! Can we quick get her a voice coach?!!? And the Palin woman is supposed to be so fit, she runs miles and miles...and because SHORT OF BREATH upon cutting on a fish to bleed it. Yeah, right. Very fit. FAKES!!!! PLEASE DO WHAT FIRST LADY BARBARA BUSH SUGGESTS, ONLY ONE BETTER AND GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!

1430 days ago


If she were a "bleeding heart liberal", she would going to school, working, and taking care of her child. There is nothing admirable or of a "role model" for this girl to make a life for herself and her child on DWTS. Modern day Grifters; it's the family business.

1430 days ago


I really can not believe what I have just read! This is a very young girl having fun and enjoying herself. The judges are so completely biased that it is really a joke. The people sending these comments should be ashamed of themselves. To behave this way over an 18 year old girl is so stupid!!!!!!

1430 days ago


And here I was always told liberals are so accepting but I guess that only applies to the liberals. You don't like her mom so you don't like her that is fine but the hate is ridiculous. There is a button on your tv if you don't want to watch her turn it off or change the channel. It's really pretty simple.

1430 days ago


And here I was always told liberals are so accepting but I guess that only applies to the liberals. You don't like her mom so you don't like her that is fine but the hate is ridiculous. There is a button on your tv if you don't want to watch her turn it off or change the channel. It's really pretty simple.

1430 days ago


@295: Your ignorance is shocking. To use "neo-con" in the manner you did shows me that you dabble in right wing politics but are just regurgitating something you heard once. You are not informed enough to be a partisan and it shows.

@300: Your "I've been told liberals are accepting" comment is soooo played. That is by far the dumbest thing right wingers say. No liberal is willing to accept the ignorance of the Palin clan and their dim witted followers. Crisco Palin is an ok dancer but constantly looks constipated. That is really not "being in character."

1430 days ago


texan -
I'm assuming you are referring to the filth and negativity that comes out of Sarah Palin??
Remember in 2008 how nasty she was on the campaign trail?
And now in her new book she slams Obama and Hillary Clinton.
When has Obama ever really slammed a Republican - I mean Obama personally, not Democrats.
To have someone who is that mean and nasty in politics, Sarah Palin, - THAT is why America seems to be so mean.
She's a DIVIDER referring to only those who believe as she does, the TRUE Americans. Yes, she IS pissing off the left because we are amazed that people actually buy into that.
"Blah, blah blah, "Patriot", blah, blah, blah "freedom"...that's NOT a platform, that's whipping up the base and getting already poor and frustrated Americans to give her their money. I feel sorry for those people.

1430 days ago


That's what happens when you hire a "Palin". Yeah, she's a magnet for ratings, but she's also a magnet for major negative problems, like her mother.

1430 days ago
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